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Best Deals on Snow Blowers

best deals on snow blowers
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This is the one-stop site for the best deals on snow blowers on the internet. We search all the major retailers to find the best deals. We regularly update this page too so that we are quick to spot any changes and the latest deals that may become available. Snow blowers are an expensive one-time investment and we will aim to deliver the best up to date listings that are on offer from the biggest online outlets.

So to make your life easy and to make sure you get the best deal on snow blowers check out the list below. We have also provided a summary of the pros and cons so that you are able to make a quick decision. For extra reviews and information please click on your preferred retailer.

Best Deals on Snow Blowers 2020

However, the following article enlists the best deals on Snow blowers that will help to save your time and effort in finding a budget-friendly product.

1. Honda Power Equipment HS720ASA:

Honda Power Equipment HS720ASA

This model of Honda, HS720ASA is termed as a bestseller, cost-efficient single stage snow blower. With such amazing users’ ratings, it comes at a price of 699$. Moreover, considering the specifications and the unit’s overall built, this makes it the best deal on snow blowers. The equipment boasts with a 120V cord-assisted electric start, with a back-up recoil. A heavy-duty 4 cycle, 190cc OHC (Overhead camshaft engine) drives the unit. The four-stroke engine requires unleaded gasoline fuel but doesn’t need any gas/oil mixing.

In addition, this snow-blower unit has a clearing width of 20-inches and is capable of removing 55tons of snow per hour to a distance of 33ft from the machine. Amongst, other two-stagers this snow-blower by Honda has a dual chute control, whose top angle can be adjusted to almost 204-degrees.It can be termed as semi self-propelled, as its drive system is mainly assisted by augers. All the controls are easy to reach and are of appropriate size.

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  • Powerful engine, efficient speed
  • Durable metal housing
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Replaceable paddles and metal auger.
  • 2-year warranty


  • The extension cord is not included.
  • No heated handles
  • It does not fold, not compact takes up space in the storage area.
  • No headlights

 2. Snow Joe -Ultra SJ625

Snow Joe -Ultra SJ625

The model SJ625E by Snow Joe is a single stage snow blower. It is durable, powerful, easy-to-use, and definitely one of the best deals on snow blowers. Designed to tackle heavy snowfalls and can be sufficient for mid-sized driveways. This machine shares common features with its gas driven-counterpart, possessing the ultimate convenience of an electric unit.

A 15-amp motor helps to accelerate the snow clearing process, making it capable of moving up to 800 pounds snow per minute, which is pretty impressive. In other words, it is electrically powered, hassles like frequent oil changes, tune-ups, and fuel-fillings that come along with a gas-powered snow blower are easily excluded which makes it a low-maintenance and environmentally friendly option. However, in the case of electric snow blowers – the augers are either made up of plastic or rubber. But Snow Joe has good quality steel-built augers. Another feature that adds to its durability and plowing capacity is the rubber-made auger blades, which helps it to cut-through snow as wide as 21 x 12 inches deep. Approximately 15ft distance can be easily covered, in one round.

Above all, it lacks popular features of heavy-duty snow blowers like self-propulsion and power-steering the 8-inch wheels are easy-glide, helps to make the turns effortless, and improves the overall drive. The discharge of snow is facilitated through a plastic chute, the height of which is adjustable via a hand-crank. At the base of the equipment, there is a scraper blade made out of rubber; to scrape off the snow without damaging the path or the driveway. It also has a 3-Watt LED Headlight, to help nighttime snow-clearing ensuring safety.

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  • Not noisy
  • Affordable price range 140-150 $
  • Ideal for quick cleanup of dry snow-piles; mid-sized driveways
  • Durable: It does not require frequent maintenance.
  • 3W LED Headlights to make night-time snow clearing safer and convenient.
  • Easy to maneuver; lightweight (45lbs) and foldable compact equipment.


  • Does not work well with wet snow.
  • It cannot be used for gravel pathways.
  • The electric cord is not provided, has to be purchased separately.
  • No power steering.
  • Rubber-made auger blades wear out with time and need to be replaced
  • Get clogged in case of heavy, thick snow

3. Briggs & Stratton 1222EE

Briggs & Stratton 1222EE

Another competitor in the list of best deals on snow blowers is by Briggs & Stratton 1222 EE. It has 4.5/5 rating by amazon users and its budget-friendly as well comes in a range of 500-600$.  A single-stage snow-blower with a reliable 250cc 4-Cycle OHV engine, powered by gas. Its most prominent feature is the ‘Snow Shredder’ – a Saw-like serrated auger technology. Moreover, one press-electric start, with the conventional backup recoil system – gives the user the advantage for swift initiation of the engine, even in freezing temperatures.

It has a clearing width of 22”, and can deal with a snow height of 12.5 inches in a single pass. The snow-throwing capacity of this unit is quite striking – can toss snow up to 30ft. In addition, snow blower also has an auger-driven system, as the auger tips propel the equipment forward. Usually, the rubber paddles scrape off the snow-off the ground, but 1222EE has serrated blades, made out of fine quality steel – their spin motion breaks heavy, icy snow that clogs your driveways. The chute rotation can be controlled via an electric switch to almost a turning radius of 200 degrees. Right below the handlebars is a pair of headlights, sufficient to light up a good spread of area.

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  • Remote control chute adjustment. 
  • Serrated auger technology – Snow Shredder
  • Dual Incandescent headlights.    
  • Fast speed  – 30X more efficient than other single-stage blowers 


  • One speed option
  • No power steering
  • Plastic chute, vibration and noise.
  • No heated handlebars

4. Green works 2600202 

Green works 2600202

Green works 2600202 has all the factors that a user would look for before purchasing a snow blower. This snow-blower features easy electric operation, driven by a 13Amp engine, which is quite durable as it does not requires frequent maintenance and delivers results for a gas alternative. It has a snow clearing capacity of 700 pounds/minute and a clearing width of 20 inches, throwing it up to a decent 15-20ft distance. The 7-inch tires, along with the adjustable chute aids user maneuverability. In addition, a pair of LED lights, help improve the visibility of the user.

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  • Best deal on snow blowers: 250 – 320 $
  • Lightweight and Compact design; easy to store.
  • Electric system – less noise
  • Ergonomic design
  • Dual LED Headlights


  • Cord length limits coverage area.
  • No self-propulsion
  • Plastic blades require extra handling care.

5. Yardmax YB6770

Yardmax YB6770

Firstly, it features an electric start, and a powerful LCT (Liquid Combustion Technology), 7 Hp, 208cc snow engine. Secondly, the interesting feature is, that along with a push-button electric start; it also comes with an option for pull-start. The wider diameter of the Impeller and 12” Auger ensures almost 21” intake of snow. The equipment comes with serrated, saw-like steel augers and ax-shaped housing sides that easily cut through hard-icy snow.  A self-propelled drive with multiple speed options is a relief for the user: 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. The speed control is easy-to reach and is smooth to use. To add to the ease in user maneuverability, the unit offers 2-wheel (13″x4″) drive for traction

Moreover, heated handlebars, a cup-holder, and a dashboard with headlights add to the convenience of the user. For surviving harsh winters, the unit comes with a heavy-duty gearbox made of aluminum and alloy steel gears.

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  • Smooth controls
  • Dual-stage operation
  • Self-propelled drive; Total 8-speed options: 6 Forward and 2 Reverse speeds
  • Push Button and Pull Electric Start with recoil backup for reliable ignition in any conditions
  • Back-up recoil start
  • Heated handle-bars
  • LED Headlights on the dashboard


  • Location of chute control – not easy to access.
  • Difficult assembly


With so many snowblower brands offering similar specifications at great deals, it is hard to pick the right one, but that is what we are here for; to guide you and help you make the right choice, and find you the best deal on snow blowers in the market. You can also visit our related articles on the best snow blowers, best single stage snow blowerbest 2 stage snow blower, best snow blower for large driveway, best snow blower for gravel driveway, and best 3 stage snow blowers.