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Best Drills for Concrete

best drills for concrete
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There are various drills for concrete based on size, speed, and model. With minimal disruption, a hammer drill is helpful to use in medium to heavy-duty masonry works. These tools help you get the job done effectively for both days as well as occasional use. There is a long list of best drills for concrete that are being used frequently by professionals for any type of project i.e., residential and commercial.

By having all the time access to this hammer drill you can use it to make your work easy and smooth on every sort of surface like; bricks, concrete walls, ceramic tiles, and marbles whenever needed. You can buy this to complete your variety of works in the garage as it is an operative device that assists you in painting, hanging the plants-pots, collective cabinets, framing on the wall, and demolition too. 

Read on to learn about the top best drills for concrete!

5 Best Drills for Concrete 2020

1. Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Corded Rotary Hammer

Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Corded Rotary Hammer

This dynamo has multi-functional use for concrete applications as well as stonework. The best trait of this drill machine is that you can use this tool the whole day without feeling a cradle impact on your hand or wrist. The trigger of this drill has a variable speed that makes it user-friendly and thus allowing you to run it at high or less speed at your convenience. Its flexible handle makes it environment beneficial for long-duration job as well as standard duration job. Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog corded rotary hammer is built with 3-modes of operations and powerful in-built motors which make it effective in every kind of task user, especially for heavy-duty. The superior topographies of this drill are dust collection, downward drilling, weighing scale of 6 pounds, flexibility cord and can be used in 36 different situations. Due to its prompt structure, the price of this tool is within your range. 

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  • Lightweight.
  • D-handle.
  • Multi-Mode Operations.
  • 35-degree pivot. 
  • Reasonable price.


  • The trigger is a bit punchy in use.

2. DeWalt DCD996B 20V MAX XR Brushless Hammer Drill

DeWalt DCD996B 20V MAX XR Brushless Hammer Drill

This drill also comes under the category of one of the best drills for concrete because it is tranquil to use with many modes. The salient feature of this cordless drill to help in construction and demolition works for professional contractors and rare users. As expert contractors have to use this tool for the toughest and in long hour job. It gives the best performance no matter how long it is being used. So professional services like; electricians, plumbers, masons, and contractors can use this hammer whole day without feeling tired. With 2,250RPM and 0-38,250BPM, DeWalt offers 82% more power (quite better battery runtime than brushed models).

Strictly speaking, this is the unsurpassed cordless hammer with its silent topographies are; measuring a mere 8.4 inches long, the brushless motor gives 820 units watts out for 2.8 times quicker submission speeds, lightest cordless model. Furthermore, it can run up to 57% longer than brushed models, due to its high-performance transmission. This drilling tool has many more features of convenient handle grip, long-lasting nitro carburized metal ratcheting clamps, and three-mode LED with spotlight mode, sealed switches supports to prevent you from contamination, dust, and humidity. This greatest DeWalt brushless drill is in 4.7 pounds only.

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  • High-efficiency brushless motor.
  • 0389250 BPM for fast drilling in brickwork materials.
  • LED light with spotlight mode.
  • The battery is sold separately. 
  • Charger sold separately.
  • The nominal voltage is 18.
  • The maximum battery voltage is 20 without a workload.


  • This tool does not come in the market with a battery.
  • Some individuals have to face pain with the clutch. 

3. Makita XPH07Z 18VLXT Brushless Hammer Diver-Drill

Makita XPH07Z 18VLXT Brushless Hammer Diver-Drill

Every drill machine has its own special features that are distinguishable from other drilling instruments. One may buy this gadget according to need and situation, for example, sometimes, electricity cannot reach a certain point, so a chargeable drill is more important but also a long time battery is required then this device eventually becomes more convenient for those who prefer a chargeable tool with a long-run battery. Besides, it has a superfluous property of a 3-mode LED display that enables you to monitor the charging level of the battery. Successively it has superb excellence feature of long time battery life with the power of an 18V LXT Lithium Lon battery.  

This hammer drill has two-speed conduction capable of 0-550 or 0-2100RPM.

This efficient half-inch drill has a 1090 pounds of max rotating force. One more benefit that makes it rank among the best drills for concrete is that the trigger pressure of the motor allows the user to get the best speed as required. However, stay watchful as its reverse mode can split through concrete with a force that can effortlessly lose control on the higher setting. It is also noteworthy that this tool is sold as an alone machine so a separate battery must be bought by the purchaser if he does not an 18V LXT battery.

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  • The trigger is very easy to use.
  • The battery level can be viewed on the tool.
  • Two variable speeds are capable of 0-550 or 0-2100RPM.
  • 3-Mode LED.


  • Separate buy battery 18V LXT.
  • Separate buy drill bits.
  • Reverse mode rips control.

4. Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 Fuel Hammer Drill

Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 Fuel Hammer Drill

This fuel hammer is a powerful tool for professional users i.e., plumbers, electricians, and carpenters can perform their work with competence and consistency. The Milwaukee brushless motor is capable of 1200lbs of the max rotating hammer which uses Red Lithium batteries. Its battery has long-lasting time. The drill motor helps to get the task completed very quickly because of its best feature of a smart checking system. This prohibits the drill from damage, overheating, and power overloads. Another feature that brings it to parallel with the best drills for concrete is that it is very affordable. Two more interesting structures are that due to the screw drive selector this fuel hammer drill has a variable chuck giving the user a competitive edge over other drill machines.

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  • Capable of 1200lbs of the maximum rotating hammer.
  • Smart checking system.
  • Long-life charge.


  • The chuck on this drill has suffered some issues. 

5. DeWalt DWD520K Corded 10, 0 Amp Hammer Drill

DeWalt DWD520K Corded 10, 0 Amp Hammer Drill

Due to its compatibility, effectiveness, and being powerful for daily base users we have ranked it among the best drills for concrete in our catalog. This half-inch 10 Amp best-corded hammer drill kit is ideal with respect to its lots of excellent features such as max rotating range according to desire, two-speed range, and soft handle grip of two-finger at the trigger. It also has the aptitude to protect itself from overheating, electric shark, and overload. Because of its quality feature, it is very approachable for users for masonry projects as well as home applications. When it comes to the handling of larger settings, it has a well-matched ability to turn its side grip into 360 degrees. Even though, it cannot be used for soft surfaces like drywall but very effectively does the work on solid surfaces similar to hard kinds of woods, walls, ceramic tiles, bricks, and hard surfaces.

Furthermore, it has three years warranty and available in colors like yellow, black, and silver. And an additional feature of this compact article is that it comes in low weight i.e., 3.65 pounds. But there is an issue with this tool that if you can use this drill for a long time hour on the hardest surface it can be overheated. It is very earsplitting, so may exploit your listening power. Thereby using this hammer drill, you have to use ear protection because of its noise. One other minor issue is that the manufacturer sells this as a bare tool. Therefore, the buyers must have to purchase the battery separately. Though the model of this drill first came in 2004 but still very popular due to its salient features.

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  • Easy to use
  • Relaxed grip with the two-finger trigger.
  • 2-speed range; high speed for drilling and torque mode.
  • Compatible motor design 50% more power with increased overload protection.
  • Light weighed; 3.65 pounds. 
  • Style hammer kit. 


  • Need to buy a drill battery for it separately.
  • Detached bit kit at buying time.
  • The biggest problem of noise.
  • Overheat, when used for long-duration

Final Verdict

Well, Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Corded Rotary Hammer is number one in our list of best drills for concrete. Helping you accomplish the toughest task these are the lightest weight tools available. Their multi-mode operations and ergonomic handle assist the user in various kinds of masonry jobs.

Additionally, its SDS plus bit system offers gadget-free bit changes with automatic bit locking thereby enabling its dust protection and maximum energy transfer feature. You can also visit our related articles on the best cordless drill, best cordless drill under £100, best cordless drill under $50, best impact driver for automotive use, and the best cordless drill for home use.