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2 Stage vs 3 Stage Snow Blower

2 stage vs 3 stage snow blower
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In winter months, the most struggling time of the northern residents starts when they have to clear the snow from their way. Although technology has provided its smart solutions but to find the right product to get rid of heavy snow is a little daunting.

When I experience it, I was in search of reliable and smart solutions. I needed a quicker and easier tool that made my job completely hurdle free. Then I get to know, there are snowblower/throwers that helps to clear chores quickly.

In this article, I’m fully going to share what I experienced through this and how I came up with a better solution for myself.

2 Stage Snow Blower and 3 Stage Snow Blower

If you are living in an environment where the climate usually remains snowy, then you have two perfect snow blowing options. One is 2 stage snow blower and the other is 3 stage snow blower. These incredible blows are much more convenient in use as compared to others in the market. You can use sidewalks, driveways, walkways, and all where you want to clean space. These blowers clear the path, having a high amount of snow.

2 Stage Snow Blower

To clear residential areas snow, this 2 stage snow blower has been using for the last few years and giving incredible results. The reason behind calling it a 2 stage snow blower is that it accomplishes the snow blowing process in two steps. One is to revolve the stage around the particular part and to break the snow from inside. While in another step, it threw the snow discharge out of the machine. 

This snow blower is preferable for residential areas, so the resident simple, easily, and reliably use it.

3 Stage Snow Blower

This resolution in snow blowing brings the finest solution for those who look for a more powerful and quick snow blower than two-stage. This snow blower removes the snow in three steps, the first two are the same as a two-stage snow blower and the third is accelerator work. The accelerator has an impeller that removes the snow fastly and eats up the snow in less time. 

3 stage snow blower mostly used by professionals who need to remove heavy snow with carefully and completely.

2 Stage Snow Blower vs 3 Stage Snow Blower

It’s a misconception about things is that the thing having a large size is more valuable than small, but it’s not at all. So, it’s important to experience things then give the opinion based on personal experience. I’m here to help you out in it as when I used these both and get to know which one worked better for me. Let’s first have a look at major points that differ both from each other. 

  • Speed of Snow Blowers

The 3 stage snow blower has more horsepower than a 2 stage snow blower as it works more speedily. One factor of high-speed is the size of the engine as well. Although, both can highly remove the snow up to 50 ft of the target zone. The difference is only that it has the accelerator, which helps a 3-stage blower to speed up its work 50% over 2 stage snowblower and finish snow removing tasks in less time.

  • Design of Snow Blower

Do designs really matter over speed?

Yes, it does. 2 stage snow blowers are designed simple and easy to handle while the 3 stager is complex. Both have a single impeller, but 3 stagers have one more auger which adds to its value. 

3 stage snow blower can throw the snow wasted material up to 75 feet away from its place. So, to keep the design into consideration, I found a 3 stage snow blower is more suitable for commercial or business areas where the work is done on a larger scale.

While a two stage blower by having a convenient design is suitable for residential areas and society residents. 

  • Maintenance

If you face any technical issue in two stages, you can easily fix it on your own. But in three stages, you do not need to take any risk and get help on the technician.

A professional can better understand its complex problems and perfectly resolve the issue.

  • Pricing of Snow Blowers

Two Stage snow blowers are cheaper than three stages as they only perform two functions. If you live in a small area/town, you need a lightweight blower and should save money by buying 2 stage snow blowers. 

Or if you have to clean the areas containing larger heights and width, you must go with 3 stagers, then even you have to pay through the nose. It comes with tools such as whistles, bells, hand-warmers, and gearboxes, etc. It ultimately gives the customers’ money worth by providing accurate results with high efficiency. 

Pros and Cons of 2 Stage Snow Blower

When anything gives us an advantage, on the other hand, it has disadvantages or cons. When it comes to 2 stage snow blower, as we get to know that it fits for individuals or small areas. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.


  • It has moderate strength than 3 stager blower.
  • Maintainance can be done at home instead of checking it for the mechanic.
  • It has two augers to funnel snow.
  • Able to remove snow up to 50 ft area.


  • It’s not much efficient to remove all layers of snow from the ground.
  • If you’re looking for a more reliable 2 stage blower, then you have to compromise on price too.

Pros and Cons of 3 Stage Snow Blower

As you get to know that its for experts or professionals, who are specifically called by a businessman of large area owners to remove snow. It works accurately for heavy snow layers. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.


  • It has an accelerator and three augers.
  • Its ability to remove snow up to 75 ft.
  • The 3-stage snow blower has high strength and incredible horsepower as well.


  • If you are operating it and face any issue, contact professional instead of fixing it by own.
  • To get a long-lasting blower, you must invest in a thousand dollars once.

Examples of 2 Stage and 3 Stage Snow Blower

Here, I’m sharing the example products of Snow Blowers so you could get an obvious idea about these crazy blowers.

1. Champion 224cc Gas Snow Blower

This wonderful and powerful snow blower gives plenty of control to the user over the blower. It has two reverse and 6 forwards speed controllers, clearing width & height, which helps to perform the task effectively. You can remove the snow up to 12 inches deep and 43 feet distance as well. Its engine generates a power of 224cc with a velocity of 120V.


  • Highly durable.
  • It has a steel chute.
  • More powerful among other two-stage blowers.


  • It does not come with heated handgrips
  • It’s quite confusing in use.

2. Cub Cadet 357cc Gas Snow Blower

To cut/ remove snow from your driveways, this incredible 3 stage snow blower can do it like to cut butter from a knife. It’s supported by a powerful engine having 357 cc power. 


  • It comes with heated handgrips.
  • It’s powerful and of prime quality.


Sometimes, it doesn’t prove to be an ideal on steep terrain.

Final Thoughts

To get the most powerful and best snowblower, I suggest residential people like me, to use 2 stage snow blowers. It’s powerful and convenient in use and cheaper. While if you have a larger area to clean, you shouldn’t waste money on a two-stage snowblower and spend some money once to get valuable results. You can also visit our related articles on the best snow blowersbest single stage snow blowerbest 2 stage snow blowers, and best 3 stage snow blowers.