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Best 3 Stage Snow Blowers

best 3 stage snow blowers
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Well, it’s a pleasant sight to witness snow-fall. For some, it’s the best time of the year when it snows; however, nobody enjoys being stuck at home or not being able to move your car out of the garage, which most likely results from heaps of snow clogging the walking paths and doorways. In times like these; you need a life-saving tool that is a ‘Snow-Blower’. Fortunately, the advanced models of snow blowers can tackle a harsh winter snow-fall and prevent you from frostbitten hands. They are known as the 3 stage snow blowers.

Best 3 Stage Snow Blowers 2020

Hence to help you make the right choice, we have compiled a list of the best 3 stage snow blowers, in terms of their cost, strength, and performance. Are 3 stage snow blowers worth it? You can see the answer here.

1. Cub Cadet 3X – PRO H

Cub Cadet 3X - PRO H

Cub-Cadet 3X PRO H is a heavy-duty snow-blower referred to as, hands-down the best 3 stage snow blower on the market. It is used to clear off wider and steeper snow-covered paths and has been able to shovel off thick piles of snow with an approximately 26 – 30” intake.  3X Induction accelerator is designed to increase the snow-clearing speed by 3-times than other snow-blower models, giving the machine its name. Moreover, it is gas-powered – making them suitable for long driveways and eliminating the need for extension wires.

A wide (30”) impeller, adds to its efficiency and speed. It is powered by 420cc – 4 cycle engine, the engine’s extra horsepower is noticeable with a snow throwing capacity of up to 24 inches. Moreover, self-propulsion, power steering makes handling more convenient for the user. It has user-friendly controls that can be easily operated, to control the speed and direction suiting one’s need. The electric push-start ignition button starts the machine in seconds and prevents blockage of the chute.

The company has invested in the equipment design, as the build is very durable, projecting thick rubber blades with a resilient steel auger. The aluminum gearbox also works fine in extreme weather conditions. Another feature, that we personally love is the heated-handle bars, to provide warmth in those extremely cold days. It also an LED-bar and a pair of headlights, in case you need to shovel snow in emergency situations; at night or in areas with limited light. Based upon the size of the clearing deck and work efficiency, we found Cub Cadet 3X PRO H to be the best three stage snow blower amongst other models.  

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  • Powerful engine
  • Features push-button Electric Start
  • User-Friendly controls
  • Multiple speeds: 6 Forward and 2 Reverse
  • Adjustable steering handle
  • Steel built
  • Best suited for wet, thick and heavy-snow piles (12 – 40 inches high)
  • Single level chute adjustment


  • Expensive cost – 1600-2400 USD
  • Requires frequent repairs and oil changes
  • Heavy to use; takes up more storage area and

2. Troy Bilt – Vortex 2890

Troy Bilt - Vortex 2890

If you are short on budget, then The Vortex 2890 by Troy Bilt should do work for you. It is relatively easier to use, as it has a smaller, lighter frame with adjustable speed options and easy power steering. With a 28-inch wide deck and a 357cc OHV Engine, Vortex 2890 can clear thick snow-drifts of approximately 2-ft with ease, along with a 12″ inch accelerator that makes the three-stage process possible spins at 10 times the speed of the augers.

Vortex 2890 is also powered by gas and features a one-push start button.  The 16″ x 6.5″X-Trac snow tires help keep traction and deluxe polymer reversible skid shoes prevent scratches on driveways and sidewalks. It also comes with a 4-way joystick chute control, facilitating control of the chute pitch and direction. The only drawback is that the build of this machine is not durable and require to be used with care as this model is made up of more plastic instead of a resilient material, which might suffer cracks or injuries when used harshly.

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  • Easy Storage Accessory: Compact design and lightweight
  • Affordable price range: 1000 – 1500 $
  • Gas-powered: No use of extension wires.
  • Single lever for controlling the chute movement and rotation (200◦)
  • Power- grip steering
  • Fuel Friendly
  • Easily adjustable and reversible skid shoes
  • Warranty: 2-year limited / 5-year limited auger gearbox
  • In-Dash Headlight provides optimum visibility in snowy conditions


  • Plastic machinery
  • Chute gets clogged often – Cannot be used for wet, heavy snow.
  • Noise and Vibratory motion

3. Honda – HSS1332ATD

Honda - HSS1332ATD

Another best 3 stage snow blower is by the company Honda. This machine is exceptionally powerful and fast, featuring an electrically operated 389cc GX390 engine.

Since it has a wider clearing deck of 32” and an increased blower diameter, it is capable of clearing up to 75 tons of snow per hour. It can throw moderately to high (21 inches) snow from your driveways at a maximum recorded distance of 56ft. The feature for which it has been the user’s favorite is its onboard battery i.e. the battery recharges itself while the machine’s engine is running. It requires absolutely no plugging of wires, just one turn of the key, and the machine is ready to go.  This definitely eliminates the need and hassle of AC extension wires. Moreover, hydrostatic transmission improves the overall drive, facilitates 100% variable speed control and working of the engine.  

In this machine, the auger height can be adjusted via the pneumatic gas strut; the user can raise or lower the height as required for snow-clearing. It provides the user with complete control of the chute in all four directions with a single joystick, with 198 degrees turning radius. In addition, a chamfered scraper helps the clear up in one go, without having to go over the path multiple times. Another important feature is that it has an in-built auger protection system, it automatically shut off the machines engine and the auger, in case the torque levels get high. As this snow-blower has tracks instead of wheels, it is easier to use on inclined, unpaved icy paths. It also has LED Headlights, making it easier to work at night.

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  • Smooth performance; time and speed efficient
  • High output operation
  • Exceptionally quiet; no vibratory noise.
  • DC Electric Start  – Self rechargeable battery
  • Increased blower diameter
  • Durable – no yearly maintenance required
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Chute Control via Joystick
  • Reversible skid shoes
  • A built-in auger protection system


  • Expensive : 3000 – 3500 $
  • No heated hand-grips
  • Heavyweight.

4. Ariens Platinum 24 SHO

Ariens Platinum 24 SHO

Ariens Platinum also has exceptional features and made it to our list of the best 3 stage snow blowers. This snow blower is powered by a 369cc engine, a 120V electric start along with a recoil-backup. It has a clearing width of 24” and an SHO (Super High Output) Impeller, which adds to its snow-clearing speed and efficiency. Auto-turn steering adjusts the power as per directional changes, thus the user experiences a smooth drive experience. To improve the overall balance, the axles have been re-aligned on the frame.

In addition to this, the snow-blower possesses speed ranges: 6 forward speeds and two reverse speeds; known as the Disc-O-Matic drive system. It also comes with a Quick-turn chute control, which helps to adjust the discharge angle when the chute rotates to 200 degrees. Moreover, it provides a free-hand to the user to alter the chute-rotation with the help of inter-locking controls. The 16” Snow Tread Tires provides the necessary grip on thick snow patches,

These best three stage snow blower has heated hand-warmers; the handle grips remain warm to help while the user conveniently clears the snow. The auger box is made up of cast-iron which keeps the auger working intact in sub-zero conditions.

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  • Auto-turn steering
  • Disc-O-Matic drive
  • Super high output (SHO) Impeller
  • 6 Forward and 2 Reverse speed options
  • Interlocking controls
  • Halogen headlights
  • Heated hand-grips
  • Cost-effective : 1200 – 1500$
  • Fuel friendly


  • Heavy machine
  • Requires yearly maintenance

5. Toro Power HD 1028 OHXE

Toro Power HD 1028 OHXE

Toro Power HD 1028 is a budget-friendly snowblower, ideal for larger driveways. It features a 4-cycle 302cc OHV engine with a 120-volt electric start (recoil backup). With a clearing deck of 28”, the machine is capable of moving 21.5” high snowdrifts, with a throwing capacity of up to 45 feet ultimately clearing 1 ton per minute.

Power steering facilitates the operator to easily maneuver the machine while making turns or reversing. Snowblowers by Toro Power have a unique Anti-clogging system (ACS) that regulates the intake of snow and prevents blockage of the chute.  It also features the One-Hand Interlock system which helps to control the blower with one hand, leaving a free hand to control the direction and deflection (up to 200 degrees) of the chute with the help of a joystick controller. The skids are reversible and made up of cast-iron making, which makes them heavy allowing better traction.

The company also makes an important claim, that the material used in the equipment is highly durable and rust-free; an all-steer frame, chute, and ACS. Like many other models, Toro Power also possesses LED headlights and heated hand-grips

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  • Anti-clogging system
  • One-hand Interlock system
  • Durable: All steel construction
  • Power-steering
  • Cast-Iron reversible skids
  • Less maintained required
  • Single level chute control


  • Partially heated hand grips
  • Heavyweight


In this article, we have managed to provide you with all the information that you would need before investing in a three stage snow blower. We hope that, you would make the right choice when purchasing the best 3 stage snow blower for your household, however, make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of the machine and that the company offers a reasonable warranty. You can also check, other articles related to this such as the best snow blowersbest 2 stage snow blowers, and the best single stage snow blower available on the website.