2015 Best Tool Gifts for Christmas

Black Friday shopping is never all-inclusive. Stores only bring in a handful of the really good stuff, so you’ve got one shot to get one awesome gift at a great price. Fortunately, we’ll help you fill in the gaps for the tool enthusiasts and professionals on your list with a much greater selection of outstanding gifts.

Many of these gifts are winners of the 2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards. We’ve marked them so you’ll know right away that they are the most innovative products in their respective categories. We’ve also linked to pages where you can find more information along with where to buy them so you don’t have to leave the house again.

From the DIYer to the professional and from woodworking to construction and even forestry, check out our 2015 Best Tool Gifts for Christmas. Enjoy our picks and have a Merry Christmas!


Best Tool Gifts Under $25

Husky Work Glove 3-PackHusky Work Glove 3-Pack

Why we’d love to have it:

There are a couple of guarantees when it comes to work gloves – you’ll remember you left them at the shop after you get to the jobsite and there’s never a pair in the garage. Going with the Husky Work Glove 3-Pack gives you the ability to keep gloves in three locations so you’re never left cussing at yourself while you drive back to the shop.

The fingertips are reinforced and double-stitched. A Velcro closure and neoprene wrist provide security and comfort. Best of all, you can just throw them in the washer when they get nasty. Just don’t toss them in with the whites. Your wife won’t thank you for that.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $14.88

Empire Laser Etched Rafter SquareEmpire Laser Etched Rafter Square e2994

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

When Clint reviewed Empire Level’s new Laser Etched Squares a few months ago, he noted their rugged, lightweight durability and easy-on-the-wallet price point. The blue on white contrast is easy to see and the new laser etching means they’ll take a lot of abuse before becoming tough to read.

Squares are helpful for all kinds of layout tasks and even setting up your new miter saw. While there are plenty of plastic ones running around, the pro on your list will appreciate the aluminum construction.

For those that just don’t have time to memorize a bunch of conversions, Empire has them etched right on the square. There’s even a QR code you can scan for more helpful information.


Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $15.89

Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit SetShockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set 48-32-4007

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

Milwaukee Shockwave bits have entered there second generation and it has made a huge difference! These accessories are rated for use in impact drivers and designed for the tough task of working with fasteners in metal.

Testing showed that most bits fail at the tip rather than the torque-absorbing shaft like they should. Milwaukee is now using four times longer heat treatment to really dial in the chemistry correctly. The result is a bit that can take a ridiculous amount of force before failing.

Every Pro and DIYer needs new bits every year – they’re a consumable product. Go with a Milwaukee Shockwave set to get the best in durability.

The 35 piece set comes with a variety of fastener bit types, a bit extension, and a couple of nut drivers (and I’m not referring to your kids).

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $17.97 ($9.88 for a limited time!)

DeWalt 22-Piece MaxFit Screwdriver SetDeWalt MaxFit Screwdriver Set - 2015 Best Tool Gifts

DeWalt’s MaxFit line has been designed to have better fit and lifespan thanks to CNC machining. Creating a more precise fit eliminates the slight amount of wiggle room and allows more direct contact with the fastener. The result is less opportunity for slippage and less damage to the fastener.

The 22-Piece MaxFit Screwdriver set includes two slotted head and two Phillip’s head screwdrivers along with a multi-bit driver and magnetic adjustable sleeve. Wrapped up with 16 bits for the multi-bit driver, this kit is priced under DeWalt’s 4-Piece Screwdriver set.

Screwdrivers are essential equipment for everyone. Pick this set up for everyone from the DIYer to the professional.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $19.88

Bosch Daredevil Spade BitsBosch Daredevil Spade Bits - Best Tool Gifts 2015

Spade bits are among the most common wood boring bits you can find. They’re effective and much less expensive than auger bits and others. Bosch’s Daredevil bits are the best we’ve ever tested when it comes to speed.

The speed can be attributed to the wave design of the paddle and the threaded tip. The tip pulls the bit through the wood. The wave shaped paddle with their end tips quickly slices through the wood and ejects the chips. The combination of features allows the bit to work with the drill, leaving it to you to simply control the speed rather than pushing the bit through your cut.

Bosch Daredevil Spade Bits are class leaders in cutting speed. Pick up a set for anyone that uses a drill. That’s pretty much everyone.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot– $19.97

Empire Laser Etched Framing SquareEmpire Laser Etched Framing Square e1190

Why we’d love to have it:

For all the reasons we love Empire Level’s Laser Etched Rafter Squares, we love their Framing Square! The last generation was deep stamped, but the new kid on the block has laser etching. Like its brother in the rafters, the framing square is also made from aluminum, and has conversions etched in.

Longer than a rafter square, but without the awesome 45 degree angle, the framing square is useful for more than just framing. It makes a great straight edge and 90 degree layout tool for all kinds of carpentry projects.

Pros and DIYers alike will find a lot of uses for Empire Level’s Laser Etched Framing Square throughout the course of the year.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Amazon – $21.96

Husqvarna Professional Hearing Headband ProtectorsHusqvarna Headband Protectors 531 30 00-89

Why we’d love to have it:

We know that you want to keep your loved ones around for as long as you can. Visions of shouting across the room just to be heard probably isn’t in your plans though. Whether it’s just mowing the grass or daily work at a machine shop, hearing protection is no joke.

Husqvarna’s Professional Hearing Headband Protectors drop the decibels with a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 25. That brings the actual sound intensity down by a factor of nearly 400. That’s enough to protect him to the point that any time he doesn’t hear you, it’s really selective hearing.

Lightweight and with a flexible headband, the Husqvarna logo on the side will show all of his friends that he knows the leader in outdoor power equipment from lawn care to forestry.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Amazon – $22.95

Klein Adjustable Length ScrewDriverKlein Adjustable Length ScrewDriver 32751

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

Klein’s Adjustable Length Screwdriver replaces a whole lot of others. With a flat head blade on one side and #2 Phillip’s on the other, this screwdriver will tackle the majority of tasks around the home and on the job.

The length is infinitely adjustable between 4” and 8”. You’ll be able to lengthen it around electrical panels when distance is the bigger concern. When you need to get more force behind it, you’ll be able to shorten the length so the tip is less likely to slip out.

Skip the 6 or 8 piece screwdriver set this year and grab Klein’s Adjustable Screwdriver to save him some weight and space in his tool box.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Amazon – $23.95

Milwaukee 25′ Magnetic Tape MeasureMilwaukee 25' Magnetic Tape Measure 48-22-5125

Why we’d love to have it:

Everyone needs a tape measure. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Pro, DIYer, or child. Everyone, everywhere needs a tape measure sometime. Milwaukee’s 25′ Magnetic Tape Measure was one of our top performers in a Head to Head Shootout earlier this year.

A nylon coated blade helps to ensure the tape won’t start chipping away the measurements. A finger brake helps slow down or stop the blade from slapping back against your hand (I hate it that happens!). The magnets are great at holding against ferrous surfaces while an oversize tang provides a variety of ways to grab the end of material.

Designed to be durable from the housing to the blade, pick up Milwaukee’s 25′ Magnetic Tape Measure if you want one that will last him past Father’s Day.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $ 24.49

Klein Non-Contact Voltage MeterKlein Non-Contact Voltage Meter NCVT-3

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

Few tools have what it takes to get a perfect score in one of our reviews. It takes a blend of performance, durability, and value in order to achieve it. Klein’s Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Flashlight (NCVT-3) did though.

As one of the most common tools in a professional electrician’s bag, the NCVT-3 is an essential instrument. Priced at just under $25, even the DIYer doing his own electrical work around the house can afford to have Pro level gear.

The NCVT-3 was designed to have a durability rating of IP67, protecting against dust and water ingress to an impressive level considering you’re working around electricity. It runs on just a pair of AAA batteries and tests from 12 – 1000 volts on an AC circuit.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $24.99

Best Tool Gifts From $25 – $50

Diablo Carbide-Tipped Wood Recip Blades 3 packDiablo Carbide-Tipped Wood Recip Blades 3 pack DS0906CWS3

Why we’d love to have it:


Diablo makes the best widely available cutting blades. They’re all over Home Depot stores for a good reason – they typically cut faster and last longer than any other blade you can run out and grab. Diablo Carbide-Tipped Wood Cutting Recip Blades are no exception.

Some crews use reciprocating saws every day, others only on occasion. Either way, people usually aren’t lining up to be the guy that has to use that saw for 8 hours. Diablo’s Carbide-Tipped Recip Blades chew through nail embedded wood at a rate better than the competition. They’ll also handle the masonry nails that attach wood to concrete and leave other blade needing a dentist.

Pick up a set of these as a stocking stuffer or to go along with the new recip saw that’s part of the big gift “Santa” brought him this year.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $26.97

Hammerhead 50 Piece Screw Driving Bit SetHammerhead 50 Piece Screw Driving Bit Set HA SB50

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

Hammerhead’s target market is the DIY level kind of enthusiast, but they keep turning some Pro heads with their driving bit sets. This 50 piece set covers just about all the fastener heads that you’ll come across in the house and on the jobsite.

What we really love about this set is the magnetic fastener holder. It’s not the only one on the market that slips over the bit to hold a screw in place, but it does seem to do the job better than the rest.

The Hammerhead 50 Piece Screw Driving Bit Set comes in a handy plastic case with slide lock. It’s great to keep the bits organized in a tool box, electrician’s bag, or even in a kitchen drawer. This is a set that everyone will love to have.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Lowe’s – $26.98

Milwaukee Jobsite OrganizerMilwaukee Jobsite Organizer 48-22-8030

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

It goes something like this… BANG! Aw man… SON OF A &#*[email protected]!

It’s the sound of the tool box that dropped to the floor. All those perfectly organized screws, nails, nuts, bolts, and washer are all mixed up… again.

Milwaukee’s Jobsite Organizer is a simple looking, but elegant solution to this age old problem. The lid creates a seal over each bin that keep even the smallest pieces from being able to travel to visit a neighbor. Each bin is removable and can be hung on a nail or screw for easy access during use. They can also be moved around to customize exactly how you want the box organized.

Double your pleasure and grab two boxes. They can be locked together and carried as one unit. You can even open the bottom box without taking the top off. Everyone from the Pro to Lego Maniac will want to get their hands on one (or more) of these!

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $29.49

Diablo Carbide-Tipped Metal Recip Blades 3 packDiablo Crabide-Tipped Metal Recip Blades 3 pack DS0608CF3

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

When I was a kid, the idea of the hacksaw intrigued me – a metal saw blade that can cut other metal. Even then, it struck me as strange yet wonderful. Now that I’ve grown up and earned the right to use a reciprocating saw, the days of sawing back and forth are (hopefully) over.

Diablo’s Carbide-Tipped Metal Recip Blades do more than just cut metal. They cut extreme metal that makes most blades cower in fear. Last year Diablo showed us that the new blades had the capabiilty to even cut through cast iron. I can just see little Calvin sitting in the middle of the kitchen with Dad’s M18 Fuel Recip Saw and Mom’s cast iron skillet just going to town…

This year, Diablo introduced a 12” model and cut an 8” cast iron pipe in just over a minute and a half. Needless to say, these metal cutting recip blades are a game changer that any reciprocating saw owner will want to have on his side.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $29.97

Hammerhead 4V Rechargeable ScrewdriverHammerhead 4V Rechargeable Screwdriver HCSD040

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

Dr. Who fans rejoice! Hammerhead has come out with a sonic screwdriver that’s actually sonic and is actually a screwdriver!

Hammerhead’s 4V Rechargeable Screwdriver features a screwdriver that’s great for work around the house and in electrical applications. They also integrated a voltage detector that alerts the user if there is a live wire within an inch. The guesswork is taken out of the equation before your husband (who didn’t check the breaker) puts the metal tip on anything.

At just under $30, this is a great gift for anyone to keep in the house and electricians for their bag. It recharges using an included USB cable giving you plenty of options to keep it juiced without having to keep a spare set of batteries on hand.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Lowe’s – $29.98

Hart 1.5 Pound Mini MattockHart 1.5 Pound Mini Mattock HMM15LB

Why we’d love to have it:

Hart’s 1.5 Pound Mini Mattock is an excellent hand tool for the contractor or home gardener. A smaller version of its cousin, the Mini Mattock is useful for breaking up ground and soil around the jobsite or yard. The Power Fin on top helps to dig more efficiently and adds durability to the tool.

Irrigation Pros will love having the small profile Mini Mattock to cut through roots and break up tough soil. The lighter weight will also help avoid arm fatigue. It’s small enough to keep in your truck box for the “just in case” times and also comes with a tool hanger for convenient storage. As a bonus, it’s an excellent defensive tool during any impending zombie apocalypse.

Featuring a vibration dampening, lightweight fiberglass handle, Hart’s Mini Mattock is guaranteed for life.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $29.99

Milwaukee 15 Piece Cobalt Red Helix KitMilwaukee 15 Piece 15 Piece Cobalt Red Helix Kit 48-89-2331

Why we’d love to have it:

Like driver bits, it’s hard to wrong with a drill bit set around the holidays. These get dull and break throughout the course of the year and need to be replaced. Milwaukee’s 15 Piece Cobalt Red Helix Kit is designed to tackle the worst that metal drilling can throw at it.

Increasing the life of the bit by up to 10 times over black oxide, the Chip Breaker design helps to prevent heat build up that leads to failure in many other bits. The Red Helix variable pitch geometry removes metal shards more efficiently. On the other end, Secure Grip helps keep the bits from slipping in the chuck during aggressive applications.

Rated to drill in wood, stainless steel, metal, plastic, and PVC, Milwaukee’s Cobalt Red Helix Bits will work in all twist drilling applications.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $34.97

Bosch GLM15 Laser MeasureBosch GLM15 Laser Measure

Why we’d love to have it:

Some people want a simpler way to use a tape measure. Maybe they work alone and can’t keep 30 or 40 feet of blade where they need to. Maybe they just think technology should provide a better way. Either way, Bosch’s GLM15 Laser Distance Measure provides a simple, one button solution.

Bosch’s most basic laser distance measure works up to 50 feet with 1/8” accuracy. It’s not a perfect tape measure replacement since it has to bounce off of something to reflect the laser and get the distance. However, any estimation applications from painting and framing to layout is made much easier with this tool. Huge amounts of time are saved over dragging a tape measure around.

For under $40, pick up the Bosch GLM15 as a great gift for just about anyone. You’ll be surprised how often you reach for the laser and leave the tape measure in the tool box!

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $39.97

Hart 25 Ounce Smooth Face Steel Framing HammerHart 25 Ounce Smooth Face Steel Framing Hammer HH25SCS

Why we’d love to have it:

Close your eyes….

All right, now visualize a construction worker. What do you see? I’ll bet many of you saw a tough looking guy with a tool belt on, hammer hanging from the side. The rest of the details are up to you, but focus here just a little longer.

Everyone needs a hammer. It’s one of the most basic tools anyone that claims to be a tool owner can have. Hart’s 25 Ounce Smooth Face Steel Framing Hammer fits the bill to perform in a variety of applications. Solid construction and weight drive nails efficiently while the smooth face avoids marring surfaces of finished pieces.

One of our favorite features is the magnetic nail holder at the top. This allows you to get the nail started with the first swing while saving your thumb from injury. Grab Hart’s 25 Ounce Steel Framing Hammer as a replacement for any wood handle and enjoy the confidence of Hart’s lifetime warranty.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $39.99

Klein All-Purpose Pliers with CrimperKlein All-Purpose Pliers with Crimper J207-8CR

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

We loved Klein’s original All-Purpose Pliers and they just got an upgrade. With the new model, the spring has been removed and a crimper has been added to make it even more versatile. The new crimper can handle non-insulated connectors, lugs, and terminals.

Other functions include stripping, cutting, looping, and shearing. As one of the most durably built multi-purpose pliers in the industry, electricians love them. Rumor has it that David C. Smith even keeps a set in his tackle box to handle the variety of tackle he maintains on Florida Gulf Coast fishing trips.

Klein’s All-Purpose Pliers with Crimper is another tool designed for electricians, but really can find a home with any Pro or DIYer.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Amazon – $44.50

Makita 18V LXT Coffee MakerMakita 18V LXT Coffee Maker DCM500Z

Why we’d love to have it:

How does a coffee maker make it on the Pro Tool Reviews Christmas Gift Guide?

Easy, Pros love coffee. Okay, so do most other people, but Makita made it on to our radar because they did something no one else has – they made a coffee maker run on an 18V power tool battery.

Yep, that got our attention at GIE and STAFDA this year. Coffee makers require a surprising amount of power to run thanks to the need to heat the water so high and so fast. Makita’s model can make 3 – 4 cups of your favorite brew on one 4.0 amp hour battery. It also includes a standard AC plug in case that’s more convenient.

The Makita 18V LXT Coffee Maker is a great solution for a jobsite, camping, or hunting pick me up. Plus it’s an excellent excuse to take a break since everyone will want to see it in action. The coffee maker is sold as a bare tool, so be sure to pick up an extra battery to go with it for the Makita user in your family.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $44.99

Empire 48″ e70 Series LevelEmpire 48" e70 Series Level E70.48

Why we’d love to have it:

Empire’s e70 Series Level features True Blue vials. These easy to see level vials changed everything when they were first introduced. Compared to the traditional green vial, it’s like seeing for the first time. Accuracy is outstanding at 0.0005 (yep, that’s five ten-thousandths of an inch) for the most precise leveling applications.

To be tougher on the jobsite, the e70 now has impact absorbing eShock End Caps that are removable. The frame is made from 6061 T5 aircraft aluminum for lightweight durability. If you’re really stretching for another excuse, it’s a pretty good looking tool on top of everything else.

Pick this up for just about anyone. The 24” – 48” are useful around the home and on the jobsite. Professionals will really appreciate a 72” or 96” model.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $49.97

Best Tool Gifts From $50 – $100

Kershaw Shield

Why we’d love to have it:

Kershaw Shield 3920

Everyone needs a decent knife for every day carry. Kershaw brings the Shield at an affordable price with surprisingly great features. The Shield’s design is ergonomically driven and feels great in hand. It’s a spring-assisted opening model with a thumb stud and finger flipper to suit your preference.

8Cr13MoV blade steel offers a solid balance of edge retention, strength, and hardness. The titanium carbo-nitride coated stainless steel handle makes for a rugged, I’m-here-to-work look. Grab the Kershaw Shield for anyone that would like to step up from the $10 discount store special to a more feature-rich model.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Kershaw – $54.99

Ridgid Gen5X Hybrid FanRidgid Gen5X Fan R860720B

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

The Ridgid Gen5X Hybrid Fan is quite simply our favorite of the ones we’ve tested. On a hot summer day, our 4.0 amp hour Ridgid Hyper Lithium battery powered it on high for nearly six and a half hours! Internal testing shows it running for 30 hours on low. Even if you manage to run the battery down, connect an extension cord and you’re good to go as long as you keep the power company paid.

The maximum air flow is an impressive 475 CFM – more than we’ve seen from anyone else at this point. A variable speed dial gives you plenty of speed options while there is versatility to spare in how you hang it up.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the jobsite or not, Ridgid’s Gen5X Hybrid Fan is great on the construction site, in the office, camping, fishing… just about anywhere you need air flow!

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $59.97

Carhartt Full Swing Force Mandan Long-Sleeve Shirt 101746

Carhartt Full Swing Force Mandan Long-Sleeve Shirt

Why we’d love to have it:

We were introduced to Carhartt’s Force workwear earlier this year and we were impressed. The Carhartt Full Swing Force Mandan Long-Sleeve Shirt is comfortable enough for everyday most of the year. The light, breathable fabric makes it a winner in the spring and fall. It’ll work as hard as you do in the summer – just roll up the sleeves.

The Mandan features a relaxed fit with 4-way stretch, moisture wicking, and stain repellent fabric. The design allows for maximum movement so the last thing you’re thinking about on the job is your shirt.

Available in solid colors, the Carhartt Mandan has a stylish look that can be worn in the office and on the town while being tough enough to perform on the jobsite. We’re a fan of the moss color if you need some help deciding. Pick this up for anyone on your list!

Find out more here.

Buy it from Carhartt – $59.99 – $64.99 (Sizes M to 4XL)

Carhartt Force Reydell Long-Sleeve ShirtCarhartt Force Reydell Long-Sleeve Shirt 101754

Why we’d love to have it:

Carhartt’s Force Reydell Long-Sleeve Shirt is a perfect solution for when the temperatures start to drop. Thicker than the Carhartt Mandan, the plaid flannel design is extremely comfortable and stylish enough to wear anywhere.

Carhartt Force features include sweat wicking and anti-odor on this relaxed fit shirt. Easy-entry chest pockets are convenient for storage while keeping objects from falling out while bending and reaching.

This is a winner for anyone on your list. Just be warned – this combination of relaxed fit and flannel is likely to see it commandeered by your wife on those cool evenings. Then again, that’s not such a bad thing. Like the Mandan, we prefer the Moss color on this one.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Carhartt – $59.99 – $64.99 (Sizes M to 4XL)

Carhartt Series 1889 Relaxed Fit Boot Cut JeansCarhartt Series 1889 Relaxed Fit Boot Cut Jeans B310

Why we’d love to have it:

If there’s one thing we guys are terrible at, it’s picking out jeans. Just give us something that fits reasonably well and is comfortable. Style is of no consequence. That may be our mentality, but the reality is we do want to look good – we just don’t know how and we’re too stubborn to ask. Take the guesswork out of our wardrobe with Carhartt’s Series 1889 relaxed Fit Boot Cut Jeans.

This relaxed fit, boot cut design flares out to cover everything from our work boots to our cowboy boots while looking stylish. The 100% cotton denim fabric is a heavyweight blend that’s sure to be touch enough for the jobsite.

Get these for anyone. Please. Consider it a community service beautification project. We’ll thank you for the comfort and you’ll be able to be seen in public with us.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Carhartt – $59.99

Milwaukee M12 Trueview Spot LightMilwaukee M12 Trueview Spot Light 2353-20

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

Milwaukee’s Trueview series of lighting solutions offers better quality light than we’ve seen in any other system. The M12 Trueview Spot Light is no exception. Designed to be Nothing But Heavy Duty jobsite tough, this is a long range, narrow beam option.

From spotting issues up in the rafters to eyes reflected back at you during gator hunting season, your eyes will appreciate seeing true color to help identify what you’re looking at. The M12 Spot Light will run on high for 4 hours using a 4.0 amp hour battery and up to 8 hours on low and strobe.

IPX4 rated for water resistance, the 750 lumen beam is capable of reaching out 700 yards. Get this for anyone on you list from the general contractor to the outdoor enthusiast. It’s great for work, fishing, camping, hunting, hiking, and so much more!

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $69.00

Ryobi Evercharge Hand VacRyobi 18V ONE+ Evercharge Hand Vacuum (P714K)

Why we’d love to have it:

Ryobi’s Evercharge Hand Vac is an outstanding solution for small area cleanup. Running on the Ryobi One+ 18V platform, it’ll work with any of your One+ 18V batteries. There’s no surprise there and Ryobi has hand a hand vac for several years. So what’s the big deal?

Instead of having to take out your battery to charge it, simply place it on the charger. The battery is still external, so in the event you drain it completely, simply swap it out like you normally would.

While the Ryobi Evercharge is designed to be used around the shop, I can guarantee you’ll find that it has been appropriated for other uses around the house. Pick this up for anyone that has a home shop.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $69.00 (Available in December)

Kobalt Adjustable Hydraulic StoolKobalt Adjustable Hydraulic Stool

One of the trademark pieces in any home shop, whether it’s an auto shop or woodworking shop, is the presence of those wonderful shop stools. They’re the place where you sit and crack a cold beer while admiring a job well done or give your feet a rest while you get in close to make sure the details are perfect on you latest woodworking project.

Kobalt’s Adjustable Hydraulic Stool fits the bill perfectly. Adjustable height makes it a great fit for almost everyone. With a steel frame construction and vinyl covering, Lowe’s customers have praised its durability and high quality in user reviews.

Grab this for anyone with a garage or backyard shop. Actually, get two. Projects are more fun with a friend. So is beer for that matter.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Lowe’s – $69.00

Ryobi One+ Drain AugerRyobi One+ Drain Auger P4001

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

For less than the price of one house call to your plumber, Ryobi’s One+ 18V Drain Auger will take care of the majority of what you call him out for in the first place. The reinforced cable reaches out to 25 feet and is capable of clearing drains up to 2” in diameter.

Forward and reverse are both powered. An auto-feed lock engages the bearing without requiring users to hold on to the pommel. Since drain de-clogging tends to be a wet task, there is a built in drain port in the drum to prevent water build up.

Pick this up for anyone that has the courage to see what ends up in the drains of your home and wants to save $100 every time you use it.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $69.97

DeWalt 5″ Random Orbit SanderDeWalt 5" Random Orbit Sander DWE6423K

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

DeWalt’s newest variable speed random orbit sander is a must have for any carpenter that prefers electric sanders. The DWE6423K features an internal counterweight system that reduces vibration and gives it membership in DeWalt’s Perform & Protect club.

With variable speeds of 8,000 – 12,000 oscillations per minute (OPM) and an orbit diameter of 3/32”, sanding will result in more consistent swirl-free finishes. Wood, metal, and fiberglass are all rated work surfaces for this model.

DIYers will be thrilled to have DeWalt quality in their arsenal while serious woodworkers will appreciate the variable speed, performance, and vibration reduction features.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $79.00

Ridgid Micro Inspection CameraRidgid Micro Inspection Camera 40043

Why we’d love to have it:

Great for diagnosing plumbing issues and seeing behind walls before you break them down, the Ridgid Micro Inspection Camera is ideal in a variety of environments. The cable and imager are rated IP67 for dust and water, so there’s no worry in less than ideal conditions.

4 LED’s surround the camera head at the end of the 3 foot long cable, allowing for dark areas to be seen easily. It’s powered by 4 AAA batteries, so replacements are easy to get your hands on.

This makes an excellent gift for remodelers and repair pros, along with serious DIYers.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $79.00

Milwaukee 29 Piece Shockwave Titanium Red Helix Kits 48-89-4632

Milwaukee 29 Piece Shockwave Titanium Red Helix Kits

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

Titanium – when you combine it with power tool accessories, you know you’re moving up in the world. Milwaukee’s Titanium Shockwave Drill Bits are designed to be used in either drills or impact drivers with all the benefits of Red Helix technology.

Red Helix design removes chips more rapidly while the Chip Breaker decreases heat build up. The result? Faster drilling and longer life. Useful in all twist bit drilling applications, these are designed to offer 3x the life of standard black oxide coated bits.

Everyone who uses drill bits would love to have a set of Milwaukee Shockwave Titanium Bits. The professional on your list will be impressed with your selection of Nothing But Heavy Duty accessories.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $79.97

Klein Tradesman Pro Lighted Tool Bag


Why we’d love to have it:

Klein’s Tradesman Pro Lighted Tool Bag is a winner on several levels. The most obvious benefit is the LED light. It’s removable with a simple twist on/off function that attaches to the outside or inside of the tool bag. No more searching through the bottom of the bag and hoping to feel the right shape find its way to your hand!

The Lighted Tool Bag features 1680D ballistic weave for jobsite durability and a fully molded bottom to protect it from the elements. The interior is orange to further assist with visibility. It’s also easy to carry with the included shoulder strap.

With pockets for tools and instruments, this is a great gift for the professional electrician on your list.


Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $85.98

CRKT Ruger All-Cylinders


Why we’d love to have it:

Knife manufacturer CRKT teamed up with legendary firearms manufacturer Ruger to create a new line of knives with designs for hunting, survival, tactical, and every day carry applications. Our favorite is the CRKT Ruger All-Cylinders.

This no-nonsense design features a wood grain G-10 handle finish with stonewashed blade finish. The All-Cylinders has a bearing cover reminiscent of a revolver cylinder that ties it to the Ruger design. Standard 8Cr13MoV blade steel offers an excellent balance of hardness, strength, and edge retention.

Both a plain edge and partially serrated edge are available. We’d go with the Veff serrations for the look. Everyone needs a good knife, but the Ruger owner/enthusiast will really appreciate your taste in this one.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Ruger – $89.95


Husky 22″ Rolling Pro Tool ToteHusky Rolling Pro Tool Tote GP-44449N13

Why we’d love to have it:

Husky’s 22 Inch Rolling Tote carries up to 150 pounds of our go-to tools in 38 separate pockets. Most of all, it allows us to wheel it around the jobsite and take the strain off our back and arms. The telescoping handle slips down out of the way while we’re working.

1680 denier material helps to ensure durability while a fold over rain flap with waterproof zipper keeps our tools safe when the day is anything but sunny. Home Depot customers currently have the rolling tote rated at 4.7/5 stars and praise its durability.

Pick this one up for just about anyone on your list who could use some additional storage and organization in a mobile package.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $99.00

Leatherman SignalLeatherman Signal

Why we’d love to have it:

The Leatherman Signal blends Leatherman’s outstanding reputation for multi-tools with a survivalist flare. Among the 19 tools integrated into the signal are many of the standards. Additional features include a hammer, multi-bit driver, knife sharpener, and fire starter. An emergency whistle rounds out the preparedness features.

Like the Leatherman Tread earlier this year, the Signal looks to be an instant upgrade to your man card. While we don’t recommend trying out the ferro rod or safety whistle in the office, your friends are going to want a closer look at this one.

Pick this up for the outdoor enthusiast or as a supplement to your bug out bag.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Leatherman – $99.85

Husqvarna Wood Splitting AxeHusqvarna Wood Splitting Axe S2800

Why we’d love to have it:

What does wood splitting and triathlon have in common? No one gets their friends together to play a game of either one. Fortunately, Husqvarna has made the wood splitting task a bit easier with their S2800.

The head of this axe features a non-stick coating which offers greater penetration into the wood. The shaft is made from a lightweight fiber-reinforced PA material that also provides strength. At 70 centimeters, the S2800 is designed for splitting larger logs. A 60 centimeter model is also available.

Get your hands on this if you live up north and need to cut firewood or just want a way to lighten the load with your camping gear.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Amazon – $99.95

Best Tool Gifts From $100 – $250

Diablo Demo Demon 7-1/4" Circular Saw Blade 10 pack D0724DB10

Diablo Demo Demon 7-1/4″ Circular Saw Blade 10 pack

Why we’d love to have it:

So you bought a pro level circular saw for Father’s Day and you’re wondering how you follow that up at Christmas. Grab a 10 pack of Diablo Demo Demon Circular Saw Blades while you’re shopping at The Home Depot.

Blades really do make a difference. When we did our Cordless Circular Saw Shootout, we turned to the Demo Demon to test cutting speed and run time. You’re going to be hard pressed to find a faster cutting, more durable blade that’s still easy to get your hands on.

Pick up Diablo Demo Demon Circular Saw Blades for anyone that owns a circular saw.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $139.97

Kobalt Metal Garage CabinetKobalt Metal Garage Cabinet KOB301430WM

Why we’d love to have it:

Garage storage cabinets can be hit or miss for quality and appearance. Don’t settle for someone’s old kitchen cabinets when Kobalt makes an excellent locking storage option. With the ability to hold up to 150 pounds in each one, your garage will start to make space to actually hold a car again.

Heavy duty steel with a textured, powder coated finish give the Kobalt Metal Garage Cabinets a pro look and feel. The lock will ensure your neighbors have ask permission before borrowing your tools once they realize how professional you are.

Great for the garage or even enclosed trailer storage, pick up a couple of these for anyone that needs better organization with a great look.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Lowe’s – $144.00 ($108 until December 2nd!)

CRKT Outdoor KitCRKT Outdoor Kit KIT14OK

Why we’d love to have it:

We love CRKT knives. It’s no secret as we review several EDC knives from some of the most forward thinking designers at CRKT each year. Did you know they also make kits?

This year, check out CRKT’s Outdoor Kit. It combines the Woods Chogan T-Hawk and sheath, Minimalist Bowie knife, Eat’N Tool, Para-saw bracelet, Spark’N Sharp fire starter and sharpener, and a sleek black CRKT nylon bag to store it in.

Each tool is outstanding on its own. Combined as a kit, you’ll have all the tools you need ready to go when you are. This Outdoor Kit is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast in your life or to start your own bug out bag.

Find out more here.

Buy it from CRKT – $149.99

Wolverine Men’s Overman Waterproof CarbonMax 6″ EH Work Boot Black/Brown Wolverine Men's Overman Waterproof CarbonMax 6

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

Wolverine’s new Overman Waterproof Boot feature a new CarbonMax safety toe. Prized for the same light weight and strength that make it the material of choice in race cars and high end bicycles, carbon is doing the same thing for work boots.

A honeycomb pattern to the carbon adds additional rigidity while reducing the weight even further, making this one of the lightest safety toes you can find. The Overman CarbonMax 6” Boot is available in three colors from size 7 to 14 with extra wide width available.

Wolverine makes solid boots that are built to last. Grab this for the guy that needs a safety toe work boot and check out other models for those that can get away with a soft toe.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Wolverine – $180.00

Makita 18V LXT Heated Jacket Mossy Oak XLMakita 18V LXT Heated Jacket Mossy Oak XL DCJ201ZXL

Why we’d love to have it:

It doesn’t seem to matter where you’re from – camo is cool. Makita offers their 18V LXT Heated Jacket in the Mossy Oak Break-Up pattern to look great whether you’re on the jobsite or hiding among the trees waiting for the Christmas turkey to answer your call.

Three heat zones in the left chest, right chest, and back keep you warm with three heat settings. In addition to transferring 18V LXT battery power to the heat zones, and built in USB port allows you to charge any devices you carry. Makita’s heated jacket comes sizes from small to 3XL.

Grab this for the outdoor enthusiast or anyone that would rather not be chilled to the bone this winter.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $184.99

Truewerk Double-Stitch JacketTruewerk Double Stitch Jacket

Why we’d love to have it:

Truewerk’s Double-Stitch Jacket is born from military and professional mountain guide roots. This technical jobsite clothing features a stylish look that is sure to make a professional impression on clients and co-workers.

Truewerk offers a fit and feel that is unlike other jobsite workwear. It’s designed to fit a slimmer, more fit build. Flexibility and durability come along side good looks with the Double-Stitch Jacket as well. 4-way stretch fabric allows for plenty of movement. The fabric is breathable, yet repels wind, rain, and snow.

Check out Truewerk’s Pro Program to see if you’re eligible for it. The discounts are significant and well worth your time. In the meantime, use “PTRGIFT25%OFF” at checkout to receive 25% off your order. The code is good until January just in case someone didn’t catch the hint that this is on your list. Grab this jacket for anyone that wants to portray a professional look without sacrificing durability on the jobsite.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Truewerk – $189.00

Bosch Power Box Jobsite RadioBosch Power Box Jobsite Radio PB360C

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

Now featuring Bluetooth connectivity, the Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio is simply the best overall model we’ve come across. No matter what your requirements are, you’re likely to find it here.

It starts with 360 degree sound enclosed in a roll cage to keep the Power Box from getting damaged. Bluetooth connects your enabled devices up to 150 feet away. It’ll charge your Bosch batteries and even has four way power outlets. You can charge your USB devices with the integrated port while running it from your Bosch batteries or AC power plugged in to the wall. There’s also an app to help control the Power Box or use it as if you had a microphone plugged in.

Whether the pro in your home has Bosch tools or not, this is a great gift for anyone that likes to hear the sound of something more than power tools on the jobsite.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $199.00

Skilsaw 7-1/4″ Worm Drive461E8C86-8806-49CE-A773-7C0F9F12657E

Why we’d love to have it:

When it comes to circular saws, there are sidewinders and there are worm drives. Worm drives offer higher torque that translates to more powerful cutting in stressful applications, but they are a heavier design. Skilsaw’s 7-1/4” Lightweight Magnesium Worm Drive blends the cutting power of a worm drive while lightening the load with magnesium.

Skilsaw is known for their circular saws. They’ve improved the design with a dual field motor that runs cooler than others and extends the lifespan. The SPT77WML-22 comes standard with a Diablo blade that is an upgrade over most stock blades.

From the serious DIYer to the most seasoned professional, this is a worm drive that will make him smile.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $199

Zero Tolerance Titanium Tactical PenZero Tolerance Titanium Tactical Pen 0010TI

Why we’d love to have it:

Early mornings, late nights – we know you worry about us when we’re on the jobsite by ourselves. Put a little more confidence in our pockets with Zero Tolerance’s Titanium Tactical Pen. This personal defense tool features a rigid titanium design with a glass breaker useful in multiple ways.

Whether simply fending an attacker off or doing some serious damage, just a little training is all it takes to make effective use of a tactical pen. Beyond that, Zero Tolerance designed this around a Rite in the Rain ink cartridge and makes for an outstanding writing utensil. When you need a refill, you can also grab Parker or Fisher Space Pen refills to keep it writing.

Anyone can take advantage of carrying a tactical pen, especially since you can fly with it. If you want a more tactical look, check out Zero Tolerance’s black aluminum model.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Zero Tolerance – $225.00

Best Tool Gifts Over $250

Ridgid HyperDrive Brushless NailersRidgid 18 Gauge HyperDrive Brushless Nailer R09890B

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

We put the Ridgid HyperDrive Brad Nailer into the hands of a skeptic. His conclusion? It’s a game changer. Ridgid has taken what we’ve all hoped a cordless nailer could be and made it a reality with the power to replace pneumatics and the run time to get the job done without stopping to recharge. We’re hoping this line expands quickly.

The 18 gauge model shoots nails from 5/8” to 2-1/8” and can fire 2000 nails on a single charge. The 16 gauge HyperDrive has a nail range of 3/4” to 2-1/2” and is capable of releasing 1450 nails on one battery. That’s enough to work a full day without stopping to switch batteries.

While we were fans of Ryobi’s Airstrike Cordless Nailers, Ridgid Brushless HyperDrive Nailers have taken it to another level. Pick these up for the carpenter or remodeler who is tired of the tangled hose and noise associated with pneumatic finish nailers.

Find out more about the 18 gauge nailer or the 16 gauge model.

Buy the 18 Gauge HyperDrive from The Home Depot – $229.00

Buy the 16 Gauge HyperDrive from The Home Depot – $269.00

Ryobi 18V One+ Ultimate Cordless ComboRyobi One+ Ultimate Cordless Combo P884

Why we’d love to have it:

Ryobi’s One+ 18V Ultimate Cordless Kit features everything you need to build new projects and make the most common repairs at an affordable price. Included are a drill, impact driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw, oscillating multi-tool with interchangeable head, work light, and a pair of compact batteries along with all the accessories you need to get started.

The tools included in this kit are what we recommend a general contractor carries, plus it adds the Ryobi JobPlus tool. It comes with the oscillating multi-tool head and accessories for cutting and sanding, but you can also switch it out with any of the Ridgid JobMax heads for even more versatility.

You’ll be able to slip your to-do list inside the card when you give the gift of the Ryobi Ultimate Cordless Kit and he’ll be happy to get started on it right away. Pick this one up for the DIYer who would rather do the work to maintain and improve your home than hire it out.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $259.00

Hitachi 1-3/4″ Coil Roofing NailerHitachi 1-3/4" Coil Roofing Nailer NV45AB2

Why we’d love to have it:

When you ask about Hitachi around professional circles, you’re likely to hear about their pneumatic nailers more than anything else. Hitachi has built an outstanding reputation for making some of the best nailers in the industry and you’ll find them on most jobsites you visit.

For the professional roofer, consider upgrading to Hitachi’s 1-3/4” Coil Roofing Nailer. This side loading nailer is easy to reload and the coil magazine holds up to 120 nails helping you work more efficiently than stick magazine styles. At just 5.5 pounds, your arms won’t be screaming for mercy at the end of the day.

This is a great addition/upgrade for the professional roofer or general contractor that isn’t currently using Hitachi nailers.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $259.99


Porter-Cable 15-Amp 2-Blade PlanerPorter-Cable 15-Amp 2-Blade Planer

For the home woodworking shop, a hand held planer just won’t give you the results you need to take wood from the mill and make it something precise. You can still get that “made from scratch” feel with more precise results on longer stock by bringing in Porter-Cable’s PC305TP Planer.

The 15 amp motor, two blade design powers through stock removal at up to 8,000 RPM (16,000 CPM). The blades are are made from high carbon steel and are reversible to double the life. You’ll be able to handle a cutting depth up to 3/32” on 8” stock and 1/16” from 12-1/2” stock up to 6” wide. With a feed rate of 26.2 feet per minute, you’ll be getting accurate pieces faster than you can achieve with hand methods and without paying the mill to do it for you.

Porter-Cable’s Planer makes a great gift for the serious home shop woodworker who wants to control more of the process from start to finish.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Lowe’s – $269.00

Jord Dover Ebony and CopperJord Dover Ebony and Copper

Why we’d love to have it:

Looking for the gift for the tool guy or woodworker that has it all? You just found it! Jord’s Dover Series Ebony and Copper Wood Watch certainly attracts attention with an absolutely beautiful design. It’s beauty is more than skin deep when you start digging though.

Protected by sapphire crystal glass, a copper face ring is brilliantly contrasted with an ebony wood frame/band and blue hands. Inside the copper ring, you’ll see the precise movements of the intricately designed pieces. Utilizing Sea-Gull TY8707 technology for movement, you’ll never need to replace a battery or wind it. Simply wearing it gives the Jord Dover the movement it needs to continue ticking.

This is a gift that will leave him speechless. Get it for the guy that appreciates fine craftsmanship – especially woodworkers.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Jord Watches – $295

Milwaukee M18 3-1/4″ Planer KitMilwaukee M18 3-1/4" Planer Kit 2623-21

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

Milwaukee’s M18 Planer replaces hand planers that professionals and DIYers use to shave down work pieces that need more than just some light sanding. Watching NCIS, I have to wonder how many boats Gibbs would have finished using the M18 Planer. But I digress…

Running 14,000 RPM, 20 settings between 0” and 5/64” help you dial in exact depths without having to zero the planer every time you pick it up. You’ll also be able to perform rabbet cuts up to 27/64”. Bevel cuts can be made up to 45 degrees and a kickstand helps avoid marring the work surface when you set the tool down. Whether it’s an issue and of hand dominance or the way the work piece is set up, a chip ejection switch allows you to send debris to either the left or right side.

The Milwaukee M18 Planer makes a great gift for woodworkers and remodelers that value efficient precision in their work.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $299.00

Ridgid Table Saw and StandRidgid Table Saw and Stand R4513

Why we’d love to have it:

Table saws are one of the most common tools on our reviewers’ minds when we ask what they have to have in their arsenal. These are the tools that take care of all the long rip cuts we have to make while giving us accurate results. Ridgid pairs their 15 amp table saw with the TS-UV Table Saw Stand.

Spinning the 10” blade at 4,000 RPM, the Ridgid R4513 is capable of making accurate rip cuts in 4x material. The Retract-A-Rip system offers up to a 25” rip cut, meaning you’ll be able to tackle sheet material. Micro bevel adjustments and a host of standard features along with Ridgid’s Lifetime Service Agreement wrap up one of the best values in professional table saws.

The Ridgid R4513 is a fantastic solution for the mobile professional contractor/remodeler. With the price as low as they’ve marked it down, it’s a tempting solution to bring DIYers up to a professional level model.

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $299 (special price, normally $399)

Senco DS215XP Duraspin ComboSenco DS215XP Duraspin Combo

Why we’d love to have it:

I’ve lost count of the number of times someone has told me how much they hate doing drywall. Like most jobs, the joy of a job well done can be found in having the right tools. Cutting drywall is easy enough, but hanging it? That’s a different story. Senco helps make the task easier and more efficient with their Duraspin Cordless Auto Feed Screw Driver.

Upgraded with a new 3.0 amp hour lithium-ion battery, the Duraspin DS215-XP drives screws at 5,000 RPM in collated strips without tripping over a cord. Senco’s patented feed system even fits into corners to work around the most troublesome areas. While drywall is where the Duraspin really earns a living, it’s a fantastic solution for sheathing, cement board, underlayment, and sub-flooring as well.

This kit comes with two batteries and should keep drywall installers, general contractors, and remodelers working all day.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $309.99


DeWalt 12v Green Cross Line LaserDeWalt 12v Green Cross Line Laser DW088LG

Why we’d love to have it:

You may have noticed the emergence of green lasers in all kinds of applications in the tool industry and out as well. The green laser travels farther and is easier to see than red. While it does take more energy to run, lithium-ion battery technology makes it a viable solution for all day use. DeWalt’s 12V Green Cross Laser brings both together in an outstanding layout tool.

DeWalt takes advantage of self-leveling cross beams with this model, allowing for perfect vertical and horizontal alignment. Threading offers use with a tripod while magnets attach to any steel surfaces for even easier setup. Full time pulse mode integrates detector use to extend the range beyond the 100′ indoor visibility.

The DeWalt 12V Green Cross Line Laser is perfect for contractors, remodelers, cabinet installers, or anyone who demands precision in vertical and horizontal installation applications.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $349.00

Paslode 2.5″ Positive Placement NailerPaslode 2.5" Positive Placement Nailer F250S-PP

Why we’d love to have it:


Some tools define an entire category because its existence is so game changing. Think Sawzall or Skilsaw. Add to that list Paslode’s Positive Placement Nailer. Useful for installing metal straps, connectors, or any other hyper-accurate application, the Paslode F250S-PP fires 1-1/2” to 2-1/2” nails precisely where they need to be.

It’s the innovative tip, called a placement probe, that makes this happen. The probe is placed in the hole of the metal connector and a squeeze of the trigger places the nail perfectly. Toss in Paslode’s outstanding quality with Smart Lever automatic nail adjustments and it’s no wonder this is the benchmark every other metal connector nailer is compared to.

Pick this up for the general contractor, framer, or remodeler that uses metal to wood connectors – he’ll thank you for it and the time it saves will get him home for dinner a lot sooner!

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $359.99


Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2-Tool Combo KitMilwaukee M18 Fuel 2-Tool Combo Kit 2897-22

Why we’d love to have it:

“Most Powerful” gets your attention no matter what you’re talking about. When it comes to drills, it’s a bold claim to make, but Milwaukee leads all cordless drills with their M18 Fuel Hammer Drill. 1200 inch pounds of torque puts it in an elite class. This kit, paired with an equally impressive M18 Fuel Impact Driver is a professional’s go-to kit for all drilling and driving applications.

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill (model 2704) boasts 2000 RPM in addition to 1200 inch pounds of torque. Complementing this is Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel Impact Driver (model 2753) bringing 1800 inch pounds of torque and 3000 RPM to the table. It also includes Milwaukee’s new 4-speed Drive Control – a traditional 3-speed motor with an additional mode to help reduce damage to bits and fasteners in driving applications.

Pick the Milwaukee 2897-22 Kit up for any professional that’s still skeptical of cordless power or who simply wants the most power in a cordless hammer drill/impact driver kit.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $379.00

Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless 6-1/2” Circular SawMakita XSH03MB 6-1/2" Circular Saw

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 WinnerMakita’s newest 6-1/2” 18V LXT Circular Saw is one of the smoothest cutting saws we’ve ever used. Capable of making the majority of cuts you’d tackle with a 7-1/4” saw, the XSH03MB is lighter and made more efficient with Makita’s BL Brushless Motor.

5,000 RPM’s blended with the BL motor and Makita’s outstanding stock blade make quick work of wood without sacrificing ergonomics. Automatic Speed Change technology senses the stress of each cut and optimizes the speed and torque to match the application. The MB designated kits include Makita’s new 4.0 amp hour 18V LXT Batteries with LED charge indicators.

Makita’s XSH03MB kit includes the circular saw, two 4.0 amp hour batteries, and tool bag. Grab this kit for the professional that wants an outstanding cutting experience combined with light weight and excellent ergonomics.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Amazon – $379.99

Makita 18V LXT 3-Speed Impact Driver w/ Quick-Shift KitMakita 18V LXT 3-Speed Impact Driver Quick-Shift Kit XDT09MB

Why we’d love to have it:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

Makita has packed their most powerful cordless impact driver into their most compact housing ever. The result is a lightweight, powerful, ergonomic driver that blends together in the new benchmark for cordless tool performance and feel.

The 3-speed motor integrates Makita’s Quick-Shift Mode that automatically downshifts during driving applications to reduce damage to bits and fasteners. 1500 inch pounds of torque and 3600 RPM ensure that you have the power to drive just about any fastener. This kit also comes with Makita’s new generation of 18V LXT Batteries featuring LED charge indicators.

The Makita XDT09MB kit is a gamer changer for professionals seeking a lightweight, ergonomic solution without sacrificing the power to get the job done.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Amazon – $394.99

Husqvarna Battery Powered ChainsawHusqvarna T536Li XP

Why we’d love to have it:

Husqvarna really opened our eyes to the possibilities of professional battery powered tools. Their 36V T536Li XP Chainsaw was taken to task when my family’s property required some tree maintenance.

Surprising power and torque define the Husqvarna T536Li XP cutting experience. It’s rated for a 10” – 14” bar and comes with a 12” set up. A maximum chain speed of just over 65 feet per second helped me tame an oak tree as if it were a much softer wood. Using a carabiner to secure the saw while climbing, the relative light weight made cutting at height a much easier task. Reduced noise, zero gas emissions, and no gas-related maintenance only make this model even more attractive.

For the professional forester or tree maintenance crew that needs a light weight solution for limbing and quickly taking down small trees, this is an outstanding gift.

Find out more here.

Click the “Find a Dealer” Button – $399.95

Husky 52″ 18-Drawer Tool Chest and Rolling Tool Cabinet SetHusky 52in 18-Tool Chest and Tool Cabinet Set HOTC5218B1QES

Why we’d love to have it:

There’s storing your tools and then there’s tool storage. The Husky 52″ 18 Drawer Tool Chest and Rolling Tool Cabinet Set is tool storage for the guy that needs to get organized in a hurry. Each of the 18 drawers hold up to 100 pounds in assorted sizes to store and organize hand tools and power tools.

The top chest lid opens up 9-1/2” of vertical storage. A knockout in the back allows you to run power to the top. I like to run a power strip through it and keep my chargers up top along with a drill, impact driver, and safety glasses. 6 casters (2 fixed and 4 swiveling) roll easily to keep your tools close to your work area.

Get this for the person on your list that needs to get organized. Once all those hand tools, power tools, and accessories are out of the way, you might just reclaim your entire garage!

Find out more here.

Buy it from The Home Depot – $598.00

Festool PCD 18/4 QuaDrive Cordless Drill SetFestool PCD 18/4 QuaDrive Cordless Drill Set 564597

Why we’d love to have it:

Festool power tools are well known in woodworking circles, but don’t assume the PDC 18/4 QuaDrive Cordless Drill is only at home in the shop. It still features the excellent ergonomics and smooth performance we expect from Festool while not fearing hard work.

The 4-speed gearbox is capable of tough drilling and boring tasks in low speed and has a 3800 RPM maximum with hammer function to get you into concrete. FastFix interchangeable chucks give you the option of using the QuaDrive as a standard drill, right angle drill, or use it with Festool’s Centrotec accessories. The EC-TEC Brushless Motor and a pair of 5.2 amp hour batteries keep you running powerfully all day.

The Festool QuaDrive makes an excellent gift for woodworkers that already love the Festool system and any pro that wants to know what it’s like to be on another level of performance and ergonomics.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $600.00

Makita 12″ Dual Slide Compound Miter SawMakita 12" Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw LS1216LX4

Why we’d love to have it:

If Santa is looking to show someone they’ve been really good this year, hook them up with Makita’s 12” Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw and Stand combination. Makita designs their miter saws around a direct drive motor that won’t lose power over time like belt driven models.

Extra large cutting capacities allow for 8” nested crown molding, 15” cross cut, and 6-1/2” vertical cuts. 6 linear ball bearings ensure smooth sliding while the soft start 15 amp motor offers controlled, confident cutting. The integrated laser shows you precisely where the cut will be and is adjustable for left of blade or right of blade cuts when accuracy is a must. Even the miter scale is replaceable in the event it becomes tough to read later on.

Pick up the Makita LS1216LX4 12” Miter Saw and Stand for the professional contractor, remodeler, or finish carpenter who needs a saw that will take the abuse of every day use and still provide accurate cuts years down the road.

Find out more here.

Buy it from Acme Tools – $819.99

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