Geld verdienen mit Digistore24 👉 2023 ✅ Ohne Affiliate Marketing

Today we earn money with Digistore24. I have put together ten ideas on how you can earn money with Digistore24 Without affiliate marketing, Yeah right, No affiliate marketing ideas, just ideas on how you can still make money with Digistore24 Is that cool And you are on the channel.

Michael Kotzur, From 0 to 6 digits Here, you will find the best ideas on the internet to make money Check out the older videos too.

And if you’re already there please subscribe, Ring the bell to never miss a video, And I would just say: let’s just start.

I just said: hey it’s about ten ideas To earn money with Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing.


My topic today, Because there are very, very few videos – There are hundreds thousands of videos on the subject of affiliate marketing, but without affiliate marketing.

No, there aren’t that many, I would just say we start with the videos with the ideas And that becomes very, very important without affiliate marketing And I’ll show you live examples of all the ideas for all the ideas Very, very important, so that You can watch it too.

Please write in the comments.

If you would like to have your own video for one of these ten ideas, Idea one to earn money with Digistore24 Create your own video course, And now you might say well that’s a lot of work, and I do n’t know about what Either And not like that, And the important thing is: do n’t take a money making course if you don’t make money on the internet, There are enough people out there and there are enough bad courses But create a video course on a topic That you enjoy.

That means you can bake well, for example, Why not a course on how to bake? Why not a video course That’s a very, very cool idea, The next on how to cook as a single? That means you cook them differently. When you’re single, you buy different quantities, and so you only have when you buy a kilo of carrots.

What do you do for the next few days? And then you freeze the portions, you cook, you then maybe have five portions and then you eat one or two portions and you lose the rest And what ideas there are There are more and more single people, and then there is the problem that people don’T want to throw anything away, but still want to cook freshly, and the portions are always too small: It’s kind of just cooking two potatoes and a carrot or something It’s not like there’s still something to be done or many other Things too, And when you have the information – and maybe you also have training, for example, how your favorite cat no longer pees in the corner or the dog is trained properly and so on, Plus video courses.

But you also have the ability to know any software Excel or something does that mean you learned it in an apprenticeship or did you teach it yourself and know more than everyone else Then do a video course That’s very, very simple: We’ll get To that now, But we still have a few other ideas, so we’ll just go through them a little faster Or you can do it that way too.

Jet set affiliate system.

Jetset Affiliate System is simply my experiences that I have on the subject of affiliate marketing.

I just put it in a video course, and I’m selling it via Digistore24 And that’s fun.

I help Customers receive regular messages.

Hey I quit my job.

I finally worked off my debts and and and And that, with the help of the video course, Because such a video course also has the advantage that I have to explain everything again Like now here in the video And hundreds or thousands of people can watch it.

So a video course really awesome. So then nothing further.

The idea is that in the two create an eBook also fits in again.

I can keep it that small create an eBook.

Why an eBook! You can also have that created An eBook as a first step.

That’s, the first step, Maybe even before you do a video course, You need an email list.

It’s very, very easy to sell your own product And because you just need a PDF form, maybe that’s a fan story or something else.

You have some great information.

It occurs to me that I’ve been to London again and also to New York, and I’ve seen a lot of autograph collectors, An eBook for autograph collectors.

How far do the celebrities live or the autograph addresses You just sell it like that? For 27, An e book with over 100 addresses of celebrities where you can get autographs, and maybe even the next edition next edition, always the most up to date, addresses or something There used to be a newspaper, and it was published as an e book That’S so many possibilities and that’s what your skills are too.

You write down the addresses. You look them up on the Internet and if you get a successful answer and you have an autograph, you put that in the eBook as well And then maybe four issues a year.

Each quarter, a new eBook with new addresses and tested addresses, will sell And people will buy that because there are enough autographs, but thousands of ideas that work again.

My next idea Number three is number three: to earn money with Digistore24 organize your own online congress.

Now you might say yes, but on what subject The topic? Doesn’t really matter, you do n’t have to be familiar with it.

That’s the great thing about the online congress.

You don’t have to be the expert because you invite experts and they only interview, And now it’s the same with the online congress.

Of course, a large part of it is also affiliate marketing, but you also sell congress packages, For example.

I also created an online congress years ago, that was in 2019 and 2020 And you can simply look at all the experts here.

I interviewed the experts and the expert interviews will come in a week, So a congress like this lasts seven days ten days or something like that And the benefit is yes.

I was just the host. I needed the skills purely theoretically And of course that brings a few advantages when asking the question And if you have a bit of experience and such.

But there are very, very many congresses from early childhood education, father congress, Engels, congress, health congresses and and and of course, also make money congresses.

In this case, it was Digital Nomads Congress on how to travel around the world and make money.

I’ve been in the market for a bit longer.

So in 2019, that was the congress, And the advantage is that you do.

N’t have to pay a lot when you organize a congress, because you don’t need much Zoom.

You mark the interviews, you deliver them via e mail marketing system, and you just see I’ve just interviewed all the online marketing experts here.

Even years ago, That’s a cool thing And how do you make money with the congress packages, So you can click on it here and see if it still works.

There are various congress packages here, Congress package, one costs 97, 147 and 2 000, And I sold that deluxe package in the middle.

Very very often, I made very good money with the congress packages, But of course I also have every participant who also promotes their products as an affiliate. So this is now a two part part, But the congress packages just came about because I interviewed people.

I e an online congress.

Yes, you can make really good money with Digistore24, because the congress packages are sold via Digistore24.

Everything should work now.

So, theoretically, you could still buy this package here for 147 and still buy that every now and then people even after years, Yeah nothing further The idea.

What else do we have? We have the next idea, which is number four, Become a service provider for vendors and affiliates.

What do I mean? So there are a lot of people I get to know again and again at the congresses In Cologne, for example, I once met a woman who was sitting next to me and someone paid her 35 000 to create landing pages, etc and funnel pages and and and This is a skill that you can learn very quickly and work your way into, And you don’t have to take 35 000 right away.

You can start with a few 100 for the first page.

Maybe do it for free for someone and then see what the results are like, But services for vendors and affiliates and then that’s your area of responsibility, familiarizing yourself with Optimizepress, for example, how to build landing pages and, for example, my Jetset Affiliate System site Is also built with Optimizepress or something, but there are a lot of people they just can’t, For example.

I also know someone This person just builds WordPress sites for coaches and makes money from it, because coaches also need a website, and if they are a personality, coach or something else, they have no idea how they build and need such a website. Anyone building a website – If you agree with me, I’ll, be happy to write in the comments.

Yes, Michael, Yes, you are absolutely right.

Those are the things, But a lot of money is made there because you get paid then of course, and not just in the event of success or something like that Become a service provider for vendors and affiliates.

Even large affiliates often outsource this and no longer do it themselves In the beginning.

Affiliates often do it themselves because of the costs and because they don’t have a network at all.

But at some point, when such an affiliate earns half a million or a million, he also has certain service providers who do something Shouldn’t you forget, I also pay people to do something for me from time to time Idea Five.

Do you also like to write in If you want to know more about an idea, write it in the comments Create software that solves a major vendor or affiliate problem? Now you’re going to say yes, but maybe I can’t You can outsource that too.

So most manufacturers most likely also have a programmer, Maybe even found in India or something or through Fiverr, who then create software, And that can of course be a link, shortening service or or or For example.

I can only think of the quentn e mail marketing system right now, which is very good, That’s just a small solution or something, but they also started out small, But they also arose from the atmosphere of information products or webinaris.

You can also buy webinaris via Digistore Directly and Digistore then releases the connection. If you want to do an automated webinar as a vendor and also this software, I don’t know if the owner is good at programming or if he only has employees That’s the way it is or DigiMember was like that.

So, from my point of view, it was the first member system in the German speaking area that I got to know at the time and was also based on WordPress And that’s the best example again As a vendor.

You might want to do a video course and then need these different programs, And then you create them, And there are still opportunities.

I always notice that there are a few things that I would like to automate or something Or of course, there is also the possibility that you say.

Okay, I could just build a huge project that is a landing page kit, with an e mail marketing system, with webinars together and with a member system All in one and very easy for laypeople.

Now, when I buy this here, I have to buy all four things.

So that I have a good solution and then you just need a box, You simply have the vision to build something of your own, which is easy.

There are a few solutions and such, but the market is simply huge.

So even there you could now earn money again with Digistore24 DigiMember sells webinars and also click tips, for example.

Yes, Klick Tipp is also the number one product So create software for vendors that solve a problem. What else do we have here? Number six Become texts Watch out for these stupid AI texts and such where there are always these business ideas, etc.

That’s Write effective sales copy and emails.

If you’re, really a good copywriter and write very good sales texts, then you’ll get a fee like that from a DIN A4 page for 500, that’s the fee and more Naturally, But only you don’t sell the texts for 15 Or so good sales texts are always wanted, and that’s something again Try good sales texts.

Of course the people who sell products on Digistore24 – and there are still quite a few under points.

So, of course you need a sales text on a landing page so that the text on the landing page sells well, Surely you agree with me right Feel free to leave a like if you want.

Where else do you need, So you have an email marketing funnel You, A webinar might have that, and for that you need good e mail texts And again the vendor is not so good at it Or he doesn’t want it at all and wants to Outsource it And that’s your job and you can earn money with Digistore24 again, But you can also write in webinars.

I e prepare all the slides for a webinar and then you get the basic information and then work out the webinar all the slides one.

After the other, You wouldn’t believe how many people would take you as a webinar creator.

Once you get really good at it.

So six mega, you can earn a lot of money with Digistore 24 seven Become an affiliate manager at a vendor. You may know one or the other affiliate manager if you are already doing affiliate marketing Affiliate managers are wanted because there are no good ones, because there are good ones.

Affiliates say: Oh, I’d, rather do it myself And yes and the bad affiliates.

They are just too bad for the job.

And then you need a bit of qualification and then you have to have a bit of knowledge about how affiliate marketing works.

Maybe even a very small network, and then you get it too a job in no time, sometimes with a fixed salary and a commission for all the sales that the affiliates make, Or at least the affiliates that you bring on board and take care of the affiliates.

With advertising material, create advertising material and campaign, and and and Maybe train the affiliates Dirk Kreuter’s, Carsten is an example.

Yes, like a very good affiliate manager.

Does That would be idea number seven on how you can make money with Digistore24? What do we still have? We still have a few ideas ahead of us.

I’ll be a service provider again, but then I’ll be an editor or videographer, because the videos should So you see even a vendor like this needs several specialists.

Maybe he does it himself, but a video course like this might have to be recorded. That means, yes, you have a camera and accompany the vendor and maybe also create sales films, Even their own landing page, such as the Jetset Affiliate System, has a video here in front of the Malibu.

I’ve now done it myself, but of course I could also do it with Ein Video Filmer.

It will then be all the more professional, And that would then be your job to create videos for vendors and to edit them or the content of the courses or then the sales pages, and and and Because, if you’re a big vendor or something you Don’t edit, the films yourself and and, and So these service providers are definitely sought after at Digistore or at the vendors and sometimes even at such large affiliates, Even with big affiliates it’s like that.

Of course, I always need films and stuff like that, and I’m also an affiliate, and even if you’re like that, carry on that was the idea.

Oh now we come to the idea.


If you are, of course, a vendor or a large affiliate, you might also need a social media manager.

You can see that, for example, the big ones they don t post their Instagram photos themselves or the TikTok s, or something like that, or they just hang out any stage performances where they gave any lectures little shorts or tiktoks or something No most.

People have a social media manager for that.

I even know a few big vendors who have two or three social media managers. Yes, I think Hermann Scherer, for example.

I once saw a video from his office on Instagram uploading, the story and I think he had three social media managers so who loses there? Manager right Well sorry become a social media manager.

Social media is becoming very, very important, But Hermann Scheer also has an affiliate manager That’s.

Why? I know because this video also featured affiliate managers So become a social media manager And create content for a vendor, And he’s just happy when he sells more And then you get a lot of money too.

So then, you can make money again Move on like this Host an event like the Contra Um.

That would be something.

For example, I haven’t called yet The side, the cons And that takes place again in May, for example, or something, But as an organizer, you bring all the experts onto the stage and are actually the organizer the moderator.

Of course.

That makes sense.

If you also have a lecture or something And the Contra started very small in D sseldorf in the Rheinterrassen I don’t know, maybe there was a predecessor but that wasn’t the big hall. It was just the Rheinterrasse with a couple of 100 participants And I know a lot of events that kind of started with 50 people, and then you have 50 people a couple of people giving a talk, and every year the event gets bigger.

So even that – and that would be something that would help a certain target group.

For example, there are now over 30 speakers here, 2500 participants over two days in D sseldorf, and there again You can simply sell the event tickets via Digistore24 and there are also one or the other event in the area of online marketing, email, marketing, affiliate marketing and So on You, shouldn’t underestimate the opportunity to market your own event via Digistore24 and the Eifel, and build up your own affiliate army.

What do you think of these 10 iDEEN? You would have thought that there were so many And there are many many more ideas, And now that might be your question.

But how do I find the right vendors? Of course, you can simply visit the Digistore marketplace and see which vendors might be suitable for your service, But as an editor, you should already have a bit of experience than as a social media manager, for example.

Otherwise it won’t work And or you are at an event such as Die, Contra and talk to people, maybe even a smaller vendor, who is just starting to grow and secure a place in his team for you, Why not? My name is Michael Kotzur.

I’m a backpack entrepreneur.

I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to your comments And I have two more videos for you up here.

Please check them out and I’m out Ciao .

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do you want to know a very easy way to make money online as a complete beginner with zero cost well on this video today I'm going to show you how I made hundreds of dollars and in fact thousands of dollars using this strategy but let me just quickly refresh it for you to show you that this is a
hundred percent legit and I use these strategies and others to make this money on platforms like jvzoo clickbank digistore24 and I'm going to show you some of those on this video plus at the end of this video I'm going to show you a bonus strategy where you can make as much as ten thousand dollars with instant traffic so make sure you stay to the end to see what exactly it is so today I want to show you how to use a
website called as a complete beginner i know you don't have time to waste and you want to make your first sale and i want to help you do it so you probably think what is livejournal livejournal is an online community a social network a place where you can go and express yourself posting different things have links there and I want to show you exactly how you can do it in this environment so all you have to do is come here and you can post different journals , but I want to show you how to do it really easy where you can get this journal put your link in there so you can start making money online as a complete beginner and people do it every single day on this platform
so all you need to do is come to this site and don't worry I'm going to walk you through this step by step ok come here and click on this join free button here and once you do that it's going to bring you to ' a page that looks like this enter your username your email address your password complete your details here and create an account once you've created that account it's going to take you to a page that looks like yours mine can see shortened to smart money tactics ok and then you're going to be able to come here and see what other people are doing before I show you exactly what you can do here and how others are doing what you need to get a product that you can promote and one site i use is of course you can do it with digistore24 as you saw i have already done it with jvzoo or you can use clickbank also and what you want to do when you are on clickbank and after you create an account if you want to come over to their marketplace here and once you come over to their marketplace you can see all these different categories here and you can do it in so many different niches when you come over here guys you can do it with business and investment make money online affiliate marketing if you scroll down here you can do it with green products you can do it with health and fitness if you click on health and fitness for example I'll show you some examples of people doing it with okinawa flat stomach tonic there are some people who do it with a custom keto diet carbo fix here so many people do it with so many of these different niches and if you minimize it and come here guys there are also people what is it also doing in the spirituality nation this nation is big and many people people are making their first dollar online with this niche so if you come here and click on gravity here you are going to find products here like soul manifestation here you are going to find this one here called you also have this other one here called the binary code and as you can see you can make 22.50 with this product if you come here you can see you can make 13 with this one if you scroll down here is the binary code fifty three dollars per sale here what do you have this one that's twenty seven dollars another good one is this one minus manifestation at forty four dollars I'll show you how to promote multiple of
this , so let's say you wanted to do the
binary code that you would come across for example here you click on promote once you click on promote what you click on generates hype links and you want to come here and you want to copy this link here, but I'll show you how you can promote multiple of these products then all you have to do is reduce it now once you've created an account for yourself on this site called what happens is you here and in can this search box come here very easily you can for example search for things like soul manifestation like i have ovc soul manifestation review all you need to do is type in soul manifestation review and as soon as you click on it and press search what will happen is it will you're already showing people what's doing well so you come over you can see here's one review we can open it here's another one you can open here and scroll down and you can see what other people are doing that too and I want show you how they do it like this you can pretty much just copy what they do you can start getting traffic too and you can start to make money online with this strategy very very fast good so open some of these guys now if you go here come what i did is i came over here too as you can see okinawa flat stomach tonic i was looking for that so you can also open some of these just to look so you can see that people are doing this strategy and they are make money online with this and here's another one here guys i custom keto diet as well as reviews open it all and look at it and now as soon as you open this what's going to happen is it's going to take you over to a page that looks like this and like you can see some people post these videos is okinawa flat stomach tonic review you can also post videos here from youtube if you want people like you can see use their bitly link but I'm going to show you how you can get
this review without first a lot to write very quickly and just put it here and as you can see people put in their tags and they upload it so from here once you go through and you look at all these different reviews here is one of soul manifestation here in order once you look and see what these people are doing what you have to do from there you have to create your own review or you have to create your own article here and to do that all you have to do is come over to where it says post new entry and once you click on post new entry here it's going to take you to a page that looks like this and as you can see guys here you type in the title then over here you're going to enter your
transcript now I want you have to pay close attention because I'm going to show you how to do it without creating your own article now we know this product that we have chosen here if you can see here this is the binary code that it is in manifestation okay this is with the spirituality niche it's with astrology all that type of stuff so what you want to do is you want to come over to a website called or what you can do is you can also come over to a website called plrplr.

com these two sites have free articles that you can get and share on these different sites where people can come and read it absolutely free they are royalty free and you can do it with astrology numerology spirituality manifestation etc so is one of them and the other one here is this one all you have to do now is you can see you have all these different articles here you can choose from or what you can do is you can come here and you can type very easily manifestation for example and once you type manifestation you can search for anything here if you can't see it here in article categories and all you have to do is click on to search and once you click on to search take a look here there are 59,502 articles which means you can put up so many different articles sometimes your articles can get three or four views sometimes your articles will get thousands of views it just depends so you need to know stay consistent with any strategy so what you from here want to do is you want to scroll down and you want to find an article that you would like to use with this particular product that you are promoting and as you can see when you start sometimes the first article here will be from 2008 all you need to to do is to scroll down and if you want an
article that you know an article that was written recently, for example as early as 2018 you will sometimes find ones that were only written in 2019 2020 etc scroll down and look for that here is one about he says create your life through the power of manifestations this one looks pretty good and if you click on these guys all you have to do is come to you and as you can see here is this article here everyone has basically doing this article now is very easy copy this entire article so you just come here and copy this article here so scroll down all the way to the bottom over here as you can see go here and then right click and copy this article then from there all you have to do very easily is come back to this site here and paste that article here as you can see this whole article is now written here I'm going to show you how to get rid of these links the other thing you can do is just come back over to you and just copy this title over so create your life through the power of manifestation and then many easily come back here and paste that article here now from here we have to set up a call to action so we can get sales with our product I'll show you how to do that and how you can promote potentially multiple products well so the first thing you want to do is you want to flip over and see how it ' have a link above that you want to highlight it you can click
to link here and you can delete these links posted here that lead to other things because what we are not we are not looking for you know not promote someone else's product or something like that you can get rid of this very easily for example well so if you can see he says you can find related information topics how to manifest reality you can call your own so you can maybe change it to let's just delete it here and you can just change it to click here and learn how you can make all your dreams come true okay what you can also do is we're going to get over we're going to paste the link in there but what you can do is that you can come to this product here we want to promote this binary code and you can come over and you can click on the product here and what it's going to do is it's going to bring you to the product ovc you can look at it you can get a lot of inspiration lots of ideas of what you can write from their sales page well and then let's just minimize that then you can come here okay so we're going to put that link there and you can also come here we can copy it here now we can get it and then what you want to do is you want to put it here in the front like okay so you just want to come here and you want to stick it in there for example okay now if you highlight these guys that you have the option to bare this do you have the option to italicize as well is good and we're going to paste the link in there so what you want to do fHere we obviously have that link here where we're going to promote from Clickbank so we're going to click to print we're going to get it again so we're going to generate this hop link to which we're going to copy this one of the best ways to do these guys should use a website called link
tr dot double a it's ' a website where you can promote multiple products is good so they click on one link and they will be able to see multiple products if we all you need to do is come here and create a
count yourself this is the back end my office here now I've just promoted my other products that I'm gray so I can show you how to do it and all you have to do is come here very very easy and you click on add new link and as soon as you click on
add new link all you have to do here you go paste that url that clickbank url and then here okay you can put the binary code okay and then basically what you want to do from there you want come here and you can add another link so you come here you have to add new link, well what's going to happen it's going to fill in another link beforehand, then you can come back to clickbank here guys and you can get another one over here can you come here and you get midas manifestation so you click
promote here you generate this hop link here where you click copy stuff so we can do two things so midas manifestation you come here you paste this url in here okay and then over here you just put midas manifestation in order and then you just have to go what this refresh as soon as it refreshes here, just make sure you don't have any spelling mistakes, of course I do it very quickly so I might have something there, so you come here click on share and you copy my link tree url so you copy your own and then what you do you come back to this article very easily here guys and you all what you have to do is highlight where you is going to put these links okay and you click on this link chain here and you paste that link tree in there okay and once you've done that now press in it's become a link what you need to do is scroll down here okay and find where else you're going to put this link so you come here add it in there we're going to click on bold and click on I'll come here to link very easy we're going to copy that we're going to press enter in there and then if you want you can always add it to the bottom also good so you just copy what comes to paste it in there now very very important what you want to do when you come over to here you want to let people know there are affiliate links inside this article good so good so all you need to do is type something like this affiliate links if you buy something from one of my links in this article i can receive a small commission you can leave it like this so they know that if they on any one of these click different links if they buy something you might receive a commission from this now from here guys all you have to do here is type in some tags now good with the tags very easy here of course all you have to do is come here and type in something like manifestation well from there you can type in something like astrology because people like all this type of stuff manifesting stuff so once you type it all in it should comma and it will break them up of course and you can put as many tags as you want here, you have to make sure that you click
visible to everyone and then of course all you have to do is come here and hit dropdown box link in and publish and then come here and press the publish button and once you press that publish button what's going to happen with this article guys it's going to take a few minutes to be indexed and then it's going to be published here on
this website and it's going to be shown on the first page people can start following you too and once they do and they click on it you stand a very good chance of making good money online i highly recommend you use
linktree here guys because it allows you to promote some very good products various products so that you can now make even more money online i told you at the beginning of this video that I wanted to show you a way in which you can make even more money online instantly traffic absolutely free and this is how you are going to do it by clicking on this video now this is a full tutorial i go through everything step by step to help you get started online this is a free strategy this is in full detail guys , so click this video now I'll see you on that video in the meantime stay safe take care and I'll see you on the next video bye

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Assalam-o-Alaikum. I hope that you all are fine. Thank you for your kind feedback. People have asked many questions related to the previous video and I tried to answer and satisfy them all. From those answers, I thought of why not discuss this all in a video. The question was ‘people thanked me for saving them from a disaster else we were going to invest in Amazon PL (Private Label).

We didn’t know the things that you have told us.’ As we discussed in the last video, planning is necessary for Amazon especially when you are doing a Private Label you have to calculate everything from inventory to the money in hand. And this is not for just 1-2 months, we have to plan 6 months of inventory and also discussed the complete bleeding process and what should be our budget. People who are more realistic and live in real-world got benefit from that. They knew that all the seminars and courses that are going around are just money-making tactics and they are not showing us the real face. Then some dreamers complain that I have shattered their dreams as we were thinking of investing in Amazon to get rich overnight. I said it won’t happen overnight. Few got angry with me and didn’t believe me to which I said. Few got angry with me and didn’t believe me to which I said. ‘OK. Go ahead after some time you will realize why I was saying it all.

Anyhow, let’s not discuss that. People said if PL is for the rich only, then what should the poor do? There are not many rich people in Pakistan who can afford to invest $50,000 to start Amazon PL. So, show us the opportunity on Amazon where we can start working without investment. We have discussed this in our previous videos for the methods in which without investment you can earn money from Amazon. We discussed Dropshipping of wholesale business number two we discussed was Kindle means you can work without any investment by writing books. So, let us tell you the 3rd method today from which you can earn money from Amazon without investment and it is completely legal. We are going to name this topic ‘Amazon Affiliate Marketing’. It is also called the ‘Amazon Associate Program’.

As we have seen on Kindle that you can easily create your account from Pakistan and publish your books anywhere in the world. Just like that today we will create an account with Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Where do we do it? On Amazon Associate Program. Whenever you go to they will offer you sign-up and to become their associate or if you don’t find that link, go to google and search Amazon Associate Program. Let me repeat Amazon Associate Program. A page will open in front of you, click sign-up provide your credentials, make sure all is correct, nothing is fake, use your Pakistani address, postal code, contact details even mobile number as you get a verification code on your mobile, you enter that code there and your account of Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Now, we are free from the tension that now we can do legal affiliate marketing from Pakistan. Now I will shed some light on what is Affiliate Marketing or what you may call it Amazon Associate Program. Amazon offers if you don’t have money to open a shop with me, no issues, these already opened shops with me where people have paid me for advertisement, be my agent and sell their products and advertise them. I will pay a commission on each sale. That commission could be 2%, 8%, or 10%. The commission varies from product to product as to which category you are selling. For example, there would be different % on beauty items and if you are working on sports equipment, Amazon's commission will be different. Right now, we are not discussing how to sell those items. I am just giving you the concept of Affiliate Marketing.

Amazon is a marketplace where people have shops and Amazon advertise those shops to help them sell you are helping Amazon in advertising by giving them client and boosting sale, and as you claim sale, Amazon will pay you a commission as a sales agent means you have no invested money. Your job is to select a product from thousands of products on Amazon, sell it, and earn a commission. You don’t have to maintain inventory nor do you have to purchase it and you don’t even pay any kind of fee to Amazon. You only sold their product and got your commission for it. Many people are earning handsome income from Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan with everything being legal.

Now we move further to see how Affiliate Marketing works? This means the question people raise is for example ‘This is a pen. It was listed on Amazon and have sold it from whatever reference I have asked my friend to please buy this pen. Now, how would Amazon know that this client has bought a pen because of me and this sale belongs to me? There is a pretty easy solution for it. Since Amazon has become a trillion $ company and they are pretty smart brainers. As you created the affiliate account, then Amazon asks you to select the product that you want to sell.

As soon as you select the product, for example, you add a keyword blue pen, whatever pen you want to sell of which you feel the sale is good and you can sell that easily, you are the one selecting the product. Once you have selected, after selection Amazon will give you a link that link is in three types of forms, one is simple text other is an image and then banner form for you to display on your website (that is a separate detail we will discuss that after this).

What I am trying to say is Amazon will share a link with you. Now, if someone buys a product by clicking on that link, the advantage/commission against it will be automatically transferred into your account. You don’t have to tell Amazon how many sales you have done. For example, I search a blue pen and I want to sell it. I ask Amazon to give me its link, (you will see the get link button there) you click and copy that link and advertise that link. Now we come to the part ‘how to advertise’? Advertising can be done in 2-3 types. People create their websites, and blogs, and then paste the link there. Once the traffic comes and people click on them and go to Amazon to make a purchase. Since the sale is done due to that link, you get the commission. The second option, people to open their shops on Facebook and advertise their link and promote it.

Customers use those links to purchase the product and you get the advantage/commission. Many methods are free of cost and many on which you have to invest money. For example, if you are on your shop on Facebook and it has great popularity and if you post anything, you will get traffic, in this case, you don’t need to spend any money as your product will start selling as you have already created your social profile on Facebook that is famous amongst the people or you have managed good traffic with the help of SEO.

So, now you don’t have traffic issues, whatever you post will start selling from there. The second thing you say ‘sir I don’t have a website nor do I have any social media page or my page does not have much following/likes even if I upload something there nobody will like it. For this, you use paid marketing of that link on the same page. You show your product to specific people who are interested in it. There is a complete campaign and we will make a video on the topic ‘How to do Facebook marketing and how to run add campaigns on Facebook’? With these ad campaigns, not only you can establish an Amazon business but you can advertise any business in the world on Facebook through this paid promotion. On many occasions you have seen while surfing on Facebook you are seeing ads like some restaurant and you might find that restaurant in a place where you have not been before as that restaurant would not be on the main street, rather will be on some inner side of the street.

But the beauty of social media is that it brings products right in front of you. I share this as an example of how strong this marketing is. I am sitting here in Lahore and I want to market my motorcycle and rickshaw I have designed a simple campaign for this and posted it on Facebook and you won’t believe me that I have spent only Rs. 1,428/- and in return, I got a list of 25 dealers.

This means people are getting engaged from that post. Some people only need 1 unit, I am entertaining them as well and offering them factory price. Ultimately in a month if I have sold 1,000 units, and out of it, if 400 are sold to walk-in customers, then it is good for me. This means, that whatever profit I have to pay to the dealer, now I am getting direct from the customer. It is beneficial for me and the customer as the dealer has to keep his/her margin. Now another advantage is I am getting calls from different cities for example I am in Lahore and got a call from Chaman, Gilgit, Mardan that ‘I need your dealership’. Means by sitting here, I have communicated to my target audience all over Pakistan that ‘I have this product for sale which is Motorcycle and Rikshaw is there any buyer? Please come.

People are getting in touch with me. Another way is I take my car and my marketing team with me, and went into the market for its advertisement and sale. Now, you tell me which method is good. The one where I am going to an unknown market where I don’t know what will happen whether someone will present me a glass of water or not? So why not I communicate my image to the people from here and whoever is interested, will come to my factory and then I will see the dealership point. This looks more favorable. So, social media marketing is the future. I think everyone should learn it. Everyone, whatever business you are doing must learn it. As I have 3-4 businesses, I use all these skills in all of my businesses. To learn these, I don’t have to join any academy I have read the tutorials on Youtube and learned them by watching videos like learning one thing from here and another from there and now I have learned everything that at least needed by me to advertise my product.

Now coming back to the topic. The need to emphasize in the video was to let you know that social media marketing is the future and it will not only help you on Amazon but also give you different projects from the local market. For example, a new restaurant opens, and they ask for Digital Marketers, here you jump in ‘sir I can bring the traffic to your restaurant’. They will pay you a handsome monthly amount. Service charges are paid separately from the campaign charges. Getting back there again, if you have the skill, there are benefits otherwise, no benefit.

Again, coming back to the topic, by using social media marketing skills, we have to advertise that link. Show the buyers that a blue pen is available. Do you want some? Whoever needs it will buy it by clicking on the link and you will get the commission. Let’s move to the next topic. I am only sharing highlights and not getting into details because it is not possible to teach all Affiliate Marketing in 10-15mins video.

The next important point is ‘what are we going to sell’? Just as you have learned in product hunting that what we are going to sell in PL (Private Label). Similarly, we have to see what do we sell? For example, you are selling a $10 product and if Amazon pays 2% of $10, that would only be a few cents. Is that beneficial for you? Well, that $10 product could give you much more sales. On the other side, you want to sell a Sony camera and you start selling the Sony camera list. There is a possibility of 0 sales in the first, second, and third week. But if you be able to sell 2 units in a month, there would be a substantial commission into your account. Now, we have decided what would be our price range. I recommend to sale an expensive item as you will get a decent/reasonable % in that sale.

It is not like you have to sell only one product. You can generate 1000 links and sell 1000 products. You will be getting a commission against each sale. If you have your website and have all kinds of traffic on it, then these multiple products will be beneficial and your sale chance increases. You don’t only sell one product but all the products that come under that niche.

For example, if you are selling a camera or battery, the traffic coming to your website is the one that is interested in these products. A camera selling website will not sell herbal products or medicine because the client he is getting is not there to buy medicine but to buy electronics items so you have to keep this in mind. Now we have seen what should be the price range. You should prefer to sell the product at a handsome price. Secondly, try to sell some services. For example, there are lots of subscriptions to Amazon. The benefit of selling subscriptions is that they will be renewed every month and you will get a commission on every renewal.

The camera is a one-time sale and the buyer will not buy the camera again next month. So the subscriptions and other things like this for example music CDs, if you selling something like this then their renewal is every month. If you can sell 10-12 subscriptions it means you will be getting a commission against all these every month as those people do renew their subscriptions. Another thing, you should define a niche in which you have expertise. Like you say ‘sir I want to work in this niche as my Facebook page has covered it and there is good traffic and the page has the same kind of following. As I told you a little while ago if a customer came for electronics then even if the customer found a medicine add, he/she will not buy medicine. I hope that you have understood these small tips that I have shared.

They all are related to your skill and there is no need for investment. The maximum investment could be your website or the amount you spent on advertising that link. No inventory purchase, no bleeding, no ranking required, product don’t need to rank upwards from 30th to 1st page. You have the choice as you are already selling a top brand product and it is easy to sell it. Here, I would like to add another point, whenever you are going to select a product, you must see which product has a promotion. Products with the promotion are pretty easy to sell because where you are advertising it, you will also mention discounts like a 40% flat discount. That 40% discount will attract every buyer. When buyers get to the list and see a 40% discount there as well, the conversion chances will increase.

If you are selling are pen for $10, then the customer will buy if they have to otherwise most will not buy. But if you write, ‘get $20 pen in just $10. Flat 50% discount (make sure that it also appears on the data list as the buyer is not a fool and will do a comparison). So, it is easy to sell and earn commission on special promotions. Hope you like our video. Any questions related to Associate Marketing or Amazon Associate Program, or Amazon Affiliate Marketing, do ask in the comments. And I hope those whose dreams are shattered by me, are no more angry with me. Like in my last video that PL (Private Label) requires some doing. Now they can come into Affiliate Marketing and can generate earnings and the earnings are not in the hundreds, some people are earning thousands even millions. I knew a few people who are earning 1.5-1.6million per month from Affiliate Marketing. So, it is your hard work and skill. The more you get into it, the more you will earn. Again any questions come to the comments and if you like the video do share it.

Take care. Pakistan Zindabad..

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Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger Teil 1 – Affiliate Marketing starten – Affiliate Marketing lernen

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. Video number 1. In this video I want to give you the absolute Explain the basic principle of affiliate marketing and what the absolute first and necessary step is if you want to start with affiliate marketing. an internet user is somewhere on a platform or on the Internet. Speak on Google, on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Twitter, wherever. This surfer finds a link to a product or service somewhere an online course and click on a specially generated affiliate link. this affiliate link, it clearly identifies who put this link on the Internet. Thus the affiliate knows Network or the partner program from whom the visitor comes to the website. So it's not just any link, but a specially generated so-called affiliate link. After the the internet user has clicked on this link, he arrives at a website or a web shop, All possible offers can be present on this shop. Online courses, software solutions, Products; make-up kit; In the end, everything can be advertised via an affiliate link as long as there is a corresponding partner program. So does the internet surfer find a specially generated affiliate link and click on it, then he arrives at a Website or shop.

If he then buys the product offered on the website, The offered service, the online course or other, then you will receive as an affiliate a commission for it. So there has to be a purchase, sales must be generated, so that you receive a commission. This is the very basic principle of affiliate marketing. Surfer clicks on an affiliate link, comes to a website or webshop, buys an offer and you as an affiliate receive a commission because you have accessed the affiliate link or the product via advertised your affiliate link. Let's get to the absolutely most important part of affiliate marketing. There is absolutely no point if you pointlessly distribute any affiliate links on the Internet, because then you will quickly be perceived as a "spamer".

People don't trust you and nobody buys anything from you, so it is important that you focus on a single niche right from the start.
concentrate. Because the niche is crucial. So look for a category in which you are, best, already know a lot and then a category that is not too small. What do i mean in order to? The niche and its depth is absolutely crucial for your success in affiliate Marketing. Before I go any further, let me first explain to you what a niche is. A niche is a sub-category of a larger main category or sub-topic of a major skin issue. The more specific you choose the niche, the more profitable it is in the end for you.

What do I mean by that? I'll explain this to you using an example, with Amazon's affiliate program. There are several main categories on Amazon. Take Let's take the main electronics category as an example. In the main electronics category there is the TV category. There are many different brands in the category and thus Sony created a sub-category in the TV category. And a small microniche or Sony KD-55XH8096 Bravia (55 inch) television is a small sub-category from Sony. If you So you want to start with affiliate marketing as a beginner and you want TV as an example apply online because you are familiar with it or because you own a Sony KD55 you will not succeed if you just say, "Yeah, this is a television." You have to address the brand and model very explicitly in order to reach people who are interested in a Sony Bravia.

Why should you do this? So-called Mirkonischen are more profitable, because you can do targeted marketing here and on the other hand, because you can also solve certain problems here. You are probably asking yourself: "Yes, but which one Do I solve problems with a television? "As an example, people look for a review on the Internet. You want to buy this Sony Braviaen, but first look for reviews on the internet, Test reports or anything else to inform yourself before you buy. If you are now at Can help you make a purchase decision, then you solve their problem. For example, by using a video or a blog post or Instagram post about this TV and there this TV more precisely describe. Thereby you help the internet surfer or internet user with their purchase decision. That means you have to become a problem solver. People only buy based on two psychological triggers. Sigmund Freud found this out quite early on.

People do Things or only buy things to get pleasure or to avoid problems or pain. And Sigmund Freud found that avoiding pain is the bigger trigger-that is A person's greater need is to avoid trouble, difficulty, or pain. And therefore, you need to become a problem solver in a particular niche. I would also like to give you a Give an example. Take the main category of dating and relationships. In this main category is there e.g. the online dating category.

There are many different types of online dating Options. You can "data" via apps or here in the sub-category partner portals and here explicitly parship. Then there could be a small microniche or a sub-category of it: "How you can do much more with these 5 secret techniques from neuropsychology Get appointments on Parship and find the woman (or man) for life! "Das is a very explicit and specific niche in the area of ​​"dating", but broken down to online dating, on the partner portal Paship and then here, specifically, what someone is getting. Many, those who are on the go on partner portals have the problem, for example, that they are too little Got dates or that they haven't found the man or woman for life yet. Here you offer a solution to their problem. By becoming a problem solver in a microniche, If you become a small sub-category, you can start in the main category "Dating and Relationships". Remember, in every niche there are certain problems that can be solved.

Concentrate Therefore, as a beginner in affiliate marketing, you should focus on a niche in which you are already very good know, because then you can offer real added value, so that people trust you and last End up buying something from you too. And this is the only way affiliate marketing works. People only buy Your recommendations, your products, if you are really familiar with the topic or correctly have researched well and solved their problems. You can do this by reviewing a product do by offering them real added value, because you are in a niche, is very, very familiar with a category. My main category e.g. is online marketing. There is the category Affiliate Marketing and here there is the category Affiliate Marketing for Beginner and I'm in the sub-category "How can you as a beginner with Affiliate Marketing Make money? "You realize this is a very specific niche.

I focus on Beginners and teach them how to make money from affiliate marketing. And you can do that In the end, with every topic, with every niche, with every product, with everything you can do can sell on the internet. So that was it with video 1. I thought that I prefer to make short videos that don't bore you. Because they are simply short and sweet are. That's why I explain to you in video number 2 how I do affiliate marketing and why which is the smarter way to make permanent money on the Internet. I have that for you Basic principle explained and in the next video I'll tell you how to do it much smarter, smarter can do and why that is.

If you liked the video, subscribe to mine now Channel. And I have something very special for you. So that you have the perfect niche for Find you, I have provided you with a link to my website in the description. On this webpage you can download my step-by-step instructions for free, in which I explain clearly or help you find the perfect niche for yourself start successfully and ultimately earn money with affiliate marketing.

Therefore now click on the link in the description so that you can take this free step for Step instructions can be downloaded immediately and don't forget to subscribe to my channel..

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Laziest Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Strategy To Make $500+ A Day in 2022 (100% FREE)

how about you if you are looking for an affiliate marketing strategy for beginners I am very excited because today I want to show you how you can make hundreds of dollars every single day with this strategy if not thousands of dollars and I am going to guide you through this step by step this can be done on digi store 24 it can be done on clickbank it can even be done on warrior plus and the best part about these strategies I'm going to show you where you can go to get high converting products and all what you need to do is come here copy this link from there i'm going to show you how you can shorten this link with another free software like this one here where you're going to grab this link you're going to copy it then go I show you where to paste this link and you are going to get a lot of free traffic this site gets over 9.5 million visitors every month and look at this majority of the traffic comes from the United States which makes it a great affiliate make marketing for beginners strategy but i have got more for you i want to show you how you can make even more money with affiliate marketing their high use
converting email swipes i'm going to walk you step by step through everything and show you one some of the easiest and slowest ways you can start making money with affiliate marketing as a complete beginner so stay tuned because we are starting now so the first step in this strategy guys is to find a product to promote now lucky for you like me said you can use sites like digistore24
warrior plus and even depending on what country you are in and all these affiliate sites guys offer a range of different products from make money online to tech to e-commerce and a whole range of others digital type of products depending on what you want to promote or you want to go into
weight loss also so when you first come all you have to do here is sign up to any one of these different types of networks for the purposes of this video I'm going to use and all you have to do is come here and sign up once you sign up it will take you to a page it looks like this and that's what I'm talking about the categories if you scroll down you can see there are so many different types niches you can get into today we are going to go into e-business and e-marketing as you know i specialize in affiliate marketing and i love to show people how to get free traffic what am i going to show you on this video i like to show people how to find high converting products that's what i'm going to show you this video then i want to show you how to double and make even more money so before we continue with this video i want you to it's going to crush button in appreciation and let me know below in the comments in 2022 what type of business are you looking to start are you doing affiliate marketing do you want to do e-commerce are you possibly looking at freelancing are you looking at starting A youtube channel go down after you crush it like button in appreciation and let me know what you want to do in 2022 so I know what type of videos to make more of to help you be successful in 2022 guys so go ahead we're scrolling down here you can see there's a number of different types of products alright and there's also different types of price points don't be afraid to try some products that are a bit more expensive because you just don't know what I mean , look at this product here as an example, it is 18 this one here is 51 27 and this one over here as an example is 37 now you need to make about 10 sales to earn 370 or make one sale of this product as ' an example and earn 357 this is why a high ticket affiliate marketing is a great way to make a lot of money but yes you need a lot of traffic but that's good because if you make two sales then you make 700 plus in a single day and I want to show you how you can get a lot of traffic from it so let's look at this product here as an example guys so if you come here and click on
this product it's going to show us exactly what it's all about and like you can see it's an affiliate marketing product alright and the best thing about it is when you look at their
landing page here it has a visual sales letter which means it's a visual sales page you can click here unmute it to watching in your own time and then the best part here you can see I like the way they structure it sell because you can see he says no credit cards require people go to put their name and their email
address and then what's going to happen is they're going to be taken over after a free training these are great products to promote and so this product is doing really really well the second thing you want to do when you're on On this page you want to click this affiliate page so you want to open that's when you click on it that's going to bring you to this page and as you can see it's going to show you exactly and give you all the tools you need to be successful in promoting this product will give you that even more visual sales letters that I will show you in a second and also email swipes that I want to show you how you can use it to make even more money with affiliate marketing especially if you want a beginner to be successful in 2022 and as you can see they have high conversion funnels they have quality training community to help people people will succeed paying it amount of money you can see they talk about their success stories people want to know that other people been successful with this before the mckay scroll down they have a lot of information on this page showing people how they did what they did make people comfortable that this product definitely works and if you scroll down you can see there are a lot of testimonials from many people who have made a lot of money using this product and the best thing is when they learn how to use it how to get traffic how to find a product they can promote also warrior plus product digital 24 clickbank etc then from here what you have to do guys is you have to enter your email address in your name address and your clickbank id and click on to join the fun what it's going to do is get you all the resources to give and tools that you need once you've filled it's going to take you to a page that looks like this now when you finish that you entered in your
clickbank id so when I entered that you can see here it's my clickbank ID here it's very important because when you start promoting it you want any sales to be credited your click bank account is good so of course you can then transfer that money to your account you can also transfer in painting it's totally up to you so this is the first visual sales highlight converting visual sales letter that you can possibly promote you can see it's a high converting vsl this is one here's another high converting vsl and you can look and see which one you'd like to promote like let's take a
look at this one here let's come to a brand new page here and press enter it's going to show you exactly what it is so it's almost a copy of the first one we just saw so if we close or you can come over here and copy it and see which one you'd like to promote you can very easily come over here paste it and see what this one looks like and I think it's going to be a replica of the one we saw like they use this one is would highly recommend you use
this one too and i especially like it no credit card needed here so if we close it now what we need to do is we need to copy it ok we need to shorten this link , so let's come over let's copy it and I'm going to show you how to shorten it so the best place to go to shorten these guys is now come to a site called you can absolutely subscribe to bitly for free so they can track your link links you can track exactly and see how it works for you how many clicks you get and how many sales you get get if you don't want to sign up and you don't want that information it's up to you is it also free to do all you have to do is come here paste this url here and click on shorten and it's going to give you shortened link so nice so you can copy that link the reason why you this link copy is because people don't like to see a long
link and a lot of the time those links aren't allowed so now I'm going to show you where we go to get that free traffic but before I do that when you come back to this affiliates page and you scroll down they don't just don't give you these two links they scroll down you can see they got high converting email swipe I'm going to show you how to double with this strategy and how are you going to use this email swipe to enable even more money online and i have banners if you are looking for ads etc but we are going to focus on free traffic ok guys so from here what you want to do is you want to come over to this site here called now i have made videos about this before they have changed some of their terms and conditions so i want to show you how to do it legally in 2022 with a link on answers and make sure you can monetize all the traffic you're going to get like I showed you in the intro guys they get over nine and a half million people clicking or going to this site every single month and if you come here and look at this over 57 of that traffic is coming from the United States and as you can see that's growing and a lot of traffic is coming over from the United Kingdom and Canada India, so some very good countries that guys click on go on to looking for different type of answers and I want to answer the search for questions that need to be answered and that's how you're going to convert that into sales so what you want to do when you're on this site is you want to log in and you want to create an account for yourself once you signed in can you do it with your gmail account what you want to do once you signed in is you want to come here and see where it says settings you want to pre click on settings you answer any questions here you have to ask create your own a buyer you need to set up your own account so you come here and you click on settings once you click on settings now I've already done a lot of this stuff you want to make sure you know you've verified your email address you've done all
the things you need to do there from there you want to come here and you want to click on to go to your
own profile this is really really important now as soon as you click on to go to
your own profile what goes happens you want to come here and you want to click on edit and as soon as you click on edit what I did is I stripped mine right there so you can see how it's going to look now of course I'm using smart money you can come here and change this image you do n't have to I just have an s which stands for my initials but you can post a
picture of yourself you can go to pixels and find a money image if you want it it's totally up to you then this is where you're going to add something here in your bio with that little link so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to paste in exactly what I would have here you can only have up to 160
characters here as you can see I have 153 so learn the secret to making money with affiliate marketing this training helped me make over 5000 a
month and you can also click here and this is the little link here that we shortened when we pasted that url in here is that little link ok so you come by put it in there then click on to save it's on your profile now is it updated if you can see anyone what's going on go to your main profile here to can see what you want from there do is you can simply click on answers again here and you can type in different types of questions that you want to post answers to and what it looks like is something like this you can type in how to make money with affiliate marketing and you're go all these different types find results and as you can see not many of people answer these different types of questions the beauty about answers is that you can also come here and you can add your own questions and you can also answer them ask yourself, for example how to make money as an affiliate so all you have to do is click on that question there scroll down guys and if you can see you can answer this question so come over here and click on that and this is what's going to come up I'm going to show you the type of answer you can put in here what's going to drive traffic to your bio link right guys so I just quickly typed what we'll have to put inside this answer and it's something it's very simple you want to talk about the question they asked so everyone I have done i came and i did make money online as an affiliate marketer can take a lot of work if you do n't know where to get the right product and the right traffic because you are going to lead them into this product that is going to solve many of these problems for they you write something like this are the exact issues that many affiliate marketers face or that you may have faced yourself and then you found a great
training that is going to help them get started that is going to help them learn everything they need to make money online with this product and then you tell them that you have put a
link in your bio so they can click on and then from there you just have to hit submit as soon as you press send in guys that answer is now going to be pasted on
this platform and as you can see if we scroll up here guys this is the answer there will be a lot of people over here now and they will all go to your buyer what they have to do is come here and click on it guys as soon as I click on that it's going to bring them here and if they copy it as you can see go to link or go here as soon as I click on
those guys it's going to bring them straight to this product now i promised you there are other ways to still make more money with this use if you come here the high link email swipe now to use this high converting email swipe instead of using bits to shorten these links you want to start doing is using an email marketing software as an example something like there are many different types this is the one I use and the reason why I use it or why I started using it is when I first started online, i needed something that would be absolutely free if you come here and click on pricing takes you to a page that looks like this and for the first 300 email subscribers it's absolutely for free and the best part of this is you can create if you scroll down here you can create unlimited landing pages and forms and the landing pages is a simple landing page where you can tell people to click on it, enter their email address and they're going to get access to this product that we're promoting today and if you see here guys you can also send out email ok this is an awesome tool guys where you can then come here and use all this high converting email swipe so what does what looks like once you subscribe to this so once you sign up and you register like I said it's absolutely free i will have a link in my description for once you sign up you can come here as you can see you have these landing pages now once you click on
these landing pages it brings you over to a page that looks like this guys and it's so easy to customize everything you have to do as an example let's say we wanted to select this landing page up here you'll click on select what it's going to do that will take you right here where you can easily customize it so instead of saying get my free e-book now all you write is click to get the free training to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing guys and then over here you can type what you want to get inspiration from the product you are promoting like you would easily get inspiration from this product or you can come here and look at everything they have here on their landing page and get inspiration for your own to create simple landing page
and then you just need to come over here and change all this writing here and type your own very simple landing page then here all you need to do is just something like type
click to access or enter your
email address to access and then overview where it says sign up today if we click on that and scroll up to the top when you come here to settings and you scroll down to this you would post redirect to an external page when you click on that that's where you would enter that url for that product and when someone enters their email address you're going to click that email address then it's going to redirect them to that and then once you come and you start all these collect emails address guys this is then where you can start sending out email from
different products like this product let me look at this what do they give you all the subjects you need plus they give you the whole body of the email and then you'll enter the link for that product email marketing is super powerful and when you get
a lot of clicks on your products you want to make sure you're collecting these leads that's exactly what I'm doing when I come to my broadcast over here you can see that I'm sending broadcasts all the time because I'm collecting leads with all the different affiliate marketing products that I'm promoting I'm constantly collecting leads and I'm retargeting a lot of these people with different types of offers it's one of the best ways to double down on making money with affiliate marketing as a complete beginner and you can do the same in 2022 so this was my affiliate marketing for beginners tutorial that's going to help you set everything up to ' n to make
a lot of money online in 2022 but if you guys want to do something even more and start your own website that you can set up in less than 10 minutes click on this video here right now guys this is going to help you promote several
products to make over 500 a day high recommend clicking this video here right now if you haven't seen it get that setup today so you can absolutely crush it in 2022 until next time you take care of yourselves and goodbye

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EARN $13,089 With No SKILLS | Digistore24 TUTORIAL For Beginners (Digistore24 Affiliate MARKETING)

in this video, I'm going to show you how to earn 
$13,089 per month for free with no skills using   digistore24 we're going to do that in five easy 
steps but before we do that make sure to hit the   subscription button and the notification and to 
give it a thumbs up because I'm going to be making   a lot more videos of how to make money online and 
you don't want to miss that so let's go to work   all right let's go ahead and get going 
here of course we're talking about   like I mentioned earning thirteen thousand 
and eighty-nine dollar with no skills at all   this is for free using digistore24 this is going 
to be a tutorial for beginners and also this is   going to be a digistore affiliate a marketing 
course so to speak let's go ahead and go over   what are we going to be covering today now we're 
going to be covering like I said five major steps   number one is how to promote the best digistore24 product affiliate marketing for beginners step   number two how to promote digistore24
affiliate marketing products without   a website step number three how to use a hack to 
create a free digistore24 affiliate marketing   funnel this is a tutorial by itself that cost 
probably a few thousand dollars step number four   how to create a digistore24 affiliate marketing 
video without you recording anything step number   five how to increase your digistore24 affiliate 
marketing commissions with emails you don't have   to write and you're going to want to stay to the 
end of this video because I'm going gonna give   you the entire affiliate business marketing for 
digistore completely for free all you have to do   is just click few buttons and you could be making 
affiliate marketing on digistore as early as today   but you have to wait till the end of this video 
so I can tell you how to get it now we're gonna   talk about digistore24 tutorial for beginners 
overview because I want you to understand   what are we gonna be doing ahead of time we are 
going to go to digistore and we're going to obtain   the product after that I'm going to show you the 
best free traffic we're going to build a bridge   page we're going to build an opt-in page then 
we're going to go and build in an affiliate   marketing page you understand all this right 
here from this point to this point is going to be   automated the prospect all they have to do just 
click on one thing and everything from here to   here will be automated and I'm going to show you 
all that let's go ahead and go to step number one   step number one is how to promote the best digistore24 product affiliate marketing for beginners   so let's go ahead and do that now all you have to 
do is just go to and then you're   going to be faced with this right here all you 
have to do is just click on register it's very   easy process to register I'm not going to go 
through that, I'm going to show you how to pick   a winning product now I already done that all you 
have to do is click on marketplace and then I have   clicked or I picked one now one thing you want 
to keep in mind here now a lot of people don't   know because maybe they don't have a lot of 
knowledge or I've seen some videos on youtube   they don't mention this and people end up just 
uh spinning their wheels for something that is   really ridiculous because it all you have to 
do just know one thing okay now a lot of people   think okay this is better than this for example 
or let's see this right here is better than this   well not really here's why if you take a look 
here and you see the cancellation rate is 11%   right here is only 3 percent and if you take 
a look and see the conversion or earning card   visitors which is the money that you get per 
card or per somebody looking at your product   right here is 277 right here is 372.

Even though 
this is higher on the rank but this is much better   and that's exactly what we're gonna do now 
if you want a little bit more information of   how to pick the right product on digistore24 let 
me know and I'll help you to do that I'll probably   make a video on that so make sure in the comment 
to do that let's go ahead and move on okay the   reason I picked this is because a lot of things 
but there's a strategic way why I picked that so   when you doing the same thing you're gonna be very 
much successful more than likely I can't guarantee   anything right here there is a support page this 
is very important for you to have this is has a   lot of resources that can help you obviously 
the name of this product is over 30 hormone   solution that's the name of the product okay right 
now we're going to talk about the best type of   advertisement that we're going to use with this 
funnel now the best type of any advertisement   is basically is to tap into a prospect's native 
environment and digistore24 affiliate marketing   free traffic that we're going to be using is going 
to be related to the product that we are selling   and if you remember the name of the 
product a sturdy hormone solution   so that fits best with Pinterest in case you are 
wondering why Pinterest I'm going to give you   some examples here Pinterest is a search engine a 
lot of people don't understand that when it comes   to search engine, they believe like they think 
Google is a search engine it is a search engine   but Pinterest is also a visual search engine that 
is dominated by females number two the monthly   active users on Pinterest is 416 million and this 
is what we're going to tap into so you have to   think strategically exactly when you are marrying 
your own affiliate product and the advertisement   to it number three 71 percent of Pinterest users 
are female and our product is what female product   number four the monthly search 
engine on Pinterest is two billion   a month now number five is like i 
mentioned tap into a female prospects   in their own native environment and that's exactly 
what we're gonna do let us go ahead now and go   to step number two which is how to promote digistore24 affiliate marketing products without a   website okay what most affiliates do they actually 
go to Pinterest and then what happens is that they   send somebody to their website and inside their 
website there is uh the product that they want to   sell and it is time-consuming for any beginners 
for affiliate beginners to create a website create   a blog create a store and so forth so our strategy 
is totally different our strategy is basically   very simple is a hack so this is going to bring 
us to step number three which is how to use   a hack to create a free digistore24 affiliate 
marketing funnel of course this is going to be   a tutorial for digistore24 beginners so let's go 
and get started now the hack is going to happen   or we're going to do it over ConvertKit which 
is something I actually use and the first thing   we need to do is actually to pick a landing page 
which they let you pick a landing page and they   also let you modify it as much as you want so the 
best way to do that i'm going to go ahead and give   you this right here in case you want to create 
I'm talking about this page right here in case   you want to create your own but i'm going to go 
ahead and create one and the best way to do it is   to find something that is kind of like; clean like 
this one and you can choose it and this is exactly   what we did now you can click on this when you 
click on this right here what's going to happen is   something very simple it is simply going to give 
you an option which is right here to replace this   image right here so you click on it and you 
actually have a free when you click on unsplash   right here this is going to give you a a lot of 
them so i already picked this one this right here   so this is the landing page and what 
i did is i modified it a little bit   and now it looks like this over 30 hormone secret 
all that good stuff i did a lot of work on it   now after you finish with that for example we 
are still building your own affiliate landing   page you click on next step the next step is the 
same thing you click on this image up here and   you go on replace that image i just want to 
let you know also that if you have your own   image you can upload it as well or you can hit 
unsplash right here and then you can pick your own or you can click on Instagram and go to Instagram 
and use one so we're gonna go ahead and do the   same thing here so what we are doing right 
now we are creating what's called the bridge   and we're also creating the landing page at the 
same time there is a very good reason for that   a lot of people missed that point so what I did 
is I did that as well so if you go to number two   it's the same image continuity between everything 
and then when they put their email address   okay what are you going to put what I'm gonna 
do is I'm going to show you exactly what are   you going to put so you can get credit for the 
affiliate product that you are selling okay as i   promise you we're going to go back and we're going 
to actually grab your affiliate link before i   do that I just let you know I just want to let you 
know that we talked about how much you're going to   be making a month or how much is the possibility 
for you to make a month again this is a disclaimer   I cannot promise you that you're going to make any 
money the idea is that if you take $43.63 times 10   which is very very easy to do that means 10 sales 
per day on Pinterest which is achievable and then   I'm going to give you a quick boost to that 
that's probably going to 10x time that effort   that you have I'm going to do that later on but if 
you do that and you calculate it this is going to   come out to $13,089 dollars you 
gotta be consistent with it and what you need   to do right now we are going to grab our affiliate 
you grab it from here and then you copy it   and then you go back to the landing page that we 
have created in just a few minutes and if you take   a lookup here where it says setting you click 
on it and then up here what you want to do is   you want to click on redirect to an external page and 
then you click and then you put your own affiliate   link you just paste it you just paste it right 
here in this area and then you click save   and after it's done this is going to be hosted on 
ConvertKit hosting not recommended most of the to   what they do is I'm going to go ahead and give 
you another trick you can just click on setting   and then you can click get your own domain name 
and then you can collect your domain name and   you can have multiple ones if you want to use this 
and then you put your page right here now this is   much better because it accomplishes a lot of 
trust when you do that because if you don't do   that it's going to be very difficult for the other 
people when they look at the URL they're going to   see something kind of strange so this is the best 
way I'm going to go ahead and put in the link down   in the description the one that I use and most 
affiliates use as a matter of fact one of the top   affiliate marketers, you probably know him his name 
is Pat Flynn he does use it so this is an optional   you don't have to I'm not trying to sell you 
anything but I'm just trying to show you the way i   want to go ahead and show you where we add at this 
point here's what we were talking about before   we talked about digistore24 we already found the 
product we talked about it we also build the   bridge page opt-in page and the affiliate sales 
page you're probably wondering how that happened   I want to show you exactly what already happened 
but the only thing that we that I'm concerned   about or you should be concerned about is right 
here what do we need to do on a free platform we   talked about Pinterest so what we're going to do 
is create a pin we're going to create a value pin   a value pin is simply something that is going 
to make that person a little bit more enticed to   click on it I already created the pin and 
I want to go ahead and give that to you   as well the best platform for this is a 
free platform it's called   I'm going to give this to you in a way and then 
all you have to do is upload it to Pinterest   and when somebody clicks on it they're not going 
to go to a website or a blog they're going to go   into the landing page which is promising 
them something much more powerful   than an actual blog or a website because it's 
gonna show on a video everybody likes a video that   video is gonna explain a little bit more about the 
product then it's going to entice them to go-ahead   and purchase and this is the best way about it so 
uh keep that in mind when you are thinking about   that step number four how to create a digistore24 affiliate marketing video without you recording   anything so what we need to do is we need to go 
here and take a look at our product up here if you   already noticed or maybe you haven't noticed that 
we already created that but I just want to let   you know that when you copy this and you put it in 
ConvertKit the way I showed you how to do it it's   gonna go ahead and do that for you automatically 
in other words, the video is already created by   them that's why I already told you that if you 
are going to be doing anything make sure that   the provider or the product creator does have 
an affiliate support page more than likely they   already have a video and many other resources and 
assets that you can use here remember right now   we already grabbed the affiliate link that you 
have now what are we going to do is we going to go   ahead and go to settings just like we did before 
and it's nothing different actually all we're   doing is we are uh you click on here redirect and 
then you put in your affiliate link and then you   click save now I'm going to show you everything 
here in just a little bit and you're going to be   amazed of how quickly we did it and we created a 
funnel with everything is connected and you'll be   amazed of how many things we've already done that 
you probably you're not really aware of at this   point so let's go ahead and move on after you put 
in your affiliate link right here like i mentioned   to you, ConvertKit is going to ask you to create an 
account which is a login account now you probably   think oh there's some kind of trick it's really 
not it's really everything that I'm showing you   is really free you are getting unlimited landing 
pages and forms unlimited traffic customizable   domain email broadcast and you can manage up 
to 1,000 subscribers 1,000 subscribers for free   and then you can have tags and you can also have 
sell digital product and a free build and launch   course you can launch your own course free so this 
is not a joke this is a real thing the reason I am   doing this is because nobody when I first got 
started nobody was actually helping me at all   I'm not trying to sell you a course for a thousand 
two thousand dollars this is free it's up to you   if you want to use it or not so this is free all i 
ask you is to subscribe drop a like just push that   notification button so you can get more of this 
and if you haven't done that this is the best   opportunity for you to do that because I'm going 
to be making a lot more how to make money online   videos or how to make money period and you don't 
want to miss that okay right now let's go-ahead   put an overview now we're talking about digistore24 tutorial for beginners automated funnel flow   now I have done almost everything and then 
I'm you're going to be surprised of what we   have done we already created this right here 
we created this and we've done that through   Pinterest step number five how to increase your 
digistore24 affiliate marketing commissions   with emails, you don't have to write and a lot 
of affiliates that I have coached throughout   the years they were really having a hard time 
with that, they're having a hard time of how to   create email lists because it's very important 
the two things are very important for you is   how to write emails and at the same time is 
to have a really good email autoresponder so   in here you get in both since Convertkit already 
asked us to create an account now they give us an   access of course all this is free is to create 
a sequence now remember that Convertkit already   created an account for us of course it is free 
now you can create your own email sequence and   I'm gonna show you how to do it all you have to do 
is go under a under the automation and then there   is a tab for you to click on and then you can put 
in your sequence, it's not that hard now what are   we going to do we're going to have to put in some 
kind of a name uh let's go ahead and just put in   this one right here let's take this here and then 
we can create a sequence when we're talking about   sequence we are talking about a email sequence 
where are we going to get the emails from we're   going to get them from right here remember this is 
the resource page this is the most important   page for any affiliate marketer to actually 
take advantage of and then what are we gonna do   is we're gonna go to the point where there is uh 
creative emails so what are we going to do is go   to the first one and then what are we going to 
do is copy and paste that's all we're going to   do because they're already written them for you 
and then this is email 1 email 2 and so forth   you just copy that and then you create it you copy 
it and then you paste it right here when you click   here you can put that you want to send it the 
first day which is pretty good and then you can   put click here and then you can add another email 
and then you can click here say send this on the   second day and then you can put the email that you 
have gotten from the resource page on the product   page all you have to do is remember to put your 
affiliate link so you can get credit for that then   you can click as many as you want I have actually 
done them myself but I'm showing you how to do it   yourself just want to let you know that emails 
are so important because it will automatically   follow up with your traffic to remind them about 
your digistore24 affiliate product and that will   tremendously increase your commissions for long or 
short period of time so if you like the affiliate   product that I chose on digistore24 affiliate 
network you can get it here's what I'm doing   for you for free pre-build affiliate automated 
funnel completely for free emails they are already   inside the convert kit and a pin number four free 
Convertkit account with a thousand subscribers   five free Canva pin template and six since I'm 
doing all this for free all I ask for you to do   is like this video subscribe to my channel 
and turn on the notifications so what I'm   gonna do i'm gonna leave in the description area 
under a name i'm gonna go ahead and call it the   my affiliate digistore24 funnel so when you 
click on it you will arrive to this page   right here so all you have to do is just click 
on use this automation when you click on this   use this automation you'll be able to get it for 
free so if you want to learn everything about   affiliate marketing click this up here if you 
want to learn everything about Clickbank affiliate   marketing and how to start very quickly click 
right here and as usual I'll see you at the top

As found on YouTube

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How To Do Affiliate Marketing With No Money ($1000/Month)

hi everyone in this video i am going to share with you 12 steps to turn zero dollars into
thousand dollars in affiliate marketing by working 2 hours a day wait a minute i am not here to waste your time or tell you
you will be rich in one month i am here to share with you a real step by step guide to building an online income generator if you follow the steps The 12 that I'm going to share with you you can expect to get to $300 to
$500 in three to six months and I'll tell you how to scale
that up to a thousand or two thousand dollars a month like I do that okay maybe you're new here and wondering why you
should listen to me and watch this video maybe this The video is like all the
other videos on YouTube that waste time and just share
fake numbers and false promises You should watch this simply for 3 main reasons the first is honesty I never share with you
fake numbers or fake promises I'm very transparent on this video you can start
with zero dollars you don't need to money but you need to work at least 2-3
hours a day for at least 2-3 months to build up a source of income if you are not willing to do that just pause or skip the video
or go watch other videos we need work the second reason is I never share
anything on my channel unless I test it so all my videos let's be honest 99% of my videos are
based on real case studies real numbers and real experience of more than seven years of
experience working online and third is simply that I will provide
free support after I want to post this video so if you watch it just comment
below I will be there to help you and I will try my best to answer
all the comments in this video Still not convinced? You can go to my community section and check out a lot of success stories
from people all over the world who started online after
watching my videos and I hope you will be the next person to
generate income after watching this video so the first step is to choose a
topic or field Convenient to work on To make things simple for you I will give you a
PDF file with a lot of topics and ideas and choose one of them
and the format will be very simple Choose a topic that you love or love to
learn about or know about that way you never get bored when you read or write
or do anything in This topic or this major and by the way please do not do
anything while watching the video just watch it once and understand the strategy then I will give you everything, links, tools
and free PDF files I will give you everything in this video you can download and use it completely free now just listen and understand the idea then you can
implement directly After watching this video and for the sake of this video I'm going to go with an example let's
say my topic is YouTube marketing or growth in YouTube I'm going to share and I'm going to teach people how to grow on YouTube for example so we're done with step one step two is to create a list of
blogs in your niche just go to and writing your topics as an example in my case it's
marketing blogs on youtube for example this way you will get a lot of results 15 of the best marketing blogs open this and this for example I will see a lot of
websites here talking about youtube what you would do is simply go notification .so Notion is a free program to manage whatever you want you can see here I manage my
work and my research and my personal stuff it's all here within Notion you should do that too so if you don't have an account just
sign up it's very simple and now create a new page and I'm going to name it marketing work and step one choose a suitable niche in my case it's youtube marketing I'm going to turn it into a title and here we are done let's go copy emojis for a yelling sign I'm going to get a yelling copy then that's how good we got it I'm doing this and showing you this also
to help you In organizing your work and organizing your business so another title is the second step which is the list of blogs start a list and now I will start copying
for example this site Real Well ok this first site you paste it here we also have a YouTube blog the official blog of YouTube we can also paste it here and so on so what Just create a list
of 5 to 10 blogs in your field the third step is to simply subscribe to all the
newsletters in your niche eg go back to google our youtube marketing newsletter here melbro site and start searching here for
newsletters in your niche eg we have This is a great create hook site by the way it's a great newsletter
for youtubers if you want to join so also go here and join it and I'll tell you now why we do it so you joined
this newsletter join at least three to five
newsletters in your niche so we're done here Join the newsletter We are done now Step Four Follow
YouTubers in your field The easiest way is to go here to YouTube and search for your topic for example "Growth in YouTube" and you will find a lot of channels that you like
such as film Booth one of the best channels we have tubebuddy we have Justin Brand think media all of those are in your chosen field so go subscribe and follow these channels and we're done with it that simple now the question is why do we do this why do we join newsletters
and youtube channels and blogs in our niche simply because we don't want to waste
time looking for ideas so you can all Just a day going into these
blogs and into these newsletters into these YouTube channels and picking ideas you have a bank of ideas
to pick out what you want in your niche especially if you're a beginner and you don't have the time
and strategy to plan and do some content research this is the easiest way you can start now before we go on
there Very important thing this code change has nothing to do with affiliate marketing business so let's choose another symbol for example here in emoji let's write business or something like that and I'll choose this maybe it's better so step five and here we'll do the real work everything we've done before is It's very simple just join and create
a list and do some research on Google now in the fifth step we are going to search
and find commission programs in your niche one of the easiest ways is to go here to
Google again and search for YouTube which is your niche and in my case it is YouTube Affiliate Programs for Marketing for YouTube so simply add your niche here and write commission programs then start looking for programs in your niche now to save some time
I will also provide you a special resource that will help you a lot in choosing commission programs such as a guide to all commission programs
anywhere you can choose from and start them now to save some time I know
some commission programs for youtube for example i can promote
using vid iq and tubebuddy maybe semrush etc let me show you this if you go
to this is a tool for youtubers to help you
develop your youtube channel i am using it and it is one
of the best tools by the way and they have an affiliate program Cool and you can see here
my dashboard so I have about $300
in December and so you get the referral link here and you're going to promote that link so step number step five is simply
finding commission products in your niche as well that's fairly simple about choosing programs now Step number six create a medium blog simply go here to on medium you can simply create a free blog just sign up and you will have a free blog for example here is my profile here is my blog and by the way I have posted some
interesting articles on medium you can check them out if you want So that's simple, we're going to
create a blog on Medium.

Step number seven is planning
three to five ideas to write about on Medium. Don't worry, we won't write
big articles that take a long time. The idea is different on Medium. You'll see that now in step eight, so plan three to five posts to publish on Medium. Medium or to be more precise three
to five post ideas how do we do that if you remember
in step number two, three and four we have a lot of sources
for ideas including newsletters and youtubers and from blogs you can simply pick some ideas
and headlines that you can write about let's say for Me I'm going to make a list how to get 1000 subscribers on youtube another idea for example
how to create the best thumbnail what is split A/B testing
and how does it help youtubers so I planned 3 ideas for my blog in Medium and you have to do it in your niche now step 8 how to create the post The ideal is on Medium Please focus well It is somewhat different from any blog, the
Medium site is somewhat different and special Please focus to get the best results from
Medium and get visitors for free without worrying about promotion
and getting visitors from here and there and backlinks
SEO etc.

Please focus on this very important step I want to talk about three factors that are
important to achieving success on Medium I think they are the main ones that are important and enough for now we start with them maybe later in the
next videos we can go deeper on Medium and see how we can grow on Medium How to get more followers What are the best practices and a lot more But for now, in order
not to deviate from the topic of this video, I want to focus on just three main factors Number one Let's take a look at my posts You can watch two minutes, three minutes, five
minutes of reading time, and six minutes Three minutes to read So posts are fairly small and straight forward Number two Headlines Look at the headlines How did you get 1.3 million hits in 12 months We're talking catchy headlines not click bait Print for now don't focus on SEO
and keywords and these advanced techniques just focus on Attractive titles for anyone scrolling on Medium
to get them to click and read your posts so it's a bit like youtube you need to care about click through rate and how many people
click on your articles to read them so if you open like this here is how I got 1 million views
on my website Click and look at the style of this post The third key factor you can see is it's very simple I use big headlines number one number two and three under each
one I use a small paragraph so it's straight to the point with some pictures and proofs using some emojis anyone can read And get the idea out of it of course it's valuable but I'm talking about post style make it very simple, to the
point and clean so in short if you want we can
work and treat Medium as a social network where people post and you need
to attract them to your posts and articles for example look at how
Medium recommends some articles It's like youtube suggestions so look at people and how they write articles "how to get 100,000
profile visits in 1 month on twitter" " 8 must have google addons" so you need to use titles
to increase your CTR so this is what medim is about
And how to structure and publish on Medium and by the way if you need a
free AI writer to help you write articles and posts you can go to H-supertools AI writer is a completely free tool to use but make sure please listen carefully make sure you use this as a
writing assistant and not generate then copy and paste it won't work if you're stuck creating an intro if you're stuck on a phrase or something you can use artificial intelligence
to help you follow through and write your paragraphs but don't rely on it so this is about medium let's now move on to step number nine now it's time to promote your affiliate links
your own inside your Medium posts but please be careful and listen carefully don't over use
commission links and put them randomly here and there we don't need that look at my example so if you open this article for example
here on my blog in my Medium blog and scroll down Here you'll see I'm talking about something called
frase content analysis using frase so I'm sharing how I used
this tool to get traffic it's called and I'm sharing this link here
you can see that's a simple commission link and the second thing you have to do
Is to add this conclusion at the end some of the external links in
this post are commission links you should add this also
inside your posts your medium if you have commission links of course as in our case just add
your commission links do not overuse it
and do not put it Random and add the epilogue and everything will be fine and one more important thing if your commission program
allows you to track your source for example like
Frieze I'll go here to Frieze I'm going to log into it to show you this so this is my dashboard in the links here you can add your own custom links for example this link here you can see it has a sub-id called medium so when I want to track my earnings and clicks
in commission program I can see I can know from which website or
from which source I got these clicks so it's important to promote to add this Sub
ID if available of course to see how many clicks you get
on these links from Medium blog posts now on step number ten which is simply yours from now on create
two to three posts on a weekly basis and track your performance make sure you pick the topics, the right topics
that you can Promote the commission program within it and then publish it on Medium like every other day and you can track how many clicks
you get and your conversions etc so you can improve
based on these analytics a small gift for you also you can
go here to free link shortening service sign up Totally free and then you can add your
own domain and track your clicks online totally free We are done with step number ten We still have only two steps I hope you get some
benefits and everything is clear Don't forget as I told you if
you have any questions or anything I will be waiting for you in the comments section below Step number eleven is to build your email list this is very important no matter what you do online building an
email list is at the top of the list to promote, build and grow your online business and what is nice about Medium is that it allows you
to build an email list for free and do your online marketing
Email for free for example if you go here to my stats and go to audience stats you will see how many followers and how many
email subscribers I have on Medium and you can also click on view details to see these
people and see these email addresses and you can also export this list and go here to any program
Email marketing like convertkit which you can start for free too and you can import
those email subscribers to another platform and do email marketing and that's very important so step number eleven is
build your email list and start with email marketing we're done no We still have the last step which is to scale to a thousand dollars like I told you if you follow all of these steps in three to six months you'll get
to about five hundred dollars a month but what if you want to scale
this up to a thousand or two thousand we'll see this in step number twelve but before So I want to share with you
all the resources that I mentioned everything tools and free PDFs
and everything that I mentioned in this video so to get this absolutely free just open this link and you will get all the resources absolutely free now it's time for step number Twelve and
they are scaling to one thousand dollars per month please take notes so when you reach step and you
are making about 300 to 500 dollars then you need to apply these strategies to
scale to one thousand dollars per month and more and build a stable online business so how do you do it number one It is to repurpose the same
Medium posts on other platforms for example we can create a Quora space go to Quora and create a space and
repurpose the same post within your space here to get more people
and more visitors from Quora reach another audience you can also create a special version for
social media Social for example I create a mini version
of my social media posts like this post here on LinkedIn and on
Twitter on Instagram and on Facebook and post everywhere so reposting your content on different platforms
will help you grow and get more traffic and reach To more people online number two is to scale
your blog with your own blog as you know I have a H-educate if you follow me this is my blog so you can repurpose the same
post using long post content and grow with seo so we can here in your blog posts Improve
SEO and we can adjust titles, content, etc.

To grow and reach more people
with traffic from Google and number three is simply join
more commission programs and promote more commission programs so you can build
multiple income streams from different programs for example here I'm promoting Freeze,
this is Jasper, this is tubebuddy, etc. I'm promoting maybe 14+
commission programs in both areas of digital marketing and that way you can create
multiple income streams from different programs and number four I think is one of the best ways
to scale your affiliate marketing strategy is to start creating A YouTube channel that's almost free You can start from home and record videos You
don't need to show your face if you don't want You can create tutorials with
Camtasia Studio like I do and post them on YouTube You can use the power of video SEO
to rank your videos higher if you go now Youtube for example and search for this
keyword get free visitors you will see that my video
is on top of youtube so with the power of video seo you can get
a lot of views from youtube search results you are probably wondering now how can i do this
and rank my videos on Simply YouTube Header You can check out this video here where I explained step by step how to
rank your videos higher and get free youtube organic views and promote your commission products in youtube I hope you enjoyed this video if you have any question I will be
at Waiting for you in the comments section below

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Digiskills Affiliate Marketing Exercise 1 Batch 02 Solution | Digiskills Exercise 1 | KHR Services

Digiskills Affiliate Marketing Exercise 1 Batch 02 Solution

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Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #2 Digistore24

hello and welcome to affiliate marketing for beginners introduce this
new video in this new video more necessary whines diesdorf 24
one or the other knows maybe there is already a wire mesh to bring
a free account because it is really the basis
for making money on the internet earn the guests 24 is an online platform for
products affiliate marketing for beginners manufacturers who want to market their own products here or for
sales partners who want to market the products of other mentors in return for
a commission affiliate marketing for beginners for those of you who have an ece schreier
account can skip this step here or only this
registration step for those who do not have an account yet
I would ask them to click here on Affiliate Marketing for Beginners registered now the link
is as always in the info box we do the whole thing once and I think I am of
the opinion that everyone has already registered somewhere, so we look for
the user names here, I enter the affiliate marketing for beginners e-mail address, the password and the
data we used to do this, we already have our account here
created so i have already done the whole thing here
with the new account to save some time and affiliate marketing for beginners we now click here once to
get to the login page where we now log in once we logged in
and now we are too already logged into our new store 24 account here in
the view under vendor we now have to change once or do
we want to do the whole year as many everyone so as a manager
let's wake up and this view I an affiliate marketing for beginners
now let's go to the marketplace here we have many categories of
digital products that we can market so beforehand let me
mention there are four big and profitable markets yes so the first
market is he money for the market we all want to make money affiliate marketing for beginners we want
security the second market is the fitness and health market we
want to be fit we want to look good
the third market is the dating and relationship market that is
of course self-explanatory and the fourth market is the hobby market so where
alone and fish naturally fit in perfectly would
of course I've already searched up to 24 here unfortunately found nothing Affiliate marketing for beginners
but I found this here and it is that the website
was about phishing this is of course now a great website here
Germany's first online course for affiliate marketing for Beginner fisherman exam so exactly the example
I already mentioned in the funnel explanation if we
go down a bit here because we see that this website also
has an affiliate program I then got a little smarter that
also works via the store 24 though unfortunately you don't include that here
so what do we do now we have to
look for a product affiliate marketing for beginners a digital book that suits us what
really means we can identify or what we are
familiar with doesn't necessarily have to be that so it would be more advantageous why
our pages can be built up better if we now just take
a look at the dating and relationships market and seen that there is dating money here on page Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 3 and children
is that what I mean now a new app or a new a new platform where
you so i know myself so a heat i find happy exactly but that
is very popular at the moment and here there is now, for example, a product which
can be behind is the current hype or
is popular i know myself a bit with these people came from okay
i just look at the sales page of this product and see affiliate marketing for beginners that there
is a vsl right here and now i say okay i look
at the presentation i like it i might even want this product
test it myself but i would also like to promote this product yes affiliate marketing for beginners so i'll take a
close look at it again i read the description here once
through clique then promote now and then we'll get our
link which we'll eventually sell and thus
earn commission Affiliate marketing for beginners so your task is of course extremely important
that you now find out here what suits you which product with
which product can I identify where I would like to earn money
we can also do that via
make my product because this coaching is affiliate marketing for beginners structured in such a way that when you
have finished the online business you, for example, the product from me it
just flows into a river i don't know how best to explain it
you should take a look just have a look before you decide here, too, yes,
you are welcome to take a look at the Affiliate Marketing for Beginners partner program module, there will be
a video explaining exactly how the business is structured, which
strategies, i.e.

which shady ones I use to get tactical visitors
and we can simply imitate the whole thing by assuming the same product with
these strategies so a very simple system for beginners Affiliate Marketing where you can really earn
very good commission so very very important
your task now is to choose a product that you
identify with could and lets you promote my product by clicking on now,
so as I said just have a look at the modules
packaging program and otherwise I would say have fun and then we’ll see
you in the next video until then.

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The Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs – Earn Thousands $$$

(bright music) – An affiliate program
is a performance based marketing strategy where you share another company's product links on your real estate website or blog and earn a commission
when you send traffic to that business or organization. Real estate affiliate programs can give you the opportunity to partner with real estate
schools, tech companies, marketing services, and other companies in the real estate niche. Here are our top recommendations. Real Estate Express. Since 1996, Real Estate
Express has served as a pioneer in online real estate education, staying true to their
mission of helping customers achieve more in their career. Real Estate Express offers
online real estate pre-licensed and post-license courses across a nationally accredited platform.

They provide unparalleled free guidance through their career hubs
to help clients launch and sustain a successful
real estate career. Once you're approved for
the affiliate program, Real Estate Express will send you a link where you can access banners and logos to place on your website, as well as view your
individual stats and tools. At the end of each month you'll
receive a commission check if your website generated sales. You can also see real time
sales and earnings 24/7 in their secure partner portal. Showcase IDX. Showcase IDX is the leading
WordPress IDX plugin for real estate, with agents
seeing 83% more traffic on their website after using
Showcase IDX home search and consumer tools. Founded in 2003, Showcase IDX
lives and breathes real estate creating innovative
products that empower agents to grow and allows buyer to easily find the home of their dreams. Showcase IDX's affiliate
program empowers agents and coaches to earn easy recurring income by recommending the
leading IDX for WordPress to their network. As a showcase IDX affiliate partner, you'll have two earning
levels and get commission on the first 12 months of each referral being an active Showcase IDX customer.

You will also receive
completely transparent financial reporting and
dashboards available 24/7 along with a completely
transparent referral agreement. Real Estate Affiliates. This is one of the
biggest affiliate networks specially designed for
the real estate business. Real Estate Affiliates is a
great choice for marketers, real estate agents and brokers
who are looking to profit from the growth in real
estate crowd funding. Simply sign up for their affiliate program at the link below to start
generating commission for each sale that's made
through your referral link.

Real Estate Affiliates offers
three ways to earn income from their website. Cost Per Action, CPA
method lets you get money when your referral become a lead. Cost Per Lead, CPL method
pays you every time you send your referrals registration. Revenue Share Method, you receive a commission
for the transactions your referral enter into with any of the websites
partner advertisers. Payouts are made twice a month through PayPal or wire transfer.

So you get paid every 15 days. All Things Real Estate, founded in 2014, All Things Real Estate carries everything for agents real estate marketing needs, from open house products
to yard signs, to apparel, to stickers and so on. Instead of your visitors having to shop across multiple stores
to find what they need, All Things Real Estate can
provide it in one place. All Things Real Estate's affiliate program is run by refersion, which makes for an easy sign up process. Once you join the program,
you'll have access to their beautiful logos,
ad banners, and brand books, along with a dashboard to
track every click and referral. Although the 7% commission
rate can seem low at first glance, All
Things Real Estate products are typically purchased
in large quantities which ultimately results in
a higher overall commission. Check out some of these top
real estate affiliate programs and start earning some extra income by promoting them through
your website and socials. Visit our site for more info. And if you enjoy this video, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe..

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