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best single stage snow blower

Best Single Stage Snow Blower

If you live in a region where you have to face a lot of snowfall then a snowblower is a basic essential for you. Whether you need to clear your driveway or there’s more than enough snow iced in your garden, a snowblower will come in handy. Single-stage snow blowers are best for clearing small to mid-sized walkways and driveways and are designed for clearing reasonable snows. And now it’s time to determine which model would work best for you.
Every snowblower has unique features that can make it difficult to decide amongst them. This article will assist you in finding the best single stage snow blower you are looking for.

Best Single Stage Snow Blower 2020

2020 is the year for online shopping due to the recent pandemic issue going on all over the world. People are looking for review-based options when it comes to shopping nowadays. It’s because they can only rely on that when buying things online now.

If you’re someone who is looking for the best single stage snow blower in 2020 then look no more! Single-stage snow blowers range from being electrically-powered, gas-powered, to being battery-powered. The best single-stage snow blowers are as followed:

1. Toro 38381

Toro 38381

Toro 38381 is the invention of the top brand of US electric snow blowers. It is very impactful, clearing up to 700 pounds of snow per minute, and is ideal for tracks, gardens, and small walkways. This single stage snow blower has a power curve technology that lets it clean the pathways right away and prevents unnecessary blockage in the mechanism. It can throw the snow away for up to 30 feet. 

This product is extremely convenient to use with its lightweight body and easy assembly and features a 160-degree detachable chute for the best possible direction of control. This single stage snow blower can clean the pavements effectively with having a clearing width of 18 inches. 

Toro 38381 snowblower can be easily stored anywhere and transported due to its body’s lightweight which is only 25 pounds. This is a quick and efficient product. The available drainage system allows for custom snow distribution, and its aerodynamically designed handle makes it simpler and comfy to use. Toro 38381 electric snow blower is maintenance-free and comes with a warranty of two years.

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2. Honda Power Equipment HS720AA

Honda Power Equipment HS720AA

This gas-powered single-stage snowblower offers a powerful Honda engine that can start rapidly even in cold weather. This is effective for functionality, which requires minimally low start-up effort. Further including a 204-degrees deflector, enabling you to choose the path of the unneeded snow. This snow blower has the power to clear up to 20 inches of snow and to shoot up to 33 feet of snow. Its rubber plunger enables the collection of every amount of snow without any additional effort. Your neighbors won’t get disturbed due to its low noise technology. Honda power equipment single-stage snowblower consumes less fuel as it purely works on gas. 

Honda Power Equipment HS720AA single-stage gas-powered snow blower is a heavy-duty machine that weighs about 90 pounds which is quite astonishing for a powerful machine like this. This best single stage snow blower is made of pure steel. It also comes with a two-year warranty which is a plus point for the customers as well. 

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3. Power Smart DB5023

Power Smart DB5023

The Power Smart single-stage snow blower features a robust 13-amp motor. The motor is capable of covering a large surface area. Clearing up to 18 inches long and 8 inches deeper. It means that it is reducing driving effort. It can also fit wider pathways with lesser snowfall. Its auger is also rubber-tipped, making it very reliable to pick up snow near to the ground, dumping up to 30 feet of snow.

Responding to the demands of its rivals, it provides a 180-degree flexible chute. The chute enables you to track the path of unneeded snow. Its foam-coated handgrip makes driving power comfy in the winter season. And it’s very large supplementary cord makes it easy to carry.

Power Smart single-stage electric snow blower is extremely light in weight. Its total weight is only 37 pounds. It also comes with a warranty for one year which is a good thing for a machine portable like this. It surely is the third best single stage snow blower

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Best Single Stage Gas Snow Blower

Choosing between gas and electric snow blower is one of the first things you should consider. The benefit of gas is that you’re not limited to the length of any type of wires, making the unit easier to navigate. Motors that come with gas-powered snow blowers are much stronger than electrical ones.

Single-stage gas snow blowers are best for large and big areas. So if you have a huge amount of space that requires clearing, this could be the best choice for you. Some gas-powered snow blowers need extra repair and protection. Especially when stored in hotter seasons. Let’s check out the best single stage gas snow blower/throwers

1. Yard Machines 31A-2M1E700

This manufacturing brand produces high-quality products since 1958. The Yard Machines snow blower clears snow with a width of 21 inches and a depth of up to 13 inches of snow. This single-stage gas snow blower has a power of 123cc OHV 4-cycle gasoline motor. Its fixed unit with a self-propelled auger ensures fast movement. And also a leak-resistant chute.

It comes with an easy to start, push-button technology. This gas-powered single-stage snowblower features robust tires built for clearing ice and hardened snow. Yard Machines gas snow blower is extremely lighter in weight having to weigh around 58 pounds only. 

EZ Manual Chute Control features to put clear snow in the direction you want. Built with 7 “x 1.5” wheels to provide traction when addressing harsh winter climatic conditions. It comes with a limited warranty of about two years which is commendable for a quality product like this. This is the second best single stage gas snow blower that is powered by gas.

2. Troy-Bilt Squall 208cc

Comprising of an electric starter, this gas-powered snow blower includes a 208cc 4-cycle motor for max output. Created for strength and reliability, this motor can clear snow of up to 13 inches deep, with a clearing breadth of 21 inches, concluding it to become the most productive best single stage gas snow blower available in the market and excellently worth every penny. 

Having the potential to deal with difficult circumstances, this model is consistent even in the toughest environment with wider wheels than many other 8 x 2 inches. Troy-Bilt Squall 208cc electric start single-stage gas snow blower’s EZ Chute controller allows tailored snow release modification with hardly any hard work.

Function with ease with this snow blower’s infinitely adjustable grip and folding handle. This gas-powered single-stage snow blower has a very sturdy and robust body weighing about 93 pounds. It also comes with a warranty backup of about two years which is again a plus point for this type of snow blowing machine.  

3. Poulan Pro 961840001

This gas snow blower is equipped with a 136cc LTC motor. This single-stage gas snow blower can remove up to 13 inches of snow with a width of 21 inches also making it best for larger areas and it can handle tougher snowfall compared with some other snow blowers. 

Unlike any of the other products listed so far, this snow blower’s powerful auger is capable of propelling the device forward while removing snow, making positioning even easier. Its comprehensive controls make it even easier to use in winter conditions with gloves. 

Poulan Pro 961840001 electric start, gas snow blower weighs 40.4 kg and is lighter than some other gas blowers. This snow blower model is ideal for smaller neighborhoods, paved roads, 2-4 car parking lots, and pathways. This is comparatively the third best single stage gas snow blower that is powered by gas.

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Best Electric Single Stage Snow Blower

If you have a connection to a power source, electric snow blowers do have their advantages. Very frequently, gas-powered snow blowers need electricity to startup, which means the power source will always be electrical. When you have a limited area, electrical snow blowers are often lightweight, which makes it easier to operate and hold. They also do not require any oil change or gas change that means no leakage or mess in the storage shed.

Electric snow blowers also cost lesser than gas blowers, which means that if you have a limited area and access to a power source, electric snow blowers will spare you some cash. Electric snow blowers are also gentler to your back since they are considered to be lightweight and smoother to operate than many gas-powered snow blowers. Let’s find out more about the best electric single stage snow blower:

1. Husqvarna 961830003

Say goodbye to sliding and slipping from the snow with this non-slip snowblower. Husqvarna snow blowers include a built-in path-drive mechanism that provides unparalleled propelling power on icy floors, slopes, and greater snow. The efficient trigger braking system allows the user to navigate every wheel individually for outstanding adaptability and a tough 180-degree turn. 

All controls and levers are put in arm’s access to offer extra stability and command. Start the engine by pressing the button and connecting the Husqvarna snow blower to the power outlet. Hydrodynamic compression and power shifting will guarantee steady functioning and the heating grips will make your unit more convenient to work with. When you’re bound to work in complete darkness, smart led headlamps will surely light up your way. The durable auger delivers top-notch results in both frozen and insanely moist snow.

Manage the vertical direction of throwing with the handle on the display. The gears and handles are optimized for the highest convenience and functionality, allowing for seamless and effective clearing of snow. This best electric single stage snow blower has a weight of about 97 pounds making it quite easy to handle and store this machine. 

2. Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E

The Snow Joe Ultra snowblower is a much more efficient version of its battery-operated version, ideal for someone who has to clear up a bigger space. With its effective 120 volts, the powerful 15-amp engine can clear up to 800 pounds of snow each minute. Its astonishingly lightweight mechanism makes working even more simper with a minimum weight of 37 pounds only.

Featuring the power of a fuel machine, this snowblower clears up to 12 inches deep and 21 inches wide snow, which makes clearing greater areas more accessible. With a LED light, this snow blower can be used efficiently during the night as well. Its auger comes with 2 propellers that add stability and ensures that no snow is left behind.

Ideal for fast snow pick-ups on medium-sized walkways and passageways. No petrol, fuel, or tune-ups make it seamless to start and manageable. The manufacturer of this snow blower that is Snow Joe, takes full warranty from the date of purchase for up to two years without any questions asked which the best deal, undoubtedly. 

3. WORX WG650

Fitted with an impactful 13-amp electric engine and a rubber-tipped steel auger, the WORX snowshoe can dump away up to 30 feet of snow. Clearing paths 9 inches deep and 18 inches wide, this snowblower is perfect for driveways and walkways. Shift the snow in any position you want with a smooth 180-degree chute rotation. The enlarged chute adjusting button is situated on the steering wheels that make it easy to move, even when wearing thick winter gloves.

Quick-grips adjusts the handlebar’s assembly, a breeze, without needing any tool. Three height adjustment option allows you to alter the handlebars to a convenient level, eliminating unwanted discomfort.

Compressed wheels give the WORX snowshoe adaptable movement and placement while taking up very little space. If not in use, the handle collapses down to conserve storage capacity. A durable structure enables the thrower to be hung safely on the wall of the storage shed. Its weight is also commendable by being very light in weight with weighing under 40 pounds. This electric-powered single-stage snow blower comes with a warranty too which adds to its overall value. This is surely the third best single stage snow blower when it comes to electrically powered ones. 

Best Single Stage Snow Blower – Battery Powered

You should consider the major factors before buying a battery-operated snow blower for your better convenience. Firstly, the product should be of a reputable brand that has a good name in the market. Secondly, the product should be light in weight and compact for you to carry it around easily. The third and main factor should be of its charging which should be for a maximum of one hour. Also, blower models with adjustable handles and headlights work best and are worthy of a purchase. 

Now let’s check out the battery-powered best single stage snow blower down below:

1. Snow Joe iON18SB 40-Volt iONMAX Cordless Brushless Kit

This is the top pick for the best battery powered single stage snow blower. Because of the following astonishing factors. Snow Joe was first established fifteen years ago. It is popular for the development of iON’s single-stage snow blowers. It is a product-named company, named after its number one top-selling product. The company declares that these are the first efficient, cordless snow blowers. And that they are matchless with any other battery-powered snow blowers.

It’s easy to operate this machine. And it’s easy to carry too because it has a lightweight of 32 pounds only. Snow Joe iON18SB 40-Volt iONMAX Snowblower Kit also has a 180-degree auto-rotating chute. It clears and throws snow up to 20 feet away. The snowblower has a pretty good sweeping range that is of 18 inches. It is also capable of pushing approx. 500 lbs. of snow a minute which is remarkable.

The unit is fitted with headlamps to clear the snow at any time of the day for your convenience. Snow Joe iON18SB 40-Volt iONMAX Cordless Brushless Single Stage Snowblower Kit is the number one choice for many after reading its powerful product information. 

2. PowerSmart DB2401

PowerSmart DB2401 Lithium-Ion 40V Cordless 18″ Snow Blower is one of its kind with outstanding features. This battery-powered single-stage snowblower requires no gas, no oil, and no cords to function. PowerSmart DB2401 throws the snow across 30 feet away which is magical in so many ways. 

This battery-powered single sage blower is easy to assemble, and with a weight of just 18.5 pounds, it’s comparatively easy to assemble. Its battery power is amazing with a running time of up to 25 minutes and just takes 70 minutes to be fully-charged and ready to be used again. 

This best battery powered single stage snow blower is that it comes with a two-year warranty policy which is quite a hit. This snow blower can rotate to 180 degrees which is another good feature of this PowerSmart model. 2200 revolutions per minute guarantee an efficient way to clear the path that is 11 inches wide. 

3. Single-stage Snapper XD Snow Blower 1697185

Snapper XD 82V MAX snowblower is another best when it comes to throwing snow away. It comes with a dual light fitting to clear the path easily with your sighting, with a clearing width of up to 20 inches and clearing depth of up to 10 inches. Snapper XD’s 180 degrees rotating shoot is adjustable for your ultimate convenience.

 This battery-powered single-stage snow blower can run up to 75 minutes with a charge time of only one hour which is amazing. That is comparatively the maximum time any other snow blowing machine can work for. It comes with the greatest warranty of 5 years. It starts with a single push button which will let you clear snow more effectively without having to wait for the snowblower to start its battery-powered machine first.

Snapper XD snow blower’s storage is also hassle-free, which comes with a collapsible handle function that you can pull out when you’re done using it. Single-stage Snapper XD Snow Blower’s weight is only 45b pounds which are relatively lesser than other snow blowers available in the market which makes it easier to work with. 

Best Deals on Snow Blowers

Recently, climate change has become unpredictable. For instance, some parts of the world get mild winters while others experience moderate to heavy snow-falls with freezing temperature drops. Whichever the scenario might be in your case, we have got you covered and after thorough research, we have discovered some of the best deals on snow blowers, which are currently available in the market.

A snow blower purchased off our list of the best deals on snow blowers would be a smart investment because it might come handy in such uncertain times. Here’s our detailed article on these best deals.


There are several types of single stage snow blowers adapted to various uses to make snow removal much simpler and quicker than a traditional shovel, not to overlook that they are gentler on the back. As single stage snow blowers grow, new technologies have been created to make everything simpler, which includes battery powered single stage snow blowers. When making investments in a new model, it is essential to choose the correct one that best suits your needs, and this product guide already has all the info you would need to find the perfect single-stage snowblower.

That sums up all the best single stage snow blower & best single stage gas snow blower that we selected for you guys. Hoping we cater to your needs regarding this topic and many others. Keep reading our jam-packed with knowledge, informative, detail guided articles, and don’t forget to give us your valuable feedback. We’ll be back with more exciting blogs for you to read and gain maximum information form.

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