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Are snow blowers quiet or noisy?

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There was no effective sound cancellation system in conventional snow blowing machines. Hence, snow clearing has always been very noisy for operators and neighbors. Snowblowers can exceed 100 decibels, loud enough to cause noise-induced hearing loss. The engine roars into life with the loud voice plus the process of snow crushing and scooping add up to the clamor. While operating an outmoded model of the snowblower, earmuffs are essential protective equipment against the deafening sound of snow throwers as extended exposure to cacophonous sound can damage the mechanical sense of hearing.

However, with the development of upgraded technology, engineers have incorporated sound elimination mechanism into the latest models of snow hurlers. Electrically powered latest models are relatively quieter than gas-driven snow clearing machines and if an interested buyer is more concerned regarding noise issues than electric snow blowers are preferred over an option of gas-powered snow throwers. Numerous snowblower manufacturers are developing new models with an effective sound attenuation system.

Earthwise SN74018 Cordless Electric Snow Blower proved itself to be a quieter option for the people who are concerned about getting the job done with as little noise as possible. The model is available in various sizes, ranging from 16 inches to 22 inches of clearing width and you can select the appropriate size according to the frequency of snowdrifts in your region. The most important feature in the perspective of noise is that Earthwise incorporated a functional noise cancellation system and manufactured the quietest snow throwing machine.

Another snowblower with the muffled sound of roaring engine and auger is Poulan Pro PR300, 30 in. 254cc LCT Two-Stage Snow Blower, it’s very unusual to be silent for something so powerful. Pro PR300 includes a heavy-duty engine with a total capacity of 254 cubic centimeters, this powerful machine can cover large areas and can be utilized for business-related purposes. Poulan Pro is capable of staying quiet because of its practical maneuverability feature with an effective sound cancellation system. This machine is perfect for the regions with harsh climatic conditions and frequent heavy snowfall because the model is proficient in executing its snow clearing job with the controlled sound. Therefore, Pro PR300 can be a perfect option in terms of sound damping and featuring remarkable technological enhancements at the same time. The two-stage machine comes with adjustable handle height and improved steering, this snow blower can remove snow from a long driveway efficiently, allows ceaseless operation with the perks of being quiet.

Credit goes to the manufacturers who considered to reduce decibel levels of operation phase and incorporated silencers, engineers have managed to decrease the sound level to 45% so you don’t have to wear earplugs and run this machine any longer. You can also visit our related articles on the best snow blowersbest single stage snow blowerbest 2 stage snow blowers, and best 3 stage snow blowers.