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Ariens Classic 24 Review

Ariens classic 24 review
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Are you looking for a snowblower to get rid of the snow on your driveways and yards this winter? If your priority is to get a snowblower that gives the best performance at an affordable rate, you need to buy an Ariens 24 classic snowblower. This model of Ariens gives you all the power you need to plow the snow away. It is compact and durable that can last for decades without breaking down.

When you look at Ariens 24 classic, you might think that it looks like the Sno-Tek line but don’t get deceived. Ariens 24 is a very different snowblower and has a lot of exciting features. In this Ariens classic 24 review, we will discuss the exciting features of this snowblower.

Ariens AX 208cc snow engine:

The Ariens 24 classic has a powerful 208cc 4-cycle engine. It has an impressive 9.5 ft. /lb. of torque that helps you plow all the snow. Unlike the old days, this snowblower does not require the mixing of oil and gas because it has a 4-cycle engine. The engine is designed such that it performs effectively in cold temperatures. It is further equipped with an electric start which is 120v, hence saving your time and energy when you start the equipment. Moreover, it provides an easy start on the most frigid days.

All steel construction: 

The most thrilling feature of Ariens 24 is that it is fully made of metal. Yes! You read it right! Ariens 24 is an all-metal snowblower! All its parts including the 4-way chute and dash, are made of metal. Small features like the discharge chute gear cover have also been upgraded to the heavy-duty Ariens parts. The handlebars, housing, and even the serrated auger are made of metal. This adds to its stability, both when it is in use and also when it is stored away in any weather condition. Your Ariens 24 classic snow blower is going to stay in the best condition for when the snow around your house needs plowing. Its all-steel construction will make it last for decades.

Self-propelled drive type: 

Ariens 24 classic has 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. This helps you to maintain a steady pace while plowing out the snow. It further makes it easier to handle, and can also be operated with one hand with little effort.

24-inch clearing width and 20-inch intake height: 

Considering this to be a 24-inch snowblower, the intake height of 20 inches is pretty good. It helps you tackle a series of snow quickly and efficiently. The 24-inch clearing width moves 58 tons of snow in an hour. Ariens 24 classic is a good choice for customers who want a snowblower for clearing snow in small areas. Whether it be your 2-car, a 60 – 80-foot. driveway, sidewalks, yard, or your lawn where you want to keep your dog safely, Ariens 24 classic has got you covered.

The Ariens 24 classic can be adjusted easily to clear snow from the gravel driveways as well. This snowblower is highly recommended for people who live in areas where the average snowfall per year is 40 – 60 inches.

13 inch Polar Trac Tires: 

This snowblower comes fitted with 13 inch Polar Trac Tires that are specially designed to allow the equipment to operate even in harsh, snowy conditions. It offers nice traction on ice and also prevents slippage. If you have used snowblowers earlier, you will know how simple your job can be made with this feature.

Aluminum gear case: 

It is a simple, resilient, potent, and budget-friendly snowblower, equipped with an aluminum gear case that prevents oil leakage. The gear case is designed as such to face even the toughest conditions so you can get rid of the snow at any time.

Freeze – resistant 12-inch blade high-speed impeller: 

Moreover, the impeller works at a high speed which on average helps you move more snow per hour. It allows you to feed snow with no interruptions. This allows the snow to be fed and shot out in less time, hence, saves your time plowing and staying outside in the freezing weather for a long time. The ideal snow depth of this snowblower is up to 12 inches.

200-degree quick-turn chute: 

Ariens 24 classic has a steel chute that rotates using a crank in front of the dash and has a 200-degree turning radius. Impressively, the crank turns smoothly without any hassle.The 200-degree quick turn chute allows you to efficiently throw away the snow at a high degree. It has a remote chute rotation and cap adjustment that allows you to put snow exactly where you want to.

Throwing distance of 40 ft.:

This snowblower doesn’t disappoint you with its throwing distance either. It has a 40 ft. throwing distance that ensures ample snow removal, so you don’t need to worry about throwing the snow away at your neighbor’s driveway. The key to adequately toss the snow away is to adjust the auger cable properly, although heavier snow will decrease this distance a bit.

11-inch steel auger

This snowblower is compact and has a user-friendly design which makes it possible for the users to operate with one hand as well. It has a serrated steel auger with an 11-inch diameter that has been cutting through the snow for decades. This makes it ideal for clearing snow that is up to 12 inches deep, whether it is light, or heavy, wet, or dry.


Ariens 24 classic is one of the lightest 24 inches 2 – stage snowblowers that can easily be turned by most people without any hassle. This version of Ariens snowblower is smaller and more affordable. It weighs 187 lbs. and has a tire size of 13 inches. Ariens 24 classic is known for its dependability and compactness. The assembled height, width, and depth of Ariens 24 classic are 44 inches, 26.4 inches, and 53.8 inches respectively.


Ariens 24 classic comes with a 3-year warranty. Although all-steel construction makes it durable, and suitable to stay safe in different weather conditions, it still offers a good warranty. So if your machine breaks down or a part of it needs repairing, all you have to do is look for an authorized Ariens service center in your area and get it repaired.


Ariens 24 classic has many exciting features that make it an ideal snowblower. Not only it saves your time and energy starting the machine but, it also allows the snow to be fed and shot out quickly and efficiently even in harsh weather conditions. This Ariens classic 24 review has highlighted all the features of this snow blower. If you are looking for a two-stage snowblower that is compact and affordable and helps you clear the snow in your garage, then this one may be the right choice for you. However, we suggest you look at our other reviews before deciding which snowblower perfectly fits your needs.


  • Powerful 280cc engine.
  • All steel construction makes it last long for decades.
  • Freeze-resistant blade makes it easy to plow snow in tough weather conditions.
  • The high-speed impeller helps the snow to be fed out in less time.
  • It is lightweight and has a user-friendly design so can be operated with one hand.


  • No power steering.
  • No heated handlebars.
  • Huge amounts of wet snow may stick.


Drive Type: Self-propelled

Skid shoes: Yes

Engine Oil included: Yes

Hand Warmers: Sold separately

Adjustable Handles: No

Clearing surface type: Paved 


Model number: 920025

Engine Brand: Ariens AX®

Engine Power: 9.5 lb. / 9.5 kg

Fuel Type: Gas only

Fuel Capacity: 0.375 gallons

Deflector Control: In-Dash Lever

Recommended oil: 5W-30

Oil Capacity: 16 oz.

Product name   Ariens 24 classic Ariens Deluxe 24 Ariens Deluxe 28
Features Type Gas Gas Gas
Clearing width 24 inches 24 inches 28 inches
Clearing height 20 inches 21 inches 21 inches
Weight 187 lbs  245.5 lbs 250 lbs
Pros   All steel construction makes it last long for decades. Powerful engine. The price is worth the value.
  A freeze-resistant blade makes it easy to plow snow in tough weather conditions. Great snow clearing width and depth.  Comes with an auto-turn feature.
Cons   Huge amounts of wet snow may stick. It is not fuel-efficient. Has halogen headlight instead of LED.

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