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best gas hedge trimmers

Best Gas Hedge Trimmers

Gas tools are always the top picks if big jobs are needed to be done. The gas tools may seem too heavy but they are way portable and easy to operate than any other tools. If you have a big yard with thick foliage ready to be trimmed then, gas hedge trimmers should be your pick. Here is a review of the best gas hedge trimmers available in the market.

Best gas hedge trimmers:

It is a tough choice to select the correct tool that best suits your needs. There are a number of options available in the market and some might exceed your budgets as well. We have carefully listed the best gas hedge trimmers for our viewers.

1. Tanaka 2-C Gas Hedge Trimmer

Tanaka 2-C Gas Hedge Trimmer

Tanaka TCH22EAP2 is the top pick among all other tools listed here. It is all in one kind of package available in the market. Some hedge trimmers had very large engines while others were very noisy or quite expensive. Tanaka 2C is a combined value deal when it comes to its price, features, and size combined.

This hedge trimmer has a double-sided blade that helps in cutting the foliage in the best form and best way. This strong machine has a medium size and weight therefore, it allows you to work for a longer time without having to stop your work. It has a forward-facing exhaust installed as well, which helps in avoiding burns. So this makes it a fairly good deal. But there is just one apprehension while you are using it and it is that it might feel a bit heavier when the user is in a haste.

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  • It has a dual-faced blade for a better cut
  • Affordable price so overall a good value deal
  • This is quite light weighed
  • It prevents burns with its forward-facing exhaust


  • Although at a few angles, it can be a bit heavy to carry and operate.

2. Poulan Cycle

Poulan Cycle

Poulan Pro PR2322 is one of the cheapest gas hedge trimmers available in the market and that brings it in the list of the best gas hedge trimmers. Trust us when we say that this machine delivers its outcomes that pay back each and every penny that you have spent on it. You can buy very expensive machines and not get the expected results but this one will never disappoint you. It also has a dual-blade. The design is quite versatile. Although it takes some heavy effort to get started once it starts working, it goes like the speed of light.

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  • It performs very well as compared to other machinery.
  • Affordable price
  • It is also dual bladed, providing it a unique feature to stand out


  • Starting the hedge trimmer can be a bit tricky and tough

3. Husqvarna Dual Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna Dual Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna 122HD60 is your pick if you are a proud owner of the landscaping business. It is one of the best gas hedge trimmers for commercial use. The machine is powered by a very powerful engine system, making it power-efficient. The user gets a clean and nice cut, thanks to the dual-sided blades. Also, the speed of the machine is very fast and works like magic when a professional uses it. Moreover, the Husqvarna 122HD60 is fuel-efficient as well. This feature is no doubt an amazing catch for the businesses who believe in saving money from where ever we can.

Although the weight is evenly distributed the machine is still quite heavy.

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  • The machine is very durable and resilient
  • It is fuel-efficient, making it one of the best gas hedge trimmer.
  • The engine is quite powerful
  • It is also dual bladed


  • The machine is quite hefty

4. Echo Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

Echo Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

Echo HC-152 is a gas-powered hedge trimmer that comes with sufficient power to run through the fields and not get exhausted so easily. Also, it functions pretty well as compared to other machines of the same category. Although the starting engine voice is a bit unpleasant once it starts, there are no such complaints faced by the users. Furthermore, the weight of the machine is quite evenly distributed throughout thus, preventing the machine to get tired easily. This one is too equipped with a dual blade. These dual blades are shorter than others.

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  • The weight of the machine is evenly distributed making it well balanced
  • The machine turns on very easily
  • Performance of the hedge trimmer is pretty amazing overall
  • It has dual blades giving a nice and clean cut.


  • It has shorter blades than other best gas hedge trimmer.

5. PROYAMA 5 in 1 Set:

PROYAMA 5 in 1 Set

 PROYAMA Gas Hedge Trimmer is a 5 in 1 set that includes gas hedge trimmer, string trimmer, brush cutter, and chainsaw pruner. This multiple tool combo makes it an overall catch. If a user needs all of these tools then, definitely this is the top pick for him or her. But if you need only one of those things then, this is not a pick for you but just a lost cause. One more fact to be kept in mind is that when combo deals are offered by any company then, they have to compromise on the performance. In this case, you will get five tools in the price of one tool so spend only if you want all these tools.

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  • It is a multi-purpose combination kit tool that makes it very unique and versatile
  • It comes with loads of opportunities


  • It has a lot of parts to be kept and used carefully
  • Performance is not as good as promised 
  • The overall value deal is not good enough

6. ToolTuff 24″ Blade

ToolTuff Blade Hedge Trimmer is the pick for the conventional users. It comes with an internal combustion engine, which produces exhaust fumes. This engine produces a lot of noise throughout the time of functioning so if you are planning to go for this one then, do buy ear protection for yourself as well. Also, the machine is quite heavy, weighing 13 pounds. Also, these 13 pounds are just not evenly distributed. Just like the traditional machinery, it takes quite an effort to start this machine. The price is quite less as compared to the rest.


  • The price range is quite affordable


  • It is very tough to start its engine
  • The machine is very heavy
  • Also, the weight distribution is very poor making it very unstable one
  • It produces a lot of noise pollution

7. XtremepowerUS

XtremepowerUS 26cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer is one of the cheapest gas hedge trimmers. Again the price of any machine is really important when you are buying it as it is a one-time investment. Everyone wants to get a machine in an affordable price range with efficient working. This trimmer is the most affordable one so far. It is powered with a big and hefty engine. The plus point is that its performance is amazing. The machine is power-efficient as well.

XtremepowerUS claims to work quietly, which is true when you compare its noise with other gas hedge trimmers. It is heavy and not a reliable built. Moreover, it is very difficult to start the machine.


  • The machine is quite cheap in price


  • It floods quite easily
  • The built is not durable because of poor construct
  • It is quite a heavy weighing.

We hope that these reviews will help you in buying the best gas hedge trimmer to suit your demands. You can also check our reviews on Best Commercial Lawn Mower and Best Zero Turn Mower Under 3000. Just remember to look for the power usage, engine models and built of the hedge trimmer that you buy. Above everything, it should suit your pocket. Happy shopping!

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