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Best Snow Blower for Heavy Wet Snow

Best Snow Blower for Heavy Wet Snow

If you live in an area where heavy and wet snow often occurs, then the need for snowblower is necessary. There is a wide variety of snow blowers available online, but where does one start, when you need the best snow blower for heavy wet snow? There is no need to worry about that, as the aim of this review article is to help you choose the best snow blower for wet snow or best snow blower for heavy snow which will perform its job perfectly and make your task easy and comfortable.

Features To Consider While Buying A Snow Blower

Long Handle

A long handle helps the user to change the height and direction of snow thrown from the discharge chute.

Speed options

The various speed options prevent clogging when working in clearing snow.

Adjustable chute control

The adjustable chute control allows the operator to discharge the snow exactly where they want it.


It allows the snowblower to move without the need for the push which makes removal of large snowdrifts easy.

Other features

Other features such as headlights allow users to work in dim light safely and heated handgrips help to keeps users’ hands warm during longer snow clearing sessions.

6 Best Snow Blowers For Wet Snow

1. Briggs & Stratton 250cc Two-Stage Snow Blower

Briggs & Stratton 250cc Two-Stage Snow Blower

Briggs & Stratton 250 cc is a dual-stage snowblower that is durable to work in wet snow with great efficiency. It is a heavy-duty machine that makes the wet snow feel like dry powder. Its 1150 Snow Series 250 cc engine features 11.5 foot-pounds of torque to perform well in wet snow. This model comes with an electric start push-button for effortless starting which means you don’t have to worry about dead batteries or shortage of gas. The freehand control enables the user to drive the snowblower with one hand and at the same time manage the controls with the other hand which makes the task simple and easy.

The steel reversible skid shoes reduce the struggle to operate the snow thrower in any condition of snow as it makes the plowing of snow trouble-free for the operator. The well-built 12-inch steel auger can clear a 27-inch wide path by 20-inch intake height with extreme efficiency. This snow blower features headlights which make it easier for the operator to work at midnight. It features 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds. In short, this is the best snow blower for wet snow.

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  • Effortless start
  • Features headlights
  • Heavy-duty
  • Efficient product


  • No hand warmers
  • No power steering

2. Snow Joe SJ623E Single-Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe SJ623E Single-Stage Snow Blower

Offering power, reliability, and speed Snow Joe SJ623E is the one best snow blower for heavy wet snow, as it can handle light, fluffy, heavy, and wet snow easily. One of the best features of this snow blower is that it’s maintenance-free which makes it effortless for the operator to maintain and use it. The 15-amp motor of this snow thrower powers four rubber blade attached to the steel auger, which cuts 18 inches wide by 10 inches deep in each pass, this makes SJ623E capable of handling any type of snow.

It is a lightweight machine that makes it easy to maneuver. The adjustable discharge chute can rotate at an angle of 180° and throw snow up to 25 feet away. At this price, this machine features 20-watt halogen headlights, which ensures the safety of the user and makes it convenient to clear snow in dim light. It also features an electric start and foldable handlebars to make the storage reliable after using it. Therefore, it is a decent snow blower at a decent price designed to help you plow snow with great accuracy.

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  • Lightweight
  • Headlights
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to store


  • No single hand control
  • No self-propelled mechanism

3. Snow Joe SJ621 Single-Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe SJ621 Single-Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe SJj621 an ideal snow thrower to shovel mid-sized driveways and walkways. It is an electric snow blower and offers many advantages to its user. The 13.5 amp motor authorizes the snowblower to throw up to 650 pounds of snow per minute, which is a great speed! It has some useful features such as an ergonomic handle and bright 20-watt halogen headlight which makes it convenient for the user to work in low light safely. The adjustable discharge chute, which can rotate at 180 degrees gives you complete control over where the snow you moved ends up. It cuts a path that is 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep in a single pass, this means the snowblower can handle any type of snow without any difficulty in less time.

The snowblower is environmental-friendly and quiet which means that you can use it anytime with disturbing others. Snow Joe SJ621 delivers well in areas where heavy wet snow occurs and surely is the one best snow blower for wet snow.

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  • Headlights
  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Durable


  • Leaves a thin coat of snow behind

4. Yardmax YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower

Yardmax YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower

Want to do the job right, without overpaying and in less time? Yardmax YB5765 two-stage snow blower is a perfect solution. It is a durable product for homeowners as well as professional contractors. It has great features such as 5 forward and 2 reverse speed so one can do the job efficiently and in a minimum amount of time.  The ax-shape serrated steel auger can handle snow as deep as 16 inches by 22 inches wide in a single pass. Its perfect weight and handlebar height makes it easy to operate.

The snowblower also features LED headlights and heated hand grips to make the plowing of snow in harsh weather comfortable. The solid-steel discharge chute provides maximum throwing distance. Thus, this snow blower can large areas and reduces user fatigue with its user-friendly design features and is the best snow blower for wet snow.

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  • Durable
  • Simple to put together
  • Super solid
  • Compact


  • Metal snow blower shoes

5. Ariens Sno-Tek 920402 Two-Stage Snow Blower

Ariens Sno-Tek 920402 Two-Stage Snow Blower

If you live in an area that receives heavy wet snow, then Ariens Sno-Tek 920402 is all that you might need. It will help you do as much as possible in as little time as possible. The steel auger features serrated edges which help in breaking down tough ice and. A 24-inch wide clearing path with a 20-inch height and 205-degree chute control makes the shoveling of snow a quick and easy task.

Its tire has some decent thread that offers enough resistance on slippery surfaces and permits the snowblower to cover the ground faster. The unique features of this machine are control levers, which allow you to always have one hand free to maneuver the snow chute. If you want a heavy-duty snowblower to cover a large area without having to stop at an affordable price, be sure to consider Sno-Tek 920402 as it is the best snow blower for heavy wet snow especially for homeowners.

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  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Clears driveway faster


  • Heavy
  • Loud
  • Lacks headlights

6. Troy Built Arctic Storm 30XP 357cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower

If you are looking for a heavy-duty machine with powerful features, Troy Built Arctic Storm 30XP 357cc is all you need. To remove the heavy and wet snow you need power, convenience, and comfort this machine brings all these features together to facilitate the user. The 357cc gas engine with an electric start guarantees to run even in the coldest temperatures. The high quality 14-inch serrated steel auger is capable of clearing 30-inch wide path with 23-inch intake height in a single pass which saves the users’ time. It is a self-propelled machine and offers6 f-forward and 2-reverse speed.  

The machine features Touch N Turn power steering so the operator can easily set the direction with one finger. This snow blower allows the user to lock in their speed to regulate the direction of snow discharge with the push of a thumb without disengaging the drive. Heated hand grips provide extra comfort. This best snow thrower will help you conquer winter, as it has all the features to make the plowing of heavy wet snow easy and is definitely worth the money.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Heated hand grips
  • Durable
  • Adjustable polymer skid shoes prevent the surfaces from scuffing


  • The headlight is blocked by chute

7 Best Snow Blowers For Heavy Snow

1. Poulan Pro PR271 Two-Stage Snow Blower

Poulan Pro PR271 is a powerful and durable snow blower that will help you clear snow like a pro! It features a reliable 254cc Poulan PRO OVH engine which is highly-powerful and can withstand raw weather conditions. Also, offers six forward and one reverse speed which makes the clearance of snow fast and trouble-free. Its 12-inch ribbon auger diameter is made up of high-quality steel and can chew heavy snow effortlessly. With its 23-inch intake height and 27-inch working width, it is ideal for large driveways or pavements.

PR271 can overcome the slippery condition with great ease because of its 15-inch tires with thread. The heated hand grips keep your hands cozy and toasty, the machine is easy to control which makes it a comfortable snowblower. If you are looking for the best snow blower for heavy snow then Poulan Pro PR271 won’t disappoint you even in the toughest weather condition.


  • Adjustable handle height
  • Easier to assemble
  • 2-year warranty
  • Power steering


  • Expensive
  • The chute is difficult to adjust

2. Husqvarna ST224P_24-inch 208cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Looking for a snowblower that will make heavy snow removal easier and faster for you? Husqvarna ST224p might be the one you need. It is designed to process a large amount of snow in a short time with the aid of its 208cc engine. It features heated handgrips that provide a warm grip for your hands, which can be turned off and on by a switch. Also, has six forward and one reverse speed. Working at midnight won’t be a problem anymore as it consists of bright and reliable LED headlights.

An electric start option means turning your snow thrower on in sub-zero weather is easy. ST224P has an impressive 24 inches clearing width and 22 inches clearing height. When it comes to comfort it allows you to adjust the height according to your convenience. Therefore, HST224P is an excellent choice for those who have to shovel a large driveway or number of paths. Powerful, easy to operate, and fast speed, this model ticks all the boxes.


  • 3-years warranty
  • Reliable
  • Easy assemblage
  • Easy to start


  • Heavy
  • In some cases leaves a small amount of snow on the ground

3. Briggs and Stratton 1696563 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower

Briggs and Stratton 1696563 deliver high efficiency and the right amount of power to meet all of your needs. Its engine is certified to start down to -20° F. This snow blower features a push-button electric start for a facile startup. Its electric chute rotation makes it more convenient to remove the unwanted snow from driveways or pavements. The steel notch auger can plow the ice without any difficulty, clearing a path width of 29 inches and intake height of 19.5 inches in a single pass.

To make working at midnight safe it features dual halogen headlights. 16 inch by 6.5 inches Arctic Trac tire offer superior traction to make the shoveling of snow reliable even in the inclement weather condition. Briggs and Stratton 1696563 is the best snow blower for heavy wet snow as it also features dual trigger steerable transmission which is perfect for heavy snow. Overall, this snow blower is one of the “finest” and will surely serve you well.


  • Powerful
  • Features halogen headlights
  • Push-button electric start
  • Well made


  • Heavy
  • Instructions are not great

4. Snow Joe SJ620 Single-Stage Snow Thrower

SJ620 is a perfect snowblower to tackle heavier snowfall on mid-sized driveways and walkways. Its blade steel auger has a clearance width of 18 inches and a clearance height of 10 inches in one pass which shows that it has the potential to remove 2,450 sq. ft per hour. It is easy to turn and operate in each pass. One of the important features of this snow blower is that it is powered by electricity so you don’t have to be worried about dead batteries or running out of gas.

It is a quiet machine as compared to other snow blowers which makes it easier to clear the snow without disturbing others. Its adjustable chute control, which can rotate at 180°, makes it reliable for the user to throw the snow at a distance up to 20 ft. In short, the aim of designing this machine is to deal with heavy snowfall and is one of the best snow blowers for heavy snow, which will make the task of shoveling snow much easier.


  • Easy to operate
  • Environment-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • 180° chute control


  • Difficult to operate on wet snow
  • Not much powerful

5. PowerSmart DB7624E Two-Stage Snow Blower

PowerSmart DB7624E is a budget-friendly snowblower for those who are looking for the best snow blower for heavy snow. It is easy to start with an electric push button or manual pull start. DB7624E features a 212cc PowerSmart engine that runs smoothly plus it makes the action of clearing snow powerful.  Its 12-inch steel serrated auger perform a satisfactory job by clearing a great width of 24 inches and depth of 21 inches. It is a self-propelled machine and offers 4-ahead and 2-backward pace versions for better operating convenience.

PowerSmart 13-inch tires have some decent thread on them which provides maximum friction even in heavy snow and it can be used on any surface. Its adjustable chute control allows the user to throw the snow at a distance of up to 40 ft. PowerSmart DB7624E makes it certain for the user to clear snow like a pro! And has all the features one could ask at such an affordable price.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • Quiet
  • Engine runs smooth


  • Headlights are not included
  • No heated handlebars

6. PowerSmart DB72024PA Two-Stage Snow Blower

Manage your yard with great ease in winter with the help of PowerSmart DB72024PA. Its 212cc engine has two start options, one is electric start and the other is manual and allows users up to 40 inches throwing distance. DB72024PA comes with power assist feature that permits it to remove snow blockage like a pro at a fast speed. The heavy-duty steel auger is capable of cutting a path of 24 inches in width and 21 inches deep which makes it suitable for the regions which receive heavy snowfall. Its 180° cute rotations grant the operator to throw snow in any direction.

The metal skid shoes are adjustable to accommodate different height and surface according to users’ needs, which makes it convenient to clean gravel or paved driveways. PowerSmart DB72024PA is a perfect option for you if you want a snowblower to clear heavy snow at a budget-friendly price.


  • Remove a large amount of snow without any trouble
  • Well build
  • Speed control is great


  • Plastic chute seems fragile
  • Lacks throttle control

7. PowerSmart PSS2240C 212cc Two-Stage Snow Blower

With PowerSmart PSS2240C clear heavy snow like a pro! Its 212cc PowerSmart electric start engine guarantees to start even in temperature as low as -20 F and allow the operator to throw snow at a distance up to 40 ft. The heavy-duty steel auger makes it convenient for the user to clear width of 24 inches and a depth of 20 inches which makes a suitable snowblower for the areas which receive heavy snowfall. It permits 6-forward and 2-backward speed variations to enhance the driving experience. One of the best features is adjustable metal skid shoes which permit to alter the height according to users’ needs and for easy use on different surfaces.

The machine also features 180-degree chute rotation to control the snow-blowing direction in a much better way. The assemblage is easy and does not take more than 25 minutes. This is one of the best snow blowers for heavy snow as its 13.inch tires offer maximum traction no matter how slippery the surface is. In short, PSS2240C is definitely worth the money.


  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great speed
  • Powerful


  • The manual illustration might be difficult to understand

Snow Blower for Heavy Wet Snow – Q&A

Q: What is the best snow blower brand for wet snow?

There are many brands that design snow blowers for wet snow it is dependent on you and your budget to select the best snow blower for wet snow.

Q: What is the best snow blower for heavy snow?

There are two best snowblowers for heavy snow:

First is Troy Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP, as it can easily break the tough ice because of its 357cc engine and a 30-inch wide clear path. These combinations allow the machine to perform well above expectations.

Second is Briggs & Stratton 1696563, as it is somehow similar to Troy Bilt, its 306 cc makes it convenient for the user to work with efficiency and in less time.

Q: Does a snowblower work on heavy wet snow?

The snowblower is designed to clear any type of snow, whether it is heavy or wet, and it is the responsibility of the buyer to select the right model and capacity for his/her specific needs.

Q: How much snow can a snowblower handle?

The amount of snow handled by snowblower is dependent on two factors; one is its size, and the second is the number of stages it has. A single-stage snow blower can handle the least amount of snow, a two-stage snowblower can handle a moderate amount of snow, and the three-stage snowblower can handle the highest amount of snow.


In a nutshell, it can be deduced that, if you have a good quality best snow blower for heavy wet snow, clearing snow won’t be difficult no matter how heavy or wet the snow is. There are plenty of options around you and each option is distinct from others, to help you with that we have reviewed some of the best snow blowers for wet snow / best snow blowers for heavy snow above, which will surely make the task of clearing snow from driveways, yards, or sidewalks a fun, easy and quick task for you at a good price range.

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