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Best Snow Plow for ½ ton Pickup

Best Snow Plow for ½ Ton Pickup

Manufacturers of snow clearing machines are constantly revolutionizing the technology to make snow scouring more efficient and convenient. Primarily, the essential part of snowplow design is the blade, it’s either straight or V-shaped. The latest snowplow models feature V-shaped blades because it becomes easier to direct the snow and plow it due to an integrated pivot point in the middle of the blade. Engineers are further enhancing the functionality of snowplows by working on hydraulic controls and blade efficiency. Although, acquiring a proper snowplow as per your scope of work and weather conditions requires a bit of research and understanding of how these machines work as there is a huge variety of snowplows available in the market. To facilitate your snowplow hunt some of the best snow plows for ½ ton pickups have been reviewed further in this article.

Best Snow Plow for ½ Ton Pickup 2021

1. Boss V-Plows HTX-V

Boss V-plows incorporated the ect amount of steel in exactly the right place to engineer the best snow plow for ½ ton pickups that features an al combination of weight and power. The snow plowing machine has been precisely crafted to carry out all the core tasks with enhanced efficiency. HTX-V integrates enclosed hydraulics that would prevent hydraulic freeze-up and the snowplow will be protected from corrosion. Boss invented full moldboard trip design to create HTX-V that would shield the snow plowing machine in case of any impediment. It features the tLight 3 headlight system that illuminates a wide area due to Ice Shield Technology. This LED headlight package is much more powerful and prevents snow and ice build-up on the lens with 8-10 years of life-span.

You can also find SmartTouch 2 in HTX-V which is an advanced control technology that would make this snow plowing machine highly intrinsic, efficient, and user-friendly due to its ergonomic control features. There is a proven patented snow catcher present in this snow clearing machine that makes sure no snow is being left behind.


  • HTX-V comes with a reinforced moldboard that is integrated to increase blade power.
  • It features a 90-inch-wide blade that can scoop out a large quantity of snow
  • Most advanced quality LED headlight package with Ice Sheild Technology
  • It’s a perfect option for light-duty trucks as it only weighs 490 pounds.
  • Boss V-plows has been backed up HTX-V with a 2-year warranty


  • Comparatively expensive

2. SnowDogg MDII Snow Plow

If you are looking for a top-quality snow plow for your ½ ton Jeeps, Trucks and SUVs then SnowDogg’s MDII can be an ideal option as it features low maintenance 90-inch-wide blade which is made up of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel moldboard. The blades are shielded by a strong frame that creates an enclosure around the blades to prevent damage of essentials. SnowDogg integrated Illuminator LED headlights that emit high-intensity light and lit up a large area around it. This Illuminator headlight package includes Active Defrosting Technology that prevents the formation of ice-film over light lens due to its central heating system. MDII has been engineered to carry out clean, even, and efficient scrape through a tubular steel Floating A-Frame that features a sliding-pin connection which would ensure smooth scouring of snow and outstanding performance at any mounting height.

SnowDogg’s MDII comes with RapidLink™ Attachment System for rapid mounting and dismounting of snowplow with the vehicle. You can easily align the height of MDII according to an elevation of the truck through Hydraulically powered Jack Switch™ and connect the snowplow by pushing a single driver’s side foot pedal.


  • MDII features an ultra-bright LED light option
  • The blades that are incorporated in this model of snow are corrosion resistant and tough on obstinate snow.
  • You can achieve smooth full-trip action due to two stress-optimized trip springs that are integrated to protect the snowplow from unseen impediments and hurdles.
  • This snow plowing machine is considered the best snow plow for ½ ton pickups.
  • It comes with a fully enclosed 2 HP hydraulic power unit.


  • Not suitable for heavy vehicles

3. Meyer Home Pickup Truck Snow Plow

Best quality equipment should have all the advanced features with a long warranty period and it must be budget-friendly at the same time. Meyer solved the problem by introducing this 90-inch truck snowplow that comes completely pre-assembled and offers convenient attachment to your ½ ton SUV or pick-up truck. The snow clearing machine features a 90-inch blade which would cover exceptionally large areas, eventually enhancing the plowing rate. The distinct and iconic feature that Meyer offers in this snowplow is complete hydraulic control that mobilizes the blade up, down, right, and left in all directions directly from the cab of the truck.

26500 Plow by Meyer can be easily attached to your ½ ton SUVs and trucks and it has been carefully engineered to keep its physical weight as light as possible that is 399 pounds to better fit with light-duty trucks which is one of the reasons this snowplow is enlisted as the best snow plow for ½ ton pickup.


  • 26500 plow by Meyer features Quick Link Mounting System for convenient attaching and detaching.
  • The model comes with integrated wheels for easy storage and retrieval of the plow.
  • It offers complete hydraulic control when it comes to moving the plow in various directions.
  • Dura Slick Paint prevents the adherence of snow to the machine.
  • It integrates a 90-inch-wide blade to plow a large area


  • Blade may be too big to plow the snow from cramped spaces.

4. SnowSport HD Utility Snow Plow

HD Utility by SnowSport is the most budget-friendly option available in the market but it doesn’t compromise over features and quality as it includes a premium-quality aluminum plow blade, angling interceptor, push frame, hardware set and for a specific front mount, it comes with a 2-inch model. It’s a perfect match for your ½ ton trucks as it is developed to plow small and significant spaces such as parking areas and driveways. It comes with an 84-inch plow blade that allows you to clear the considerable area so now you don’t have to spend on large snowplows as HD Utility has got you covered.


  • It is considered the best snow plow for ½ ton pickups.
  • HD utility snow plow is created with top-quality material such as aluminum.
  • Now your snowplow will be properly attached to your truck due to Model specific Front Mount.
  • The model offers high-end features and the latest technology at an extremely affordable rate.
  • It has an effective mechanism to prevent snow from clinging to the plow body


  • Although HD Utility has various plus points but its oversized tires can cause trouble while plowing.
  • There might be some inconvenience while attaching the plow to the truck with lift kit.

5. DK2 Avalanche Elite Truck Snow Plow

DK2 plows manufactured Elite snowplow to decipher issues caused by thick snow blankets, aligned with ½ ton truck, the snowplow works perfectly in private parking spaces and driveways. In fact, the machine is regarded as one of the best snow plows for ½ ton pickups due to its 88-inch optimized blade, advanced hardened steel scraper, a rubber snow deflector, wire rope plow markers enveloped by polymer and glide shoes. The machine creates ideal harmony with ½ ton trucks and even with extra add-ons such as a storage castor set and wireless electric winch DK2 kept the physical weight exceptionally manageable and light as it weighs only 3000 pounds.

Elite snow plow features a 2-inch Class Mount Receiver that ensures convenient attachment of plow machine with the truck and SUVs plus it is integrated with plow markers to gain control of blades movement. DK2 plows designed this machine as a multi-terrain snow plow therefore it contains trip springs to stimulate shock absorption if it hits any impediment.


  • Design of Elite snow plow includes flip-down wheel casters that make it easy to mount, remove, and store the snowplow.
  • You can also find a rubber deflector in this machine
  • 88-inch plow blade allows you to clear any private space.
  • If you are looking for an economical option of snowplows, Elite snow plow comes at the top of the list of most budget-friendly snow plowing machines.
  • This machine is versatile and includes all the important features you would require to clear snow from any space.


  • Elite snow plow doesn’t come as a ready-to-use machine, it requires to be assembled.
  • It has been backed up by only 1-year limited warranty
  • Blades are moved right to left manually rather than hydraulic control.

Now it has become much easier to find a suitable snow plow for ½ ton trucks as various machines are being introduced by leading companies like SnowDogg, Meyer, and SnowSport that are carefully designed, specific to vehicle type. Basically, you would look into certain specifications such as gross axle weight rating, what type of mounting hardware, and vehicle-specific equipment you would require to synchronize your snowplow with the pickup. This is the criteria to get the right snowplow machine based on the capacity of your truck. However, this article has summed up some of the best snow plows for ½ ton pickups so people who own light-duty trucks and SUVs, we got you covered!!

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