Best MIG Welder

best mig welder
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Metal Inert Gas welding or MIG welding is one of the most common industrial and domestic applications. Extensively used for fabrication works, MIG welding provides a boost in working speed, reduced cost, and operator ease. So if you’re looking for one that fits your need then you’ve come to the right webpage!

Here we’ll be discussing the best MIG welders available on the market, along with the best-priced ones too. We will be only listing the most successful and top-rated MIG welders, so no matter which one you choose, you still get the very best of what is available.

MIG Welding

Whether for home or professional use, MIG welding is mostly used because it fuses most metals easily and quickly. Its speedy pace is what makes it stand out from Tungsten Inert Gas or TIG welding. Plus it’s easy to operate. Even if you’re new to welding, you could easily learn how to weld within an hour of practice. Moreover, it’s cheap, and that is also why it’s in high demand.

Top 5 Best MIG Welders

1. Millermatic 211 MIG WELDER

Millermatic 211 MIG WELDER


Millermatic 211 is undoubtedly the best MIG welder. One of the reasons that make it one of the greatest welding plants is its versatility to run on both 220 and 110 input voltages. When running on 220 volts, the Millermatic 211 offers a 40 % duty cycle at 150 amps, and when it is running on 110 volts, it still offers a decent 20 percent duty cycle at 115 amps.

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Various Features

The Millermatic 211 comes with some great features which provide convenience during welding. One of them is the Auto Spool Gun DetectTM, a technology that detects automatically whenever a spool gun is attached, so you don’t have to worry about having a switch. Secondly, in case the rectifier or the transformer overheats during operation, the thermal overload protection system will automatically turn off the output power, eliminating accidental damages.

Soundless & Weightless

Its welding process is almost soundless because it runs so quietly and its lightweight design means it’s extremely portable. For professionals needing to move all around the site, this little welder serves as the best option.

Robust Device

With welding up to 3/8 inches of steel thickness, the Milermatic 211 is a solid tool for serious jobs in the fabrication and construction domain. With so many features and such performance, the Millermatic 211 proves to be the best.


Millermatic provides a generous 3-year limited warranty on the 211 MIG welder.

2. Hobart Ironman 230 MIG Welder

Hobart Ironman 230 MIG Welder


Offering an extensive range of power output from 30 amps to 250 amps, the Hobart Ironman 230 is a true heavy-duty welder with exceptional build quality.

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Professional tool

For ease of starting up the machine, an arc-initiating system has been installed to provide a smoother striking. By the look of it, you can imagine that this is a welder made for handling professional jobs.

Weight and Power Output ease

It can easily load up to a 44-pound wire spool and comes with a 15-foot long connection. For user ease, the power regulator has been fitted with adjustable notches so that the operator can easily select between power outputs even with gloves on.


Hobart offers a 5-year warranty on this welder, and with the performance this machine delivers, it easily ranks among the best MIG welders on the market.

3. Forney 190 MP MIG Welder

Forney 190 MP MIG Welder

Multi-purpose Machine

Forney is an old American brand providing quality machines from the early 1930s. With the 190 MP welding plant, Forney provides a multi-purpose machine capable of DC TIG, Stick, and MIG welding with an output rating extended to 190 amps.

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Dual Voltage

It is also dual voltage, meaning you can easily plug it in whether you have a 110 volts input supply or 220 volts. This welder is shipped along with a hose and a regulator so that you can start with your MIG welding jobs firsthand, although you will need a gas cylinder that is not included in the shipment. For TIG welding, you will only need to purchase the pedal for the wire speed and the TIG torch, and then you are all good to go.

Best quality

This welder’s best quality is its 100% duty cycle provided at 85 amps. This will allow you to easily perform continuous welding on steel thicknesses up to 1/8 of an inch. It also accepts 8-inch and 4-inch wire spools and has been fitted with a completely aluminum wire drive setup. At an input voltage set to 240 Volts, you can run welding rods up to 5/32-inches.


This is a very capable welder, and with a 5-year warranty, Forney offers their best MIG welder on sale.   

4. Lincoln Electric Pro MIG 180 MIG Welder

Lincoln Electric Pro MIG 180 MIG Welder

Solid Machine

Lincoln Electric is a well-known name in the market of welding machines. With the Pro MIG 180, Lincoln offers a very solid welder for serious welding jobs.

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Amazing Features

To start with, the Pro MIG 180 comes with completely brass-made connections and a rugged metal wire drive. Everything you would find on this welder is of exquisite quality. From the stainless steel hinges and the protected circuit board to the thicker metal casing, every part of this machine has been built to last. It easily overwhelms its competition with the quality it offers.

Power Output

Moving on to performance figures, the Lincoln Pro MIG 180 is equipped with a variable output range from 30 amps to 180 amps, which means you can effortlessly manage all your welding tasks from metallic sheets on vehicle body panels to complete chassis fabrication. It is capable of welding steel up to a thickness of half of an inch, which makes it truly stand out from its competition. Plus you will never have to worry about the automatic thermal shutdown since it produces a duty cycle of 30 percent at 130 amps, making all your domestic jobs a piece of cake.  

More Modern Specs

This welder is supplied with a decent 3.3m connection along with a Harris regulator. For ease of starting up the machine, an arc-initiating system has been installed by Lincoln Electric which gives the operator enough time to adjust the settings without any splatter.


This welder can support both flux core and MIG welding since it includes the nozzles for both setups and comes with a limited 3-year warranty.

5. Everlast Powermig 200 MIG Welder

Everlast Powermig 200 MIG Welder

Input Voltage & Weight

Whether you want to operate with a 110 input voltage or a 220 volts one, this great welder can operate on both input voltages, yet it weighs only 35 pounds thanks to its inverter system. Plus you can use it for both MIG welding as well as stick welding or flux core welding.  

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Convenient Machine

The Everlast Powermig 200 is designed to weld up to 3/8 inches of metal thickness in a single go. It comes with a convenient burn-back control system that alters the wire length by itself whenever the welder restarts. It also features a spatter-reducing control system and twin digital display units for better convenience.

Outstanding Features

To enhance weld quality, a pre-flow and post-flow system are incorporated, by controlling the gas shielding in such a way that it starts before the arc becomes active and stops after the arc deactivates. This reduces porosity and produces a better welding seal. The wire feed length is adjusted before you attempt another pass with the machine with the help of the burn-back control system. And the digital display gives you real-time values of wire speed and voltage.


This welder has been created for both professional and domestic purposes. With a gas regulator also fitted and a generous 3-year warranty, this welder has a lot to offer for its price.

These are the top five best MIG welders available for sale in the market. But being the best also means being expensive, so now let’s also check some of the more affordable welders the market has to offer.

Best MIG Welder for the money 2020

1. Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder

Multi-purpose Machine

The Hobart Handler 140 provides a balance between professional performance and backyard needs. This welder is capable of welding steel up to a thickness of ¼ inches with its 140-amp power. It can be used as a MIG welder as well as a flux core welder.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of this welder is 20 percent at 90 amp, which is ample power for doing most of the work you’ll ever be needing to do for domestic purposes. However, if you are more into piping or frame welding, then this will not get your job done. It is more suited to basic welding jobs such as vehicle body repairing, welding pipe fittings, and brackets.

Best Features

Its compact size makes it super easy to move it around and its 110 input voltage setting allows you to make good use of the available power supply at your home. You can also power this welder without any hassle with a 4k watt generator, adding to your convenience. The wire drive is aluminum-based, available in 8 inch and 4-inch spools, with a wide range of wire gauges to choose from.


With a 3-year warranty and decent welding package, the Hobart Handler 140 makes it in first place in our hunt for best MIG welder for the money.

2. Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i MIG Welder

Cost-effective & Lightweight

One of the most domestically used and widely acceptable welders is the Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i. The FC-I stands for flux core inverter, which is the technology used in this machine to make operation efficient and cost-friendly. So even at just 19 pounds, it can deliver a maximum output power of an astounding 140 amps.

Minor Drawback

However, there is a drawback, and that is it’s lacking the MIG welding option. It only supports flux core welding, and that is weaker and rougher than its counterpart. An evaporating flux provides shielding for the welding in this process, although this difference is of little value when taking basic house jobs in mind. But if its stainless steel or aluminum welding you are looking forward to, then flux core welding will be of no use to you and you will need a proper MIG welder for it.

Bargain for the Price

Even without connecting to a 220 voltage input supply, the Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i produces a remarkable 140 amps output, which is capable of welding steel up to a quarter of an inch. And at 90 amps, you get a 30 percent duty cycle, which is quite a bargain at this price.


Forney provides a 1-year limited warranty on this welder.

3. Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder

Noteworthy Specs

One of the most serious welding plants for demanding jobs is the Hobart Handler 190. Shipped ready for instant use, the Handler 190 comes with a ten-foot-long gas hose and a twin gauge regulator. For MIG works, Hobart has provided a SpoolRunner as an option, which is a spool gun offering direct plugging connectivity without any need for a special kit for working on aluminum-based stuff.

Voltage Control

It has a variable voltage control setting, with seven different voltages to choose from along with a twin-spool drive featuring easy change option and a ten feet long MIG torch connection and lead wire.

Duty Cycle

As far as the duty cycle is concerned, this welder offers a 30 percent at 130 amps, which is enough for most welding jobs, meaning you will not be facing any downtime due to thermal shutdown. It has a built-in gas control solenoid and will mount twin grooved spools of 8-inch or either 4-inch.


The best MIG welder for the money that provides great value since it comes with a great 5-year warranty and a supplied MIG kit.

4. LOTOS MIG140 MIG Welder

Inexpensive Machine

Offering a great welder at a significantly lower price, the LOTOS MIG140 competes with the Hobart Handler 140. Mounting 8-inch and 4-inch spools and featuring aluminum-based wire feed, the LOTOS MIG140 is similarly matched with the Hobart Handler 140 however, it provides a 30% duty cycle at 80amps whereas Hobart offers a more convenient 20% duty cycle at 90 amps.

Dual-purpose Welder

Moreover, the LOTOS is also able to perform gas MIG welding, and if equipped with a discretionary spool gun, can also weld aluminum.

Great Features

For operator ease, this welder is fitted with twin digital units that display the set amperage reading and the other one provides the wire speed. Another great feature of the LOTOS MIG140 is its 4T/2T setting. With the switch set to 4T, you can weld effortlessly without the need for holding down the trigger, allowing you to place a fine welding finish.

Comparability & Warranty

The reason why the LOTOS MIG140 ranks lower than the Hobart Handler 140 is that the Hobart comes with a Miller regulator, offers a greater duty cycle rating, and provides a 3-year warranty, besides being USA-made whereas the LOTOS comes with a 1-year warranty, plus it’s made in China. If you can ignore the country of origin and the warranty, then this is a great value for money.

5. Hobart Handler 100 MIG Welder

Simple Welder

If you are looking for some basic welding jobs at your home shop, with no intention of pouring too much load on the welder then the Hobart Handler 100 is a great fit for your requirements.

It can weld steel up to a thickness of 3/16-inch.

Power & Duty Cycle

The power can deliver ranges from 30 amps to 100 amps and with such amperage, you can painlessly fuse objects such as door hinges. At 45 amps the Hobart Handler 100 delivers a 60% duty cycle, allowing you to avail yourself enough time for managing tasks where you have a lot of welding to be covered. However, this machine is a flux core welder only, which means it lacks the full MIG capability. The difference is small to the average homeowner, but that is because it is designed for a very undemanding job, and is undoubtedly among best MIG welder for the money.


The warranty on the transformer though is a 5-year one, and with spare parts available readily, this welder proves to be a great choice for the average user.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a more affordable option, then you should take a look at the Hobart Handler 140 or the Forney Easy Weld 140, which will get your work done provided it is not too demanding. If you just need a basic welder to perform very casual jobs or just to learn to weld at all, then the Hobart Handler 100 is a great machine to start with. However, for more serious tasks, the Hobart Ironman 230 is a powerhouse for delivering amperage up to 250 amps along with exceptional build quality.

There you have it, a complete detailed list of the best MIG welders and best MIG welder for the money available on the market. Whatever your requirement may be, these are all great welders and if you know which one suits your needs the best, you can just go ahead and buy one for yourself. Here’re some related articles for you on the best MIG welder for beginners, best MIG welder for home use, best MIG welder under $500, best MIG welder under $1000, best MIG welder for ½ steel, and best budget MIG welder.