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Best Plasma Cutter under 500

best plasma cutter for the money
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These days plasma cutter is an adaptable apparatus and one of the must-have things for each welder. In case you’re one of the numerous welders that dread cutting metals, you’ll be eager to find out about the chance to put resources into the best plasma cutter under 500 available. Remember to get a general gander at the best plasma cutters. These plasma cutters are incredible, solid, and prepared to take care of business quicker than you at any point thought conceivable.

To get started with a cutting job, there are not many things that keep us from the most ideal result. You should comprehend these issues to overcome it and find an answer by purchasing a superior item with points of interest over those issues. Inverter plasma cutting machines as a rule is effective and expend less force on contrasting and ordinary cutters.

8 Best Plasma Cutter Under 500

Here is the list of 8 best plasma cutters under 500 which have their own positives that will wipe away your previous issues with plasma cutters.

1. Forney Easy Weld 251 20 P Plasma Cutter

Forney Easy Weld 251 20 P Plasma Cutter

Forney’s Easy Weld 251 20 P plasma cutter has been made particularly well for what it’s intended for. In case you’re cutting anything 1/4″ and less, it will float through it with basically no exertion and produce a well put together edge finish. It can cut corroded or painted metal, yet it doesn’t cut it so well. The size of the torch and clasp lead is all that anyone could need for what most clients by and large need, and there are expansions you can buy independently, which carries assorted variety to this welder.

Moreover, it is easy to use, all you need is a 120-volt power source and 1.5 CFM of packed air. The underlying controller and air dryer make the activity a breeze and it has drag torch technology which allows you to drag cutting tip in direct contact with the metal you’re cutting for smooth predictable clean cuts. It’s one of the best plasma cutters under 500 you can get.

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  • Eight-foot ground lead.
  • Cuts corroded/painted metal.
  • The drag torch innovation.
  • Conservative structure 15″ x 8″ x 12″.
  • It Weighs 21.5 pounds.
  • One year warranty.


  • Just 110/120 volt input.
  • Max 20-amp yield.

2. Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter

Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter

We especially like the Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp plasma cutter since it’s little and light, simple to use, and will cut anything spotless or filthy under 3/4″ thick. It cuts with packed air and can utilize 110/120 volt or 220/240 volt contribution, with a 10-to 50-amp yield at the greatest 60% obligation cycle.

In any case, the spotless completion it leaves on each cut 1/2″ and less is noteworthy. It skims through cuts easily, and it even works superbly cutting sheet metal as meager as 0.1mm thick, which is uncommon to discover. It’s one of the best plasma cutter available.

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  • It clean cuts through corroded/painted metal.
  • Non-contact pilot circular segment.
  • The 13′ torch lead.
  • Tidy cut up to 1/2″.
  • It weighs 26 pounds.
  • Stalemate application.
  • Incorporates air channel controller.


  • Six-foot ground lead.
  • Not the best deadlock accessible.

3. Prime Weld  Ct520D Plasma Cutter

Prime Weld  Ct520D Plasma Cutter

This plasma cutter is an exactness shaper with an advanced inverter that can tidy slice up to 1/2″ metal. This plasma cutter can slice through Stainless steel, combination steel, mellow steel, copper aluminum, and other metal materials effortlessly. The decent variety somewhere in the range of 110v and 220v ensures that this gadget is really versatile. Structured by experts, the bend shaper takes care of business as it accompanies the MOSFET semiconductor which is unmistakably more solid and productive.

This machine requires less cleaning, less support, and less fire danger. The plasma cutter works at a high recurrence along these lines getting further into materials is simpler than other plasma cutters.

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  • It is a multi-reason machine.
  • The 13′ torch lead.
  • 11′ ground lead.
  • It has drag torch innovation.
  • It weighs 35.7 pounds.
  • One year warranty.


  • The cuts aren’t very spotless.
  • Meager and light leads.

4. SUNGOLDPOWER 50A Plasma Cutter

SUNGOLDPOWER 50A Plasma Cutter

The SUNGOLDPOWER 50A plasma shaper works very well for an inferior quality welder and can cut just as most welders in this value go. It costs not exactly most of the plasma cutters, however the outcomes are on the lower end of the scale as well. It’s valuable to have the choices of 110/120 and 220/240 volt info, and it can cut off 3/4″ areas of steel, however it leans towards 1/2″ segments to create a pleasant completion.

Generally, it’s one of the most reduced estimated choices, and if the cost is all you’re worried about, then it’s the best plasma cutter under 500 at a cheap price and good quality and also, it’s a very reasonable decision.

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  • It weighs 23.9 pounds.
  • Smaller structure 3″ x 10.2″ x 15.8″ .
  • One-year guarantee.
  • Max 3/4″ cut steel.
  • 110/120 and 220/240 volt input.
  • The LCD show screen.


  • 11′ torch lead.
  • Six-foot ground lead.
  • Contact start.

5. SUPER DEAL CUT 50 Plasma Cutter

SUPER DEAL CUT 50 Plasma Cutter

SUPER DEAL is a cutting and welding machine which accompanies effectiveness of 85% utilizing computerized inverter innovation. You will get more an incentive for your cash than everything else in the market since it ships with a larger number of extras than different items in the market which incorporates a pneumatic stress controller, establishing brace, 2 plasma tips, Cutting light LG-40, Chipping hammer, Wire brush, Welding face cover, pressure lessening valve, and a force card which can be connected to either 220v fitting or a 110v attachment. The weight measure will give the data the gaseous tension.

You’ll be intrigued to perceive what this tiny versatile machine can do as it wizzes directly through the metal with no trouble. This gadget can slice through an inch of metal thickness effortlessly and furthermore gives a neat and tidy.

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  • It has drag torch innovation.
  • Minimized structure 5″ x 11″ x 13.5.”
  • 110/120 and 220/240 volt input.
  • It weighs 24.4 pounds.
  • Super deal cuts rusty and painted metals with ease.
  • One-year guarantee.


  • Six-foot ground lead.
  • Variable torch lead length: six, eight, or 11 feet.

6. HITBOX 40A Plasma Cutter

The HITBOX Plasma Cutter 40A 220V Electric DC Inverter is certainly on the most reduced finish of the value go scale and it is an expert and one of the best plasma cutters. The most extreme cutting thickness of this plasma shaper is 16mm, and the spotless cutting is 12mm. It is reasonable to cut metal plates in different courses, for example, hardened steel, combination steel, mellow steel, copper, aluminum, electrifies pipe, and so on.

HOTBOX plasma shaper accompanied the gaseous tension controller, you don’t need to introduce a pneumatic stress controller. Ready to work when the outer pneumatic force is excessively high. Outfitted with LCD advanced presentation and compact handle make it extremely simple to utilize and convey.


  • 220/240 volt input.
  • It weighs 22.1 pounds.
  • Conservative structure – 2″ x 12.6″ x 16.9″.
  • It’s very moderate.
  • Max 40-amp yield.


  • No 110/120 volt input.
  • No guarantee.

7. Hero Cut  Plasma Cutter

The Hero Cut is the one best plasma cutter under 500 we’ve run over. It’s incredibly cheap, settling on it a decent decision for metalworkers on a tight spending plan and first-time plasma shaper clients the same. Even better, it’s very convenient – this is by a wide margin the most lightweight plasma cutter we evaluated. The Hero Cut likewise utilizes inverter innovation inside to boost your security.

The Hero Cut accompanies all that you requirement for gathering, the bit of leeway to the slight cutting capacity is that the shaper just should be wired to a standard 110-volt outlet to accomplish a 0.3-inch profundity. And, after its all said and done, it’s ready to pull up to 30 amps of current and can continue a 60% obligation cycle, which is comparable to a lot bigger plasma cutters.


  • It is quite amazingly little and lightweight.
  • The inverter innovation.
  • It’s very reasonable.
  • Can be wired to a standard home outlet.


  • Excessively frail for some thick metal sheets.
  • No LCD screen.

8. VIVOHOME Portable DC Inverter Plasma Cutter

The VIVOHOME plasma cutter is another version of the upset device, with a couple of helpful changes. To begin with, it’s versatile. The unit can be wired to either 110-volt or 220-volt power and has a switch and dial that can be utilized in the show to dial in your yield current. At full force, the unit has a slicing capacity of up to a large portion of an inch. In any case, remember that the obligation cycle isn’t evaluated and there’s no temperature marker light. In this way, you’ll be cautious about not exhausting the unit.

The cutter accompanies nearly all that you have to begin working, including a welding face cover and goggles for security. In any case, there is one important segment missing, there’s no tubing to the interface from the air contribution to your air blower.


  • It can be introduced on CNC machine.
  • The cutting capacity is up to 0.5 inches.
  • It’s highly portable.
  • Comes with welding shield and goggles.


  • Doesn’t accompany air tubing.
  • No handle for conveying.


With numerous plasma cutters to browse online at unfathomably extraordinary value runs, it’s a test making sense of which one’s the best plasma cutter under 500 to purchase. It’s simpler on the off chance that you recognize what the distinctions are between everyone and get rid of them dependent on what you’ll utilize one for. You can also visit our related articles on the best plasma cutter, the best plasma cutter with built in compressor, and the best plasma cutter for the money.