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best snow blower for gravel driveway

Best Snow Blower for Gravel Driveway

Snow throwing machine is an integral piece of equipment for the people who reside in arctic regions where heavy snowfall is an unavoidable part of their lives and long driveways add up to the need for this machine. Thick snow blankets restrict movement so it has become very important for every household to own a snowblower. Choosing an appropriate durable snow blower is a difficult task but finding a suitable machine for gravel driveways is even trickier. In this article, several top-notch machines considered as the best snow blower for gravel driveway are reviewed to facilitate your market survey.

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best Snow Blower for Gravel Driveway

Number of Snow Blowing Levels

If you intend to acquire a snowblower for gravel driveways or for the heavy snow conditions then it’s extremely important to get a snow thrower that ensures efficient and smooth operation. Single-stage blowers offer only one stage of snow blowing, an auger system collects the snow from the ground and hurl it away from the passage. This type of snow thrower is highly unsuitable for the gravel driveways as it doesn’t allow you to adjust the height of the auger system.

On the other hand, dual-stage snow hurlers have two levels due to adjustable auger-impeller technology providing an option to the operator to adjust the height according to snow thickness. While three-stage technology features an extra auger to further crush the ice.


Experts suggest procuring a machine that is able to produce sufficient power for the intended purpose. If you plan to upgrade your snow clearing machine for your gravel driveway then invest on a machine equipped with 200cc plus engine.

Clearing Width

The clearing width of the snowblower is directly related to its efficiency. Therefore, if you have a long driveway then get a snowblower with a large clearing width between 18-30 inches to finish this mundane task as quickly as possible.

5 Best Snow Blower for Gravel Driveway 2020

1. Briggs & Stratton 250cc Snow Blower

Briggs & Stratton 250cc Snow Blower

The famous engine manufacturers are also developing two-stage snowblowers that ensure a smooth operation on gravel passageways. The snow clearing machine by Briggs & Stratton is powered by Snow Series 1150 forceful engine that offers 11.5-foot-pounds of torque and it involves a friction-disk drive system plus electric start guarantee effective functioning. It is able to clear large areas at a faster rate due to great sized clearing width of 27 inches with a 20-inch clearing height. The chute is designed to rotate by 200 degrees with the help of a dash-mounted crank that makes it absolutely ergonomic.

The design of the snowblower incorporates reversible skid shoes to enhance the multi-functional features of this remarkable snow removing machine.

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  • It comes with a durable steel auger
  • Ergonomic design, easier to control by a beginner
  • Powerful engine
  • Great size chute ensures faster snow removing
  • It features dash-mounted headlights
  • It is backed up by 3-year warranty
  • The best snow blower for gravel driveway.


  • Comparatively expensive

2. Honda HSS1332ATD Two-Stage Snow Blower

Honda HSS1332ATD Two-Stage Snow Blower

The legendary two-stage snow blower by Honda epitomizes power and durability. The model guarantees high efficiency by virtue of its enormous clearing width of 32 inches which allows the machine to munch a tremendous amount of snow at 2750 pounds per minute. You can turn on the machine by an electric start and this two-stage snow blower runs on a heavy-duty 398cc Honda engine. There is no need to further explain the quality and functional capability of this powerhouse as the manufacturer of the engine has got it covered.

The machine is highly maneuverable and multi-functional at the same time as it runs smoothly on all types of terrain due to integrated auger height control that allows you to adjust the clearing height of the machine with the touch of your thumb. The automatic and adjustable features of this machine provide an edge over the manually adjustable skid shoes, definitely the model incorporates the latest technology to further facilitate the monotonous process of snow clearing. Owing to all these remarkable features it won’t be wrong to designate it as the best snow blower for gravel driveway.

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  • The model is designed to be highly strong and sustainable.
  • It comes with a hydrostatic device
  • Joystick chute control is present in the machine
  • Powerful engine with an electric start feature.
  • Pneumatic gas strut for easy height adjustment.
  • The model features a chute clearing tool
  • For further convenience, it integrates fingertip steering


  • Considered as an expensive option
  • Comparatively heavier than other available snow blowers

3. Yard Machines 208cc Two-Stage Snow Blower

Yard Machines 208cc Two-Stage Snow Blower

Every snow clearing machine by acclaimed manufacturers embodies some exceptional features through which they get recognition in the market. Yard Machine’s remarkable two-stage snow blower is giving tough competition to all the available snow throwers by top-notch engineers. The biggest flex of this model is its high-end 15-inch by 5-inch “Snow Hog” tires that include deep tread to dig in and create good traction even in the thickest and toughest snow conditions eventually ensuring phenomenal performance.

Yard Machines incorporated 208cc 4-cycle OHV gas engine with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. It is an ideal snow clearing machine for the areas with severe snow conditions as it includes massive clearing width of 26 inches with a 21-inch clearing height that enables it to throw a huge amount of crushed snow. Moreover, during the operational phase, its 200-degree extended chute rotation prevents the disruption from the snow puffing back on the operator. Another advantage of this self-propelled snow blower is that it comes with an in-dash light for continuous operation even in late hours of the night.

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  • This snow blower can devour on bigger chunks of icy snow and crush it for rapid hurling.
  • The model is acknowledged for its fuel efficiency
  • Easy electric start even in harsh weather
  • The model offers adjustments in metal skids and elevates the mouth of the machine to avoid picking up the gravel.
  • Many experts praise the model and considered it as the best snow blower for gravel driveway


  • It comes with a short warranty period of two years
  • High maintenance machine

4. Husqvarna ST224P Snow Blower

Husqvarna ST224P Snow Blower

Husqvarna is known for developing high-performing top-quality snow blowers and every time engineers of Husqvarna have managed to introduce innovative high-end models. The introspective design of ST224P is based on the operator’s convenience and ensures ergonomic features. This two-stage snow clearing machine is famous for exceptional strength and effortless control as it includes smooth power steering with multiple speeds option. It is driven by a 208cc dual-cycle Husqvarna engine that is able to generate 6.5 horsepower.

With a clearing width of 24 inches and a gross torque of 9.5 pounds per feet, the snow clearing machine has been created to remove a great quantity of iced snow. Now, your hands won’t freeze while using this two-stage snow blower as it comes with heated handle grips for more comfortable operation in a cold climate.

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  • It features friction disc transmission for easy speed changes
  • It offers to handle height adjustments
  • One of the best snow blowers for gravel driveways, let’s give credits to the soundproofing system of this machine
  • Efficient auger-impeller system
  • It comes with LED headlights to function in low light conditions
  • A powerful engine that comes to life by a quick electric start


  • Not suitable for commercial purposes

5. Troy-Bilt Vortex Three-Stage Snow Blower

Troy-Bilt Vortex Three-Stage Snow Blower

With the launch of Vortex, Troy-Bilt has left everyone behind as the model epitomizes power and sustainability. The exceptional snow clearing machine is designed for sweeping aside the densest pile of snow. It features three-stage snow clearing technology that allows you to dig deeper into thicker snow sheet so it is a perfect option for areas with heavy plus tough snow as the model is capable of clearing your passageways all around the year. Vortex is power-packed by a 357cc 4-cycle electric start engine which devours gas to function.

You can control the flexibility of the chute according to the direction of snow with the help of an integrated 4-way chute. Troy-Bilt designed this phenomenal machine by considering all the issues that emerged in previous models as sometimes snow blowers get stuck trying to sweep densely accumulated snow. Vortex has been engineered to eliminate all design-related issues; it incorporates 15 inches X-track tires that pull the machine through the slipperiest and deepest of snow sheets. With 26-inch clearing width and 21 inches of snow removing height, the machine demonstrates enhanced mobility which is further optimized by the incorporation of power steering technology.

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  • Powerful electric start engine
  • It comes with a 4-way chute
  • 15 inches X-track tires ensures smooth operation
  • It can be employed in low light conditions


  • Engine consumes gas which makes it a bit expensive

The objective of revolutionary technology is to make our lives easier and advancements in snow-clearing technology are one blessing for people living in severe snow conditions. All the manufacturers are indulged in introducing the latest models with thoughtful designs that are able to eliminate all the issues that were occurring because of previous snow clearing machines.

Now you can find some premium quality snow hurling machines for long gravel driveways and we have shortlisted the best snow blower for gravel driveway and provided a comprehensive review to elucidate the importance of appropriate equipment. Moreover, for the best snow blower for large drivewaybest deals on snow blowersbest snow blower for heavy wet snow, and the best gas snow blower under $200 do visit these review articles.

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