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best snow blower for large driveway

Best Snow Blower for Large Driveway

If you are living in a house with a large driveway located in an area that highly snows then, these reviews will help you find the best-suited machine for yourself. Here is the list of best snow blower for large driveway.

Best Snow Blower for Large Driveway 2021

1. Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E

Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E

This is the best-suited snowblower to shovel off the snow from your driveway. Snow Joe Ultra has an amazingly powerful engine that is electrically operated. It is lightweight and still works like any of the powerful big machines. This machine is empowered by a 15 amp motor that provides it a great speed of work. The built is also very durable projecting thick rubber blades with a resilient steel auger, which makes it the first best snow blower for large driveway.

It can throw light to moderate snow from your driveways. Although, several attempts have to be done to remove thick snow piles. Moreover, even if it is nighttime and you have low lights available in your driveway, the company has got you covered with its 20-watt front light. This will help you reach the most difficult spots as well. It is very easy to work with this machine as it can be started easily with its turn-on button and auger starts to propel in the forward direction. The safety switch gets activated in the case of an emergency. Plus there is also a cleaning kit for blocked chute issues. Moreover, the use of extension wires is highly recommended as it is powered by electricity.

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  • Amazing quality
  • Affordable price range
  • Easy ignition and start
  • Very light weighed yet powerful
  • Perfect for low to moderate snow thickness
  • The front light supports night time work as well


  • Do not work well with heavy and thick snow piles
  • Work speed is slow
  • Chute blocks every now and then
  • Un-adjustable handle height
  • Low-quality cord

2. GreenWorks 2600502

GreenWorks 2600502

Greenworks have been known for some of the best products. The 2600502 model works best for light to medium snow piles. You can easily use it due to its durability and resilient design. It has a powerful motor operated at 12 amperes. The built is quite strong and powerful aided with strong wheels of 6 inches each. Moreover, the handle is also adjustable and can be folded down as per convenience.

The best part about this machine is the safety cord lock, which can be used to hold the extension cord in place while the machine is on the run. Try using a 100-foot long extension cord with this model.

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  • Perfect for low to medium snow piles up to ten inches
  • Affordable price
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Works very fast


  • Can’t work with large snow piles
  • Low quality snow discharge
  • Blockage of chute happens quite often

3. Troy-Bilt Squall 2100

Troy-Bilt Squall 2100

The Troy Bilt Squall is one of the most powerful machines of its kind. Its gas engine is highly reliable as it delivers the best performance and power. Unlike other designs, this one is able to clear snow from your driveway that is 13 inches deep and 21 inches wide. Moreover, it is operated on gas but the company has provided an electric start button to avoid any inconveniences that a pull cord can provide.

The direction of the snow thrown can be adjusted up to 190 degrees pertaining to its great features. It comes with a 2-year warranty. The engine is powerful enough that the mixing of oils is not mandatory for its use. The fuel viewing windows will inform the user when the change is required. The company has focused on the comfort of consumers as well thereby an ergonomically designed handle has been made to ensure the comfort of the user.

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  • Very easy to work and turn on
  • Perfect for blowing thick snowdrifts
  • Perfectly clears wet snow
  • Comfortable to use
  • Adjustable and foldable handle
  • Gas operated engine with electric start


  • Does not work with heavy snow piles
  • A lot of vibratory motion during its workup

4. Husqvarna 961930122

Husqvarna 961930122

The Husqvarna company never stops amazing the consumers. This two-stage snow blower is one of the examples of the best snow blower for large driveway. It has a strong built with a high-quality design. The engine is empowered with powerful torque of 9.5 ft-lbs. The snow is handled very well without blocking chutes, all thanks to the ribbon auger. A number of controls help the user to clear their driveways quickly and easily. Moreover, the 120 volts electricity starts to prevent the reattempts of starting the machine again and again. Furthermore, it comes with heated handgrips feature to keep the hand warm while the machine is in use.

The machine offers adjustable handles in three positions to choose from and a bright LED light to allow work even in the nighttime for people who lack time in the morning to clear up the driveways. The chute position can be adjusted easily as well. It is able to clean up to 24 inches of snow and throw it up to 35 feet. On top of all this, the company offers 5 years warranty on the engine and 3 years warranty on the whole blower. For the best snow blower for small driveway, the best snow blower for gravel driveway, best deals on snow blowers, and the best gas snow blower under $200 do visit these review articles.

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  • Perfect for medium snow piles up to 12 Inches
  • Easily clears 24 inches of snow
  • Throwing capacity of 35 feet
  • Easy to work with
  • Amazing quality overall
  • Power grip steering
  • Speed transmission in 6 ways
  • LED front lights for night work up
  • Adjustable handle in three positions
  • 5 years engine warranty


  • Expensive price
  • Very slow speed in the backwards direction
  • Low quality heated handgrips facility

5. Briggs & Stratton 950

Briggs & Stratton 950

The Briggs and Stratton 950 snowblower is literally like the monster machine which can clear moderate to high piles of snow in no time. It is a very high quality efficient machine. It can work on dry to wet to slushy snow piles, thanks to the powerful engine. The machine offers higher transmission speeds for dense snow areas. This machine is built of very durable and resilient steel that keep it working for years.

The engine is very strong and had powerful torque which allows it to remove up to 12 inches of snow and a clearance capacity of 24 inches. Moreover, the best feature is yet to come. This blower has a self-propelled feature, thus a touch of the handle can do wonders. Thus, it comes in the list of best snow blower for large driveway.

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  • Worth every penny spent
  • Excellent quality machine
  • Highly durable and resilient
  • Very easy to turn on
  • Powerful engine
  • Perfect for wet and slushy snow
  • Front LED lights allow night work as well
  • 2 years guarantee


  • Highly expensive product
  • Manual does not help much in assembling the machine

6. Ariens 926039

The Arien snow blower offers a professional powerful engine that is highly reliable in the roughest and toughest situations. It is unarguably the best to tackle the thickest and stubborn snow piles from your driveways. Although it costs a lot to the consumer but trusts us, every penny is worth spending on this machine. It is perfect if you have a large property that needs to be cleared. It has a height of 23.5 inches allowing it to clear up to 2 feet snow easily. The chute is equipped with the modern technology of quick turn adjustable options, thus allowing throwing capacity of up to 50 feet away.

It can work well even on the uneven terrains and clear those tight spots as well which other snow blowers find hard to clear. It has a crankshaft balancer which prevents unusual vibrations and supports the back of the user. Furthermore, the dual handle interlock helps the user to free the other hand in order to adjust the chute according to the speed. The hand warming feature is best as compared to other snow blowers that provide this feature.

It comes with 3 years of customer warranty and a year commercial warranty.


  • Excellent quality
  • Powerful engine
  • Perfect for uneven terrains as well
  • Perfect for heavy snow piles
  • Quick in action with a powerful steering
  • Excellent quality of shut down system
  • Heated handles


  • Very costly

These are the list of best snow blower for large driveway. Whenever going to buy one for your own driveway, make sure that the quality of the machine is amazing and it does come with a warranty. You can also visit our related articles on the best snow blowersbest single stage snow blowerbest 2 stage snow blowers, and best 3 stage snow blowers.

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