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Best Steel Toe Shoes for Women

best steel toe shoes for women
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The female population is facing quite a lot of challenges at their homes and on their worksite on a daily basis. They are always in search of comfortable yet stylish shoes. Here we have listed down the best steel toe shoes for women.  We hope it would help you.

Best Steel Toe Shoes for Women 2020

Here we have worked and jotted down the best steel toe shoes list.

1. Dr. Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boots

 Dr. Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boots

The Ironbridge safety boots from a well-known company of Dr. Martens are considered the best steel toe shoes for women. These shoes are quite relaxing to wear and on the same side, they are durable for bearing with the beating every day. These are your choice if you are working on loading and unloading or if your job demands of you to walk several miles or if you have a running day at your hospital, these Ironbridge collections are worth your money. The bonding has made use of heat-sealing and stitching techniques, while others are attached with glue.

They are available in three shades namely: black, teak, and gaucho shades. Their first look is beautiful yet stylish. Moreover, some scratches might be seen on the skin of your shoes if you are working in very severe conditions. No worries, a small amount of oiling will help in getting back the shiny look. As far as comfort is concerned, the company has made sure that the design is very well-padded, comfortable, and have provided full support to the foot. The feet are kept dry and sweating is avoided by the use of insole of anti-bacterial Smartmask and the lining of moisture-wicking. You can wear shoes for hours without hurting your feet. Also, you can wear them with high arch insole supports, if you have high arched feet.

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  • Highly comfortable and fashionable style
  • Keeps the foot dry and safe due to anti-bacterial Smartmask insole
  • Air-cushioned PVC outsole
  • Highly rated shoes by international standard organizations such as EH and ASTM


  • The shoes are quite heavy
  • The insole of the shoes is not of very good quality

2. Caterpillar Women’s Echo Shoes

Caterpillar Women’s Echo Shoes

Caterpillar company has an excellent repute for its footwear. These best steel toe shoes for women specially designed. They may look fragile but they are quite strong and tough. You can wear these even in very harsh industrial environments. There are two attractive colors available for females; marlin and frost gray colors. They can be worn for many years as its outsole is made up of leather and rubber. iTechnology construction is used to attach the sole with the upper part of the shoes. The foot insoles are padded with the high collar shaft which makes the shoes very comfy to be worn.

Furthermore, the shoes are waterproof and allow you to work easily even in the rain. The feet can remain dry due to the mesh insole lining. Although the feet will not be kept warm in cold weather as the shoes are not insulated. These steel toe shoes prevent stubbing of toes with any obstacle in the path.

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  • These are present in two colors
  • The shoes are waterproof
  • Durable and reliable
  • International rated shoes by EH and ASTM
  • Oil-resistant shoes
  • Anti-slippery construct


  • The insoles are quite decent in design but their quality is not good
  • Can’t keep feet warm in cold weather

3. Dr. Martens Industrial Steel Toe Shoes

Dr. Martens Industrial Steel Toe Shoes

The Icon 2295 ST collection features Industrial-strength steel toe shoes for women. It is an excellent choice for working women, and even men can wear these shoes as they are unisex. They look quite modern in looks and are made up of leather, having cute yellow stitching. Many colors are available in these shoes to attract female customers. It can take the beating of years owing to its strong build-up of Goodyear welted shoes.

It is very comfortable to wear pertaining to the waxy feel due to the oiled leather used in its manufacturing. Thus, it can be worn for the whole day. There is a protective pillow-like insole that allows shock absorbance and also reduces fatigue. Furthermore, these boots are quite light in weight. Dr. Martens’ products are known worldwide for their safety. These shoes have a high level of resistance against oil and petrol. There is additional insulation for keeping feet warm even during the cold weather.

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  • Leather made
  • Stylish and sturdy look
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Additional ankle support with additional pads
  • Air-cushioned sole
  • Midsoles are from AirWave
  • Footbeds of EVA
  • Internationally rated best for their steel toe caps by ANSI makes them the best steel toe shoes for women
  • Protects against shocks up to 14,000 volts due to EH protection


  • Unable to protect feet against extreme cold season
  • They are not waterproof

4. Timberland PRO

Timberland PRO

The Timberland PRO Women’s 72399 Titan 6″ Safety-Toe Boots have many advanced features. The appearance of these shoes is quite a female appealing type with a high preference for safety and protection. The first-class leather upper look soft and supple. The upper and the sole are attached with a cement construction thus providing added durability. There are no loose threads and even the metal eyelets are rigid and tough. Nevertheless, the Pro Titan shoes are cute and fashionable. They can be worn as a part of a uniform and also with casual jeans.

Timberland company has installed many features in the boots to guarantee the comfortability. There are a top collar pad and a full contoured footbed to support feet. Also, the outsole is heat-resistant and the shoes are highly resistant against abrasion, oil, and slipping. You can also check this best zero turn mover under $3000.

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  • Powerfit comfort system makes them one of the best steel toe shoes for women
  • High-quality sole
  • Heat-resistant
  • Anti-slippery shoes
  • High resistance for oily products
  • Internationally rated bye EH and ASTM


  • They do not prevent toe stubbing
  • They are not waterproof

5. Caterpillar Women’s Freedom Shoes

Caterpillar Women’s Freedom Shoes

Caterpillar is a renowned company that manufactures amazing quality footwear that is suitable for all occasions. These boots are best suited for industrial women and can last for years. The design is available in two attractive colors; black and chocolate. The freedom shoes are beautiful yet bold due to the leather and metal components. The upper part of the shoes and the soles are joined by the Goodyear welt making shoes stable and durable for use. In the beginning, the leather might feel very hard. Though, it loosens with time and becomes softer. Again, these also have high collar pads and a sock liner to make them pain-free. The nylon mesh helps in keeping the foot dry and moisturized.

These best steel toe shoes for women are not insulated well thus, they are not well suited for cold climate, but can be worn with socks. The foot stress is released by the footbed and the PVC midsole. These are anti-slippery shoes as the outsoles are made with high-quality material. Thus, the balance is maintained well. Hence, the risk of falls is minimized. The steel toe caps are internationally rated as the best ones, which guarantees that these shoes can resist any type of collision.

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  • Made up of full-grain leather
  • Manufactured with a combination of Goodyear welt and cement
  • Internationally certified and rated steel toe caps (ASTM)
  • EH certified for the safety measures
  • Anti slippery soles
  • Decreased stress on the foot


  • No insulation
  • These are not waterproof
  • The break-in period is quite painful

These are some of the best steel toe shoes for women that are available easily on Amazon and in the market. We hope that you found this review helpful. You can buy any of these or any other that best suits your needs but always keep a few points. The shoes must be super comfy and long-lasting.