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best 2 stage snow blowers

Best 2 Stage Snow Blower | Top 10 reviews and brands

Clearing a wide-open driveway or a parking lot can be a huge task in the snowy winters. This task cannot be completed with the help of a simple shovel, hence, heavy and more effective equipment is required. The easiest to use and quick equipment for this purpose is a two-stage snowblower. Finding a snowblower that best suits your needs and pocket is not just difficult but needs constant research of the available products in the market. No worries! Our team has got you covered. We have done the research part and here we provided a list of the best 2 stage snow blower available on the market.

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Best 2 Stage Snow Blowers 2022 (In-depth Reviews)

While keeping our customers in mind, we have provided a list of the top-notch snow bowers 2021.

1. Briggs & Stratton 1696614 24″ 2-Stage Snowthrower

Briggs & Stratton 1696614 24" 2-Stage Snowthrower

The Briggs & Stratton 1696614 24″ 2-Stage Snowthrower is one of the best 2 stage snow blowers we have in the market today. This amazing 2 stage snow blower has a 24-inch wide clearing path along with a good 20-inch intake height. It has a powerful engine and provides 9.5 foot-pounds of torque. Its steel frame and durable aluminum gearbox ensure a long life. The total weight of this 2 stage snow blower is 184 Pounds and its power source is gas.

Furthermore, this amazing product also has a friction disk drive system install in it. It is also equipped with an electric start that helps in the effortless starting or initiating of the product. Its auger diameter is 12 inch and it comes along with a 3-year warranty of the equipment and the engine. This product is also easy to maintain and comes along with a very detailed user manual, therefore, it can be your new best friend during the winter season! Give it a try.

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  • It is durable & efficient product.
  • Steel reversible skid shoes make it easy to plow throught the snow.
  • It covers a large range of areas of snow clearing.
  • Great blowing power due to its powerful engine.
  • 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds options make it easy to handle.
  • It has an electric start.


  • Assembly instructions are bit complex

2. PowerSmart PSSAM24 24″ 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower

PowerSmart Snow Blower PSSAM24

The PowerSmart PSSAM24 24-inch 212cc 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower is another high-quality 2-stage snowblower. This product has a total weight of 143 Pounds and is Gas Powered. It has a 4 Cycle engine and its maximum throw distance is 40 Feet. Its engine is quite powerful as it has a 212 cc-power smart engine that provides a very powerful snow clearing process.

PSSAM24 snow-blowing capability is also around 24 inches in width, 20 inches in depth and can clean up a huge driveway that has the capacity of having 10 parked cars in no time. This product has a self-propelled system that allows the users to have a speed control that is 6 forward and 2 in the reverse. This best 2 stage snow blower also has a corded electric starter and a recoil pull starter. It helps in providing an electric start to the snowblower and it can help in turning a snowy slippery driveway into a nice non-snowy one in no time.

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  • It covers a large range of areas of snow clearing.
  • It has a very powerful engine.
  • Low cost and easy to use.
  • Assembly is easy & quick.
  • It has an electric start.
  • It is not very heavy in weight that makes it easy to carry and move around.


  • Its speed control is not very powerful.

3. EGO Power+ SNT2400 24″ Self-Propelled 2-Stage Snow Blower

EGO Power+ SNT2400 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage Snow Blower

Another amazing 2-stage snowblower is the EGO Power+ SNT2400 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage Snow Blower. This effective snowblower has a maximum throw distance of 50 Feet and is Battery Powered. This product uses Peak Power technology which helps in combining the power of 2 EGO 56V ARC Lithium batteries to make the product work and operate powerfully. It also has a variable speed auger control.

This awesome 2 stage snow blower is weather-resistant and is made up of heavy-duty steel along with composite construction to ensure that it handles challenging conditions perfectly. It also has 4 bright LED headlights these help in increasing the visibility for nighttime snow removal. This product also comes with a 5-year tool warranty. Its batteries also don’t take much longer to charge and are of high quality. It also has a 200 Degree rear chute control along with a rear chute deflector.

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  • Powerful batteries delivers or exceeds the power of gas
  • Durable as it is a body made up of heavy-duty steel
  • Its weather resistant construction keeps your tool safe
  • 5-year tool warranty
  • Its batteries charge fast
  • LED headlights


  • No warranty of the engine

4. Ariens ST28DLE Deluxe SHO 28″ 2 Stage Snow Blower

Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO 28 306cc Two-Stage Snow Blower

The fourth product on the list is the Ariens ST28DLE Deluxe SHO 28″ 306cc Two-Stage Snow Blower. This 2 stage snow blower is Gas Powered. It has a 4 cycle type of engine. Its maximum throw distance is 55 Feet. Its weight is 300 pounds and its engine`s power is 306 CCs while its torque is 15 lbs. Its starting engine is electric and has a powerful initial push. This makes the product easy to start and move through the snow.

ST28DLE also has headlights and the product comes with a 3 Years warranty. Its cutting width is 28 inch which is quite good and it has an Auto-turning technology that makes it easy to manage around the turns. It also features a one-handed operation feature is available in this product and it is very easy to use.

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  • Good maximum throw distance.
  • Electric start
  • Headlights
  • 3 years warranty
  • Good cutting width


  • Heavy

5. Champion Power Equipment 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower

Champion Power Equipment 224cc 24-Inch 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower

The Champion Power Equipment 224cc 24-Inch 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower is one of the 2-stage snowblowers that cannot be missed. This product is Gas Powered and weighs around 183 Pounds. It has the 4 cycle type of engine and it comes with an Electric Start. It has a 2-year limited warranty along with free lifetime technical support from the company`s experts.

Champion power equipment maximum throw is 25 Feet. Its engine has the power of 224 CC and can easily resist extreme cold weather. It can be said that this product has one of the most powerful engines. It also has a 120-volt push-button electric start that is 6 forward and 2 in reverse speed. This product has the capacity of clearing a 24-inch area. It also has a carbon steel auger body that makes it easy to cut through the snow as well as ice. The product is also easy to store and handle.

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  • Electric start
  • Powerful engine
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to store
  • Lifetime technical support for free


  • The maximum throw is not a lot.
  • Limited warranty.

6. Ariens ST24LE Deluxe 24″ Two-Stage Snow Blower

Ariens ST24LE Deluxe 24

Looking for a perfect snow blower at an affordable price? Ariens deluxe 24 might be the one you need. It is a two-stage self-propelled snow blower powered by a 254cc gasoline engine that controls its wheels, auger, and impeller. The impeller is capable of blowing the snow out of the chute up to 50 feet away. It can clear a 24-inch wide path in a single pass and is capable of moving 62 tons of snow per hour. the gearbox provides you 6 forward paces and 2 reverse paces. There is an interlock feature that permits you to draw in the drive wheels as well as the auger with just one hand. This leaves your other hand allowed to turn the chute when required. Another incredible thing about this model is that it functions admirably when clearing snow from concrete or even rock surfaces. A headlight gives a decent wellspring of light on the off chance that you have to clear snow around evening time or promptly in the first part of the day. The skid shoes are easy to change for various snow intake heights.

This best 2 stages snowblower electric starter makes it a basic one-button push to get the blower moving. Controlling is a breeze with Ariens’ trigger-free, auto-turn system. if the electric power ought to fail, you can still utilize a recoil-pull starter to get it ready for action.

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  • Affordable
  • Powerful
  • Efficient engine
  • It can easily be used on gravel and concrete


  • It is a bit loud

7. Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 Electric Start Two Stage Gas Snow Thrower

Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 243cc Electric Start 26-Inch Two Stage Gas Snow Thrower

Troy Bilt is a powerful machine as it is powered by a four-cycle, 243cc, OHV engine, and the engine can be started in two ways; either by electric start system or by recoil system. This one has the largest motor size as compared to all other snow blowers that are mentioned in the list. It is highly durable and works for a long time. So one can say that it is worth the price that you are paying for the machine. This top-quality snow blower can work on any surface. The worst kind of snowstorms and snow piles are easily defeated by this model, all due to its efficiency in work and cleaning the piles.

The chute has shown certain weaknesses such as being loose and needing time to time adjustments. Heated grips are unfortunately not present in this model. This is a drawback for this model because the market has other snow blowers that come at the same price but with heated grips. This is also not an easy-to-use machine although both right and left levers are present. Plus, it has a gas-powered unit as well so it needs constant maintenance all time. The warranty covers it but it can still be a hassle if you have to use it right away.

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  • The motor is of large size
  • Highly durable
  • Reliable machine
  • Lasts longer than many other machines


  • No Heated Grips
  • Regular Maintenance is required due to the gas-powered unit
  • Difficult to transport

8. Husqvarna ST224P, 24″ Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

Husqvarna ST224P, 24"

This model of Husqvarna company has hit the market with its amazing outlook and powerful engine of 208 ccs. It is best suited for clearing snow from driveways and lawns in seconds. The machine is highly durable, reliable, and designed to clear medium to high snow piles. It is well equipped with an auger and adjustable skid to work effectively. Moreover, the company has made sure that the snowblower serves well to its owner who is working in a cold stormy environment thereby, adjustable grips and handling facilities are available.

Comfort is one of the most important features of any machine in use, especially when working in cold environments. Do not panic, this model comes with automated heated handle grips. You can even work at night times, all thanks to the front headlights. In addition to all these provided benefits, you can use them for wet and sticky snow as well. Once you buy this model, you need to stop worrying about cleaning your driveway. Beware of its delicate impeller though because a rocky and uneven surface can easily dent it.

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  • Highly reliable model
  • Seven Speed Drive System
  • Adjustable Grips and Handle
  • Heated handles
  • Perfect for Wet and Slushy Snow
  • Works well with medium to high snow piles
  • Can throw up to 23 inches of snow


  • The impeller is very delicate, so it is very easily dented  

9. Briggs & Stratton S1227 Standard Series 2 Stage Snow Blower

Briggs & Stratton S1227 Standard Series

This snow blower is powered with a great 250cc Briggs and Stratton motor. if you need more explicit quantities of its power, it provides a torque of 11.5 foot-pounds. This is the thing that permits the machine to drive through the thickest of snow beds is simply a question of hours regardless of whether the environmental conditions are unnecessarily harsh. Moreover, the helpful push-button electric start feature guarantees that you don’t burn through valuable time and efforts to get this thing to run. Likewise, the electric start component works fine even in temperatures as low as – 20°F.  . The 14-inch by 4-inch wheels on it works perfectly and keeps it balanced. Briggs and Stratton back this model with a noteworthy limited guarantee of three years, and it is a CE complaint.

It comes furnished with a “Friction Disk Drive System” that will permit you to crank up or down the blower at whatever point you feel like. If there is light snow you can reduce the speed of the blower to suit the current task; if there are staggeringly thick covers of snow, you can generally speed up as you see fit. Briggs and Stratton S1227 accompanies adjustable chute settings and will permit you to have complete control of releasing snow consistently. If you are in a search of the best 2 stage snow blower to clear your driveways or yards Briggs & Stratton might be the one you need.

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  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Great Quality
  • Powerful engine
  • Easy to use
  • Features headlights
  • 3 years warranty


  • The featured nuts for the exhaust shoot might get loose

10. Ariens ST28DLE Deluxe SHO 28″ Two-Stage Snow Blower

Ariens ST28DLE Deluxe SHO 28

Ariens ST28DLE is a famous and versatile choice, appropriate for both businesses and homes. It is perfect if you want a tool to clear driveways and walkways of all sizes. The Ariens Deluxe features the AX series generation III snow engine. These engines come with a three-year warranty, and even in subzero conditions, they can work perfectly. Ariens’ disc-o-Matic drive system permits you to smoothly move into two reverse speeds and six forward speeds, empowering you to tackle various depths of snow effortlessly. The large chute construction, totally made of steel, is solid and sturdy which is great for moving a lot of snow. Besides, the specially designed smoothed and reinforced steel assists to discharge snow further away as compared to chutes made of plastic, fiberglass, and polymer. For each crank, the chute turns 2.5 times quicker so that you put in minimal effort. The chute of ST28DLE can be rotated in both directions, up to 200 degrees for each side. 

The tires featured on this Ariens Deluxe model are the X-track directional snow treat tires that measure 16 inches by 4.8 inches. Since these tires are bigger and have deeper lugs they can provide more snow traction. Thanks to its clearing width of 28 inches, it can move up to 72 tons of snow in an hour, so that you can complete your job quickly and easily. With everything taken into account, the Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO promises powerful cleaning action and makes snow removal simple.

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  • Excellent quality
  • Powerful engine
  • Durable
  • Easy to operate


  • Skid shoes cause excessive friction

11. Power Smart DB5023 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Power Smart DB5023 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

The Power Smart DB5023 is known for its powerful motor. The machine works like magic in snow blowing as it has a clearing width of 18 inches and a clearing depth of 8 inches so that you can easily remove a large amount of snow in a single pass. It has a powerful motor of 13 amperes powered with a 120 V battery having a throwing range of 30 feet. Moreover, it comes at a cheap price so we can put it under the best two-stage snowblower. It weighs 37 lbs and also it is corded. Now you can make far better time by having the option to blow the snow toward any path with the 180-degree adjustable chute to guarantee the snow gets to where you need it. This is additionally an extraordinary well-being highlight to help shield the snow from blowing toward any path that has the chance of causing harm. It is very easy to be operated and moved around. It starts very quickly and operates smoothly.

This has no wheels thereby, it needs to be pushed around. Thus, it is quite difficult to be operated by older adults. Metal handles can regularly dig into the palm of your hands, particularly when you need to push with any degree of power. The foam-covered handles take into consideration padding to decrease this weight and help circulate the power along the length of the handle to keep you more agreeable while you work.

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  • Assembling is quite easy
  • The machine can be moved around quite simply
  • Empowered with a powerful motor of 13 amperes
  • It throws snow up to 30 feet


  • It is very difficult to be moved by older adults as it has no wheels
  • Machine is corded
  • The build is made up of plastic
  • Not a reliable design

12. YARDMAX YB5765 Best 2 Stage Snow Blower


If you are looking for a great snowblower that comes in a good price range then, this snowblower is powerful yet cheap. It has an engine of 196 ccs and that is highly reliable. This also has a dashboard that makes chute control very easy and reliable. Also, heated grips are a part of it, making it easy to work in the harsh winters, and literally, it protects you like a guardian angel. Thus, you can stay outdoors, do your work, and still be heated. Again the easy-to-start engine allows it to be the leading choice for working in early mornings without having to worry about any kind of stuck engine and all. It just works well with long driveways without needing to blow away the snow.

The price is cheap but the company has provided the best quality possible. It is unique in its action as there are 6-speed options available which can be adjusted just too easily. The motor is smaller just like the machine but it is quite powerful. This snow blower has only 2 years warranty for the residential areas and one year warranty for commercial use. The pull rope is also not very strong and can be broken easily if you do not use the machine with care and caution.

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  • Cheap
  • Perfect for Longer Driveways
  • Easy to start the engine
  • 6 adjustable speed option
  • Highly reliable
  • Worth the price


  • The quality of pull rope is too poor
  • The smaller size of the motor
  • Only 2 years warranty for residential use and a year warranty for commercial use

13. Ariens Classic 24″ 2 Stage Snow Blower

Ariens Classic 24

Ariens classic 24 might be one of the most compact models of Ariens’ two-stage snow blower, but is powered by the AX 208cc 4-cycle engine it is powerful enough to clear a 20 inch high and 24-inch wide path in a single pass. The 120 volts electric start feature makes sure that the motor starts every time without fail and is advantageous for administrators who don’t have enough strength to pull-start the motor. Self-propelled, the snowblower with its various speed settings adjusts to the snow condition. The six forward and two reverse speed steer and move the snow clearing moderate or heavy snow. Interlocking switches make it simple for one-hand activity, liberating a hand to operate the chute while moving.

The 11-inch serrated steel auger chops snow and pushes it to the 12-inch three-edge impeller which is freeze-resistant. The rapid impeller moves snow through the release chute at 58 tons for each hour and a throwing distance of 40 feet. With 2.5x speedy turn and 205 degrees rotation, the chute responds rapidly as the administrator controls where and how far the chute tosses the snow. Ariens Classic 24 snowblower is dependable, durable, simple to control.

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  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Powerful
  • Simple to control


  • It does not feature heated handlebars and power steering

14. Poulan Pro PR241, 24″ Two-Stage Snow Blower

Poulan Pro PR241, 24

Snowblowers are not wanted but demand and need of the hour for all the places that face heavy snowfalls. All the customers look for long-lasting snow blowers which would last for many years and even if the machine costs a lot in the beginning, it is okay as it is a one-time expenditure. Poulan pro fills all these demands that are discussed here. This machine is made by the Husqvarna company and the brand name represents nothing less than quality. Thus, it is the leading best 2 stage snow blower.


No, as such additional upgraded features are present in this model which means that whatever you see in its pictures or on its box, that is all you are getting. It is a very simple but stylish and sturdy model. There are no heating grips to protect you from the harsh weather so you need to buy your gloves to use with them. Plus there is no power steering so again the transportation of this machine can be a trouble for newbies. The motor size is very low and the engine is also 208 ccs. a snow blower should make your life easier but providing effective snow blowing and a cleaner pathway. It fills the need. Poulan Pro is quite heavyweight so many users have complained about this feature and the company says that the upcoming models will be better than this. 

Talking about the drawbacks, Poulan pro is quite a noise-producing two-stage snow blower that makes your life quite noisy and your neighbors might also complain about the noises. Also, this stops you to work at night even. On a side note, you can use your noise-canceling earbuds while using them. This is quite cheaper than all the other machines in the market with the same features so you might want to compromise on a few features when buying this one. We will give you a heads up if you are looking for a model that is without bells and whistles, then try the PR 241 model.

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  • Affordable price
  • Reliable
  • Long life


  • Produces noise
  • Very heavy
  • Moves slowly on snow
  • No power steering

15. Husqvarna 961930097 254cc Best 2 Stage Snow Blower

Husqvarna 961930097 254cc

To battle beast snowstorms, you need a similarly savage snowblower to clear garages and regular walkways. if winters bring at least a foot of snow to your doorstep, an intense two-stage snow blower like the Husqvarna ST227P is an important instrument to have. Husqvarna 961930097 is a two-stage electric start snow thrower with an amazing throwing range of up to 27 inches. It is best suited for large driveways and can work effectively on almost any surface type, from even to uneven and from steep to slippery. All this is possible due to the large skid wheels of the machine. Just like other designs of the company, this one also comes with adjustable handles and heated handgrips.

The 15-inch tires permit you to move through snow easily without scraping your garage or porch. This gas snow blower is self-propelled with an impressive forward velocity of 6 MPH and a reverse speed of 1 MPH. The LED headlights make working at night time not only easy but possible. It has an electric start which prevents the issues faced due to chute blockade in extremely cold weather. The build of the machine is quite sturdy and reliable. It comes with 5 years warranty. The best part about this is its clearing capacity of 27 inches and the quick speed of work. Even the power steering is quite easy to use.

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  • Reliable machine with a compact and sturdy design
  • Easily adjustable and reversible skid shoes
  • Durable control cables
  • Works in quite harsh conditions as well
  • Lever for controlling the chute movement and rotation


  • Very slow in the reverse gear
  • The poor quality hand-warming feature
  • Quite high speed of the forward gear

16. Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe Ultra has an amazingly powerful engine that is electrically operated. It is lightweight and still works like any of the powerful big machines. This machine is empowered by a 15 amp motor that provides it a great speed of work. The built is also very durable projecting thick rubber blades with a resilient steel auger, which makes it a quality 2 stage snowblower.

It can throw light to moderate snow from your driveways. Although, several attempts have to be done to remove thick snow piles. Moreover, even if it is nighttime and you have low lights available in your driveway, the company has got you covered with its 20-watt front light. This will help you reach the most difficult spots as well. It is very easy to work with this machine as it can be started easily with its turn-on button and auger starts to propel in the forward direction. Even if you release the handle by chance, the safety switch gets activated. The maximum throwing distance is around 25 feet. The release chute can be pivoted 180-degrees from behind the handlebars with the chute crank. It may have the option to throw up to 720 pounds of fleecy snow per minute. Plus there is also a cleaning kit for blocked chute issues. Moreover, the use of extension wires is highly recommended as it is powered by electricity.

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  • Amazing quality
  • Affordable price range
  • Easy ignition and start
  • Very light weighed yet powerful
  • Perfect for low to moderate snow thickness
  • Front light supports night time work as well


  • Do not work well with heavy and thick snow piles
  • Work speed is slow
  • Chute blocks now and then
  • Un-adjustable handle height
  • Low-quality cord

17. EJWOX Electric 2 Stage Snow Blower

EJWOX Electric 2 Stage Snow Blower

EJWOX is an electric snow shovel machine that is designed to tackle heavy snow and is perfect for mid-range use. It is a highly durable snowblower with an adjustable handle which makes the work quite easier. Although EJWOX is electrically driven, it has a clearing width of  16-inches and a clearing depth of 6-inches which makes the clearing of porches, patios, and steps around the house easy. This machine can remove snow weighing up to 700 pounds per minute, with a throwing capacity of up to 20 feet and a throwing angle of 90 degrees.

The arrangement of an adjustable handle for changing the stature of the snowblower is helpful as ceaseless use on any machine where you need to stoop or reach up can be tiring. Also, it has large-sized wheels of 5 inches that further enhance the snow throwing capabilities and makes it easy to move the machine over, stones or bumps and the snow doesn’t trap in the wheel housing. It is a top-quality two-stage snowblower.

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  • The machine is just 4 pounds in weight
  • This machine has an adjustable throw angle that supports up to 90 degrees
  • It has an adjustable handle that makes work easier
  • Affordable price
  • The wheels are large-sized of 5 inches


  • Operated on lower amperes

18. Yard Machines 31AS62EE700

Yard Machines 31AS62EE700

This snow blower of Yards company is empowered by a 179cc OHV four-cycle gas-powered engine and comes with an electric start option. It has a clearing capacity of 24 inches. This unique model is sold by major online shops like Walmart and Amazon. The engine has been made by known brands namely PowerMore. The tires are no traction tires thus, they easily go flat in no time. It’s compact enough that you ought to have the option to discover space for it. You can change the height of the drill if you have unpaved surfaces you have to clear.

It has  2 reverse and 6 forward speeds for snow clearing. The machine comes with 2 years warranty. The protection plan varies from vendor to vendor but most of them provide a reasonable 3 years protection plan which covers all repairs but not the wear and tear items such as the belts and fuel-related problems.

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  • Overall great quality
  • 2 years warranty
  • Clears 6-inch snow easily
  • Affordable $600 price


  • No traction tires get flat easily

19. PowerSmart DB7622H 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower

PowerSmart DB7622H

The Power Smart DB7622H is known for its powerful motor. It has a clearing width of 22 inches and a clearing depth of 16 inches. It has a powerful motor of 13 amperes powered with a 120 V battery having a throwing range of 30 feet. Moreover, it comes at a cheap price. This is an excellent decision for purchasers who need a snappy, productive approach to clear light, average-sized snowfall from their carport, walkways, and yards. weighing in at 37 pounds, it’s anything but a hefty decision and starts up easily with a simple electric start electric engine. It can undoubtedly deal with a clearance depth of snow of 8 to 9 inches and a clearing width of 18 inches. This ought to be a bounty for the small to medium lawns.

PowerSmart DB7622H features 180 degrees adjustable chute rotation which allows the operator to throw in any direction at a distance of 30 feet. It is the best 2 stage snowblower. It is very easy to be operated and moved around. It starts very quickly and operates smoothly. This has no wheels thereby, it needs to be pushed around. Thus, it is quite difficult for e operated by older adults.

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  • Assembling is quite easy
  • The machine can be moved around quite simply
  • Empowered with a powerful motor of 13 amperes
  • Highly reliable
  • It throws snow up to 30 feet


  • It is very difficult to be moved by older adults as it has no wheels
  • Machine is corded
  • The build is made up of plastic
  • Not a reliable design

20. Troy Bilt 24″ Electric Snowblower

Troy-Bilt 24"

The snowblower is fueled by a 208cc Troy-Bilt OHV 4-cycle motor with a pushbutton electric beginning. The motor is unquestionably more compact when contrasted with different motors being utilized and gives longer run time. The troy Bilt makes powerful and efficient snow blowers. It has small tires and the machine has 2 reverse and 6 forward speed options. It can’t be operated by single hands. The chute is impeller mounted and can be moved in 2 directions. With a 24-inch clearing path and 21-inch intake height, the Storm 2410 is developed to deal with snow up to 16inches in height. It works incredible on snowdrifts and can chop down heaps at the end of the carport with a little tolerance.

The crank chute control with the ability to 180° allows you to change and adjust the direction in which the assembled snow is apportioned, so you get 25-30 feet throwing distance in the best conditions and around 15 feet with slushy and wet snow.  This snow blower comes with a 2 years warranty of the equipment and has a 2 to 4 years protection plan. The services are provided through sears. Moreover, it has steel skid shoes. It is the best two-stage snow blower, as it is efficient, easy to handle, and well built.

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  • Reliable model
  • Good motor quality
  • 2 years warranty


  • Can’t be operated single-handedly
  • Small tires

Best 2 stage snow blower under $1000

If you are bugged with the snow piles sitting outside your house and blocking your car then, this article is certainly for you. Cost plays a very effective role while buying any sort of machine. Here we have compiled a list of the best 2 stage snow blower under $1000.

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Buyer’s Guide

            There are a few very important things that one must consider before opting for any 2 stage snowblower. Following is the list of these essential things:

Maximum throw distance

The more the maximum throw distance of a 2 stage snow blower is the better it is to buy. The main reason behind this is that no one wants to work extra hard and cover the area again and again or at a slow speed even after spending a good amount of money on buying a 2 stage snowblower. So one must always check the maximum throw distance of the 2 stage snow blower before buying it. Go for the one with the highest or at least above average maximum throw distance!

Electric start

It is always better to opt for a 2 stage snow blower that has an electric start. The electric start always makes it easier to run the snowblower and make the work done as compared to the non-electric ones.

Weight of the 2 stage snowblower

Handling the 2 stage snow blower is not an easy task, hence, one must opt for the snowblower that has a manageable weight or is not very heavy to handle. The turns and the starting can be an issue if the weight is a lot.


The product that provides a good warranty in case of the 2 stage snow blowers should be selected. The main reason behind this is that these snow blowers have a lot of work to do that can be challenging, heavy, and different from the weather conditions. This makes it very possible for the product to get damaged or go out of order, if there is a warranty it can be claimed and the hard-earned money that has been spent on buying the 2 stage snow blower can be valued as no one wants to buy a new snowblower now and then!

Editor’s choice

Editor’s choice for the best 2 stage snow blower is PowerSmart Snow Blower, PSSAM24 24-inch 212cc 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower. It is durable and built from high-quality material. It also has a good maximum throw distance and comes with an electric start. Furthermore, it is not very heavy and hence, can be managed very easily.

When you are looking for 2 stage snow blowers always look for the ones that allow easy hand grip and let the user work even at night times. Moreover, it should match your budget as well. We hope these reviews help you and also do visit our other related articles such as best single stage snow blower, and best 3 stage snow blowers.

FAQs – Two Stage Snow Blower

What is two stage snow blower?

A Two-stage snowblower is basically a snowblower that has a self-propelled transmission with both forward as well as reverse speeds that propel the unit, this is to assist the users to remove the snow easily.

Which two-stage snow blowers have ICT engines?

Yardmax YB6270 24-inch two-stage snow blower is powered by an LCT 208 cc engine, which generates an impressive 7 horsepower, giving it enough power to handle any type of snow.

LCT is outstanding amongst other snowblower engines on the market. Today’s LCT engines are the best snow engines for reliability, power, and power for cc’s.

How to keep snow from sticking to auger in two-stage snow blowers?

This can be carried out in two ways:

1.Use a non-stick spray

The best grease for a snowblower is a non-stick spray, non-stick spray coats the chute and auger, which protects the metal so snow goes through without sticking, clustering, or clogging and shouldn’t be reapplied before each use. Simply spray the chute and auger before the primary utilization of the season and you’re all set.

2. use cleanout tools

Some snowblowers presently have clear-out instruments as a standard attachment. These solid, plunger-like tools make it easy to securely clear out clumps of snow, dirt, or objects that get trapped in the auger housing.

What brand of an engine is on MTD two-stage snow blower?

PowerMore™ OHV Winterized Engines:

These motors are made in China and designed explicitly for MTD. This engine is typically named the same as the snowblower it is mounted on. on the contrary, if you purchase a Cub Cadet snowblower it will be marked as a Cub Cadet engine. Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Craftsman, and Yard Machines motors are PowerMore.

Where to get the best price 2 stage snow blower?

Online purchasing has gotten mainstream these days. In our opinion, you can get the best price two-stage snowblower from Amazon. Not every person has a vehicle accessible to move a large piece of equipment. Amazon has a wide range of snow blowers that ship free to your door through Prime. Their customer service is first class and they take returns. Home Depot offers free delivery as well or in-store pickup. On the off chance that you are done with your research and don’t have any desire to deal with a pushy salesman, this is the best approach. snowblower comes down to what you are searching for.

How are Troybilt’s 2 stage snowblowers?

You get what you pay for with most brands and Troy-Bilt is no exemption. With Troy-Bilt, you get a decent cost on a superior to normal snowblower across the entire line. The current models are manufactured well, worked to last, and are simple to utilize. Troy-Bilt snow blowers are rated as the second-best of all the snow blowers brands. Troy-Bilt makes a total line of well-built residential snow blowers extending from the most practical to the biggest capacity residential machines. Troy-Bilt has airless tires on select models never go flat, offer extraordinary traction in all conditions, and make even the solid axle machines simple to turn. These tires are an industry game-changer for strong axle snow blowers.

Snowblowers from significant brands like Troy-Bilt are trustworthy and will last many years if you size it appropriately for the area you need to clear, and the measure of snow you generally get. read the operator manual before you use it the first run-through, and play out a couple of basic precaution tasks each fall/spring.

What is the difference between a single stage and two stage snow blower?

Basically, a single-stage snowblower helps in doing the light-duty work. It has typical features that include a paddle0style auger that is there to pull the snow through the unit and throw it out from the top portion in a single motion. The throw of the single-stage snowblower is also quite less.

Whereas, a two-stage snow blower is designed to handle heavy-duty work. They have features that include an auger that initiates the blades to hack through the harder patches of snow as well as ice during its first stage. In the next stage, the auger chucks the snow and the impeller launches the snow out of the chute with a throw that is greater than the single-stage snowblower.

What is the best 2 stage snow blower for the money?

The PowerSmart Snow Blower, PSSAM24 24-inch 212cc 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower is the best 2 stage snow blower for the money as it is great in terms of performance and it is not very heavy on the pocket either.              

Best rated 2 stage snow blower?

Answer: The best rate 2 stage snow blower is the Briggs & Stratton 1696614 24″ 2-Stage Snowthrower.

Best 2 stage snow blower for the steep hill?

Answer: The best 2 stage snow blower for the steep hill is the EGO Power+ SNT2400 24 in. Self-Propelled two Stage Snow Blower.

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