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Best Snow Plow for Polaris Ranger

Best Snow Plow for Polaris Ranger

Advancement in snow-clearing technology is an undeniable necessity for the people living in Northern Hemisphere as the whole region gets smeared by thick ice sheets. All major manufacturers are indulged in developing the most advanced and efficient snow clearing machines and they have been quite successful in developing some premium-quality plows as well. UTVs like Polaris Ranger can be the most capable snowplows if attached to a high-performance snow plow blade system. Moreover, it’s very important to keep the UTV in mind that is supposed to be connected with the snow plow kit.

For instance, we have discussed the best snow plow for Polaris Ranger that are perfectly compatible and efficiently executes the job at the same time.

Best Snow Plow for Polaris Ranger 2021

1. MotoAlliance DENALI UTV Snow Plow

It’s extremely important to get a snow plow that fits perfectly with your vehicle, in this case, some reliable snow plow options for Polaris ranger are in consideration. MotoAlliance manufactured DENALI UTV, a 72-inch snow plow that sweeps all the snow that comes in its way. It integrates a straight plow blade which is able to scoop 19-inch of snow from the ground. MotoAllaince designed this snow plow machine very carefully, giving attention to minute details like the physical weight of plow blades and push tubes are kept 105 pounds and 65 pounds respectively.

It is quite evident that these plows are reinforced by employing top-quality materials such as plow blade which is manufactured by 11-gauge steel, it also features four 7-gauge ribs integrated into plow blades plus 3 extra horizontal stabilizers to enhance its performance and efficiency. The whole package of DENALI UTV includes a mounting plate, a replaceable wear bar, adjustable skid feet, and the installation hardware for hassle-free attachment of snow plow to Polaris Ranger.


  • Considered as one of the best snow plows for Polaris Ranger
  • The blade angle can be changed very easily through the foot lever.
  • The model is designed specifically for Polaris Ranger even mounting brackets would connect effortlessly with your vehicle
  • The snow plow machine is designed to be well-compatible with UTV as it comes with to model specific hardware so you don’t have to worry about its mounting process.
  • It is designed to carry out heavy-duty construction.


  • Bolts would require constant monitoring and need to be upgraded after a while.

2. KFI 66-inch UTV Snow Plow

KFI introduced a highly compatible snow plow machine for Polaris Ranger that even includes a front-mount system so the blade can be elevated according to the height of the vehicle, it can reach up to a maximum height of 30 inches. KFI designed this legendary plow machine to be extra durable as its components are not only shot-blasted but also powder coated for extra strength and smooth finish. It features a 66-inch-wide straight plow blade made up of 11-gauge steel that is acclaimed due to its efficient performance and dual curvature.

The machine can be attached to the Ranger within seconds with the help of 5/8 inch hitch pins, KFI rendered high clearance anti-snag design by engineering this plow with a 50-gauge steel frame. Plus, the blades are positioned at five different angles with fully adjustable blade skids and tapered plow tabs, all these design features make KFI’s flagship snow plow machine worth every penny.


  • Extremely lightweight and compatible with all the models of Polaris Ranger.
  • The machine has been secured by a 2-year warranty
  • It features 3 different blade angle positions that can rotate up to 25 degrees
  • It includes a snow flap
  • This machine takes no time to attach to the ranger
  • Enlisted as the best snow plow for Polaris Ranger
  • Carefully designed to add strength and durability


  • It may require some modifications to fit into advanced models of Ranger

3. Kolpin UTV Switchblade Plow

Most snow plow machines offer one blade of certain width so either it comes with a plow blade that is too big to get into cramped spaces or it is unable to clear the whole area at a faster rate due to its limited range. Therefore, Koplin came up with this remarkable snow plow which integrates a straight blade with an adjustable cutting width feature according to the size of the space. You can set the blade width from 54.3 inches to 65.1 inches owing to Koplin’s exclusive blade technology, this exceptional feature took it at the top of the list of the best snow plow for Polaris Ranger.

Moreover, Koplin’s designed the plow blade in such a way that it can be rotated at five different angle positions (left to right), you just have to choose the angle and adjust it in proportion to space. This snow plow is a very intelligently engineered machine and its durability has been secured by incorporating tough square tube steel whereas the plow is manufactured from Stamped steel with a few more strategically integrated reinforcements.


  • It’s extremely simple to install Koplin’s switchblade snow plow to the Ranger.
  • It comes with high lift push tubes for convenient climbing
  • It renders durability and strength
  • The switchblade feature makes it extremely versatile and convenient to use this machine in various spaces.
  • The snow plow is compatible with more than 20 models of Polaris Ranger


  • The snow plow doesn’t include winch as it is sold separately
  • It comes with only a 1-year limited warranty

4. Warn ProVantage Side X Side Plow System

When it comes to durability and adjustable features, Warn ProVantage Side X Side snow plow renders customization at its best as it features various blades available from 50 inches to 72 inches. The snow plow machine has been designed to work on every space regardless of dimensions as a 50-inch-wide blade would target the middle area of the passageway instead of sides and longer blades will cover the full width of the Polaris Ranger.

Moreover, there are plenty of advanced features that enabled this plow machine to be added to the list of the best snow plow for Polaris Ranger like its power-operated pivot mount, straight and standard blade profiles, bucket conversion kit that would increase its number of uses and it also allows you to carry out its fine-tuning multiple times. This snow plow machine comes as a complete package and you don’t have to buy its essentials separately.


  • It allows you to customize the blade size from 50 inches all the way up to 72 inches
  • ProVantage snow plow is made up of 12-gauge steel, guaranteeing durability and resilience.
  • It comes with heavy-duty ribbing
  • Its boxed design adds extra support
  • It only weighs 56.2 pounds that makes it extremely easy to attach to the Polaris Ranger


  • ProVantage’s design doesn’t include a top lip

5. Tusk SubZero Heavy Duty UTV Snow Plow Kit

If you are looking for a durable, heavy-duty, and simple snow plow system then the Tusk SubZero snow plow kit is the best option for you to take into consideration. This snow plow kit is very keenly engineered by reviewing liabilities caused by previous models like it integrates a synthetic rope to save your winch from the damage caused by wear and tear when you enable movement in the plow blade.

The snow plow kit includes square-tube push bars, a model-specific mount, and an efficient plow blade system. Plus, there is nothing complex about its mantling process as it comes fully assembled and includes all the basic equipment that is required to connect the snow plow with the vehicle.  


  • It comes with a synthetic rope as a safety feature.
  • This snow plow kit is extremely simple to attach with every model of Ranger.
  • You can carry out heavy-duty plowing with the help SubZero plow kit.
  • Its lightweight, durable and efficient at the same time
  • It comes as ready-to-use, you just have to mount its winch upfront.


  • Comparatively expensive

6. Polaris Glacier Pro Snow Plow System

When we are talking about some of the best snow plows for Polaris Ranger, it would be very unjust if Polaris Glacier’s Pro snow plow system is not discussed. The iconic snow plow system offers a very functional adaptable feature of various plow blades of several sizes starting from 60 inches to 72 inches.

Polaris Glacier didn’t compromise on quality and durability so the plow blades are manufactured by poly and steel sheet with a persistent matte black finish. Pro snow comes with a model-specific integrated mount bar frame which makes its attachment with the Ranger absolutely simple and straightforward.


  • According to experts, Pro snow fulfills the checklist of maximum compatibility with Polaris Ranger.
  • It includes a metal wear bar that allows you to complete the job efficiently.
  • It is known for its lasting and durable structure.
  • The components used to make this snow plow ensure its low maintenance and heavy-duty high performance.
  • The design of Pro snow is entirely model specific, making the connection process very convenient and smooth.


  • Not a very advanced model of snow plow by Polaris Glacier.

There are certain features that add value to snow plow kits such as adjustable features, durability, customizable plow blades, and integrated self-maintenance mechanism. We have chosen all those plow machines that are known as the best snow plows for Polaris Ranger because they fit smoothly with any model of UTV Ranger. Plus, these snow plow machines have the capability and strength to overcome any terrain or task.

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