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best snow plow for 3/4 ton truck

Best Snow Plow for 3/4 Ton Truck

A snowplow is a large device that is intended for mounting on the front section of the truck and is used to remove snow and ice from surfaces. The snowplow moves the snow either by scooping it or pushing it sideways. Two types of snowplows are available, straight blades and v-plows. If you want to remove snow from your driveway, then the straight blade is perfect for you. However, if you have a marketable snow removal Company or if you are buying for business purposes then you will require a V-plow. Below is a few best snow plow for ¾ ton truck.

Best Snow Plow for 3/4 Ton Truck 2021

1. Meyer Home Pickup Truck Snow Plow 

Meyer Home Pickup Truck Snow Plow

The Meyer Home Pickup Truck Snow Plow is a 90-inch truck snow plow and is one of the best snow plow for ¾ ton truck which is proven by its cost. It is completely pre-assembled so you don’t have to waste your time in assembling it and it can be attached easily.

Meyer Snow Plow is equipped with a 90-inch blade and it has wheels that are integrated making it easier for storage and retrieval of the plow. It also has complete hydraulic control which permits the blade to be moved up, down, right, and left directly from the cab of your truck. The up and down movement is hardwired and the right to left movement is completely hydraulic which imitates the controls of a commercial type of plow operator.

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  • It has a large blade.
  • It has complete hydraulic control for up, down, right, and left movement.
  • It has a Quick Link Mounting system which makes it easier to attach and detach.
  • The Dura Slick Pain prevents the snow from sticking.
  • It has integrated wheels which makes storage easy.
  • It comes pre-assembled.


  • It is expensive.
  • The blade is too big so may be difficult to plow smaller areas.

2. K-2 Snow Plow Kit

K-2 Snow Plow Kit

K-2 Snow Plow kit is an ideal choice for getting rid of snow from your driveway or a medium-sized parking lot quickly and efficiently. The K-2 truck snow plows are attached to the custom brackets of the vehicle.

This snow plow kit comes in one complete carton and it consists of a toughened cutting edge scraper which is made of steel, a snow deflector which is made from rubber, wire plow markers that are wrapped with polymer, glide shoes, castor set to make storage easy, and a cordless electric winch which is of 3000 lb.

You can get this snow plow in 3 different sizes which are 82 x 19 inches, 84 x 22 inches, and 88 x 26 inches. It is easy to attach to the truck as it simply glides onto the attachment brackets of your vehicle within a few seconds. It is also easy to detach so you can store it quickly too. The attachment brackets are not present in the kit and are sold separately.

It is easier to control the blade up and down as it is lifted by the electric winch which can be operated from the interior of your warm truck. The blade angles are manually adjusted and locked using a lever that lifts a pin to 3 different locking positions on the blade. The locking positions are straight, or at left and right angles. The locking castors help in making the plow mounting, removing, and unrolling easy.

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  • It is budget-friendly.
  • It has a UV proof coating.
  • It comes with an electric winch.


  • It only comes with a year’s guarantee.

3. Bizon Snow plow

Bizon Snow plow

Bizon is one of the best snow plows for trucks in the market. It has an 84 inches Bizon Snow Plow Blade and is the most budget-friendly snowplow. It requires a 2-inch Front Receiver hitch to be able to connect to your truck. The blade is constructed from Aluminum which makes it extremely lightweight hence, can be lifted by almost anyone. As aluminum is a light metal, your truck or SUV will not undergo superfluous wear and tear. And also, you don’t need to worry about electronics while assembling it. 

It has a one-inch thick rubber blade that prevents tears below the snow and ice. Bizon snow plow is the best snow plow for ¾ ton truck. If you are willing to buy a large-sized plow without spending much money on it, then 84-Inch Bixon Snow Blade is all that you need.

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  • The 84-inch snow blade removes about 1000 kg of snow with every path.
  • It is made of aluminum which makes it easy to use and it is lightweight.
  • The kit consists of a snow plow blade, blade markers, and steel push frames.
  • It is easy to assemble and hardly requires an hour to put all the things together.


  • It doesn’t have hydraulics or an electronic system for driving.
  • Aluminum may not be able to hold after prolonged usage.
  • It cannot be returned.

4. SnowSport HD Utility Snow Plow Package 

SnowSport HD Utility Snow Plow Package

The SnowSport HD Utility Snow Plow is one of the most affordable plows and you can easily plow larger areas because of its size. The package consists of an aluminum plow blade, a hardware set, an angling interceptor, a push frame, and a two-inch model for a particular front mount. The only thing you are required to do is contact the dealer before buying this truck snow plow to find out the vehicle type you are buying the plow for.

Assembling this plow is relatively easy and it is an ideal choice if you want to plow in small areas like driveways or small local parking spaces. This affordable 84-inch snow plow is all that you need if your needs are confined to this.

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  • It has a specific front mount that allows the proper connection.
  • It is one of the most inexpensive plows.
  • The set consists of all the things you need to get rid of the snow.


  • Oversize tires may cause problems during assembly.
  • May be difficult to fit in trucks that have lift kits.

5. DK2 Avalanche Elite Truck Snow Plow 

DK2 Avalanche Elite Truck Snow Plow.

The DK2 Avalanche Elite Truck Snow Plow is a remarkable snow plow and one of the best snow plows. In the set, there is a plow which is 88 inches, a state of the art hardened scraper that is made of steel, a wire rope plow markers that are wrapped with polymer, glide shoes, a snow deflector that is made of rubber, a simple storage castor set and a wireless electric winch which has 3000 pounds.

The kit can easily be attached to many trucks using a 2 inch Class Mount Receiver. The flip-down wheel castors make mounting, removing, and storing the snow plow an easy task. The rubber deflector makes sure that the view is maintained when you are plowing. The plow markers ensure that you are precisely aware of the position of the blade and the trip springs allow shock absorption on uneven terrains.

The 88-inch plow blade will help you deal with all kinds of driveways and small parking lots. Although this snow plow is not the most inexpensive, it is one of the most trusted snow plows which can handle any type of terrain. 

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  • The set has a 3000-pound winch to facilitate adjustment of the plow.
  • It is a good value for the money.
  • It has a universal T-frame that suits all designs and brands.
  • It is also equipped with wireless remote control.


  • It only has a limited guarantee of 1 year.
  • The lever is manual and only controls the blade from right to left and doesn’t control the hydraulics.
  • It needs to be assembled.


Having a top-notch snowplow will significantly reduce your efforts as you will not have to wait for everything to get ahead. We have listed the 5 best snow plow for ¾ ton truck so you can quickly have a look at the features you want in your snowplow, before investing in it. We hope that this article is useful for you and it simplifies the process of finding the best snow plow that fits your needs. Here’re related articles in case you want to see such as the best snow plows for ATVbest snow plow for ½ ton pickupbest 2 stage snow blower, and best snow plow for Polaris Ranger.

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