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Best Zero Turn Mower with Bagger

best zero turn mower with bagger
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The technology of zero-turn mowers is evolving rapidly; engineers develop the latest machines with a keen eye to counter your mowing related issues. Therefore, additional features are being supplemented to facilitate your grass razing experience, bagging system is one of the examples of additional yet necessary features, integrated to collect grass clippings. Trimmed grass is blown into the bagger by a belt-driven powered fan attached to the drive system of the blades. Experts prefer zero-turn mowers that include this technology of fanning system so that you don’t have to get off the machine and clear all the mess of grass clippings around you. Thus, we have shortlisted the best zero turn mower with bagger and provided a comprehensive review to facilitate your search.

Essential features that should be kept in mind before getting a zero-turn mower

Deck Size

If you intend to acquire a zero-turn mower then you should know certain important factors such as cutting deck size. You might be wondering why is it necessary to consider the deck size of the mowing machine, basically deck size will determine the speed of the moving process as a bigger cutting deck can efficiently raze the grass in the shortest amount of time due to the bigger surface area of blades. There are multitudinous options of zero-turn riding machines available according to the size of your yard. If you have the area of 20,000 square feet to four acres then mowers with 32 to 60-inch deck size would be most suitable.

Power Output

It is of utmost importance to scrutinize the powerhouse of the zero-turn mower, a powerful and durable engine that is capable of producing a great amount of horsepower can significantly reduce the mowing time. Usually, for larger yards of up to 4 acres, zero-turn mowers with 12 to 15 hp generating engines are recommended by the experts.


Plain surfaces are easier to mow but certain mowers do not function on hilly terrain due to restricted deck movement. A zero-turn mower with automatic adjustment of cutting height according to the contour of the ground increases the maneuverability of the machine. It is important to acquire a multi-functional machine that is able to mow on every surface so maneuverability of the machine should also be considered.

Best Zero turn Mower with Bagger 2020

1. Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT1 50 Zero-Turn Mower

Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT1 50 Zero-Turn Mower

ZT1 50 Ultima series is the best seller zero-turn mower of Cub Cadet and it deserved to be a top-of-the-line mowing machine as its strategic engineered design includes open frame structure. Besides, the mowing machine comes with a hinged/removable floor pan that allows easy access to the deck and engine for quick and convenient maintenance. The Integrated Aeroforce cutting system produces finer clippings that result in fewer clumps and a smooth finish. Ultima ZT1 50 is powered by a 726cc Kawasaki engine, with a 3.5-gallon fuel tank capacity the engine allows you to mow at 7 MPH by yielding 23 hp of energy.

Like all other incredible zero-turn mowers by renowned manufacturers, mowing machines allow you to adjust the cutting height but ZT1 50 allows you to accommodate the elevation of blades from 1 to 4.5 inches. Which is the widest range of height any model is offering in the market? Further, the reason why this model is preferred is that ZT1 50 can be employed to mow all types of yards regardless of size and its functional double bagger system allows you to achieve a smooth finish without halting the process repeatedly making it the one best zero turn mower with bagger.

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  • It comes with the SmartJet deck wash system
  • The design includes a tubular steel frame that boosts the durability and strength of the structure
  • The model features a double bagger system
  • It includes a comfortable operator’s station with an adjustable command center
  • The integrated parking brake system in lap bars for convenient use
  • The grass mowing machine is secured by a 3-year warranty


  • It lacks a comprehensive manual on the mechanism and operation of this model.

2. Toro Titan 60″ (75303) Zero-Turn Mower

Toro Titan 60″ (75303) Zero-Turn Mower

Titan series is developed to upgrade the domestic lawn mowers by supplementing the latest technological features. Titan by Toro is a multi-functional zero turn mower that is best suited for all yards and pasture regardless of the area. This model comes with 60-inch Iron Forged fabricated deck to increase the cutting area of blades. It is powered by a 24.5 HP Toro V-twin 708cc engine and the engine is integrated with no-tool oil drain that makes oil draining super convenient. Usually, manufacturers of zero-turn mowers claim that the latest model is able to mow at a higher velocity up to 8 MPH but Titan by Toro will actually trim your grass at 8.5 MPH. With a hybrid of the great sized cutting deck, 18,900 fpm blade tip speed, heavy-duty transmission, and MyRide suspension technology, Titan allow you to mow up to 6 acres per hour.

This lawn mowing machine comes with a bagging kit that is powered by the mower blades drive system and organizes all the razed grass in its compartments. Moreover, the remarkable model allows you to adjust the cutting height of the deck according to the size of the grass from 1.5-inch all the way up to 4.5-inch of deck elevation.

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  • It features ZT 2800 transmissions
  • Titan comes with hydraulic steering dampeners
  • To enhance comfort for the operator, Titan incorporates handcrafted 18-inch seat with armrests
  • The structure is designed to be ultra-durable and potent
  • Enlisted as one of the best zero turn mowers with bagger


  • This model is quite expensive owing to all the high-end materials.

3. John Deere Z925M Zero-Turn Mower

John Deere Z925M Zero-Turn Mower

Z925M by John Deere has been engineered by incorporating industry-leading material and cutting-edge technology to accelerate the tiresome process of mowing. This lawn mowing machine features 7-Iron™ PRO Mowing Deck that reduces the potential of damage plus enhances the overall performance and durability of the mower. The model comes with Electronic Fuel Injection and Gasoline Engine that renders 25 horsepower energy at 3600rpm and the dual cylinder system has a total capacity of 747cc. The design of the machine includes an easy-to-install Steel rear bumper that shields the structure of the lawnmower from mechanical injuries.

The machine accommodates a functional bagging system to store mowed grass in the bucket which entitles Z925M as one of the best zero turn mowers with bagger. Furthermore, the frame of the zero-turn mower embodies durability and longevity due to thick-gauge, heavy-duty, steel channel design.

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  • Heavy-duty construction ensures great performance
  • The design of the machine allows smooth operation
  • This model is equipped with a powerful engine
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Integrated hydrostatic transmission technology


  • Comparatively expensive

4. Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT3 60 Zero-Turn Mower

Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT3 60 Zero-Turn Mower

Cub Cadet has introduced a poly-functional series of zero-turn mowers in which mowing machines exhibit durability, enhanced performance, absolute strength, and advanced technology. Ultima ZT3 has an integrated square tubular frame for added reinforcement and durability. The mowing machine comes with Aeroforce™ deck which is testified as to the top-rated cutting deck technology plus it includes industry-leading dual Hydro-Gear hydrostatic rear-wheel transmission that ensures smooth operation and allows you to mow at an average speed of 7.5 MPH. It comes with a triple bagging system as razed grass is pushed to the bagger by the fan incorporated in the blades control system.

Three chambers in the bagging system will provide greater surface area for the storage of trimmed grass and you can easily mow up to 3 acres without overflowing the bagging system. Moreover, the zero-turn mower by Cub Cadet is powered by a 725cc Kawasaki engine that generates 14 hp of energy with a 60-inch cutting deck this grass-cutting machine can mow large yards at an accelerated rate and it is highly eligible to be the best zero turn mower with bagger.

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  • Operator’s station is designed to be comfortable with high back seat and cushioned armrests.
  • It comes with triple bagging system
  • Powerful Kawasaki engine allows you to mow at maximum velocity of 7.5 MPH
  • Durable frame structure made up of steel
  • It comes with Hydro-Gear ZT 3100 technology


  • In case of any malfunction technical aid is required to fix it
  • High maintenance machine

5. Troy-Bilt Mustang Z50 Zero-Turn Mower

Troy-Bilt Mustang Z50 Zero-Turn Mower

Mustang by Troy-Bilt is known for its high efficiency and comfortable high back seat. With a 50-inch cutting deck and powerful Troy-Bilt engine, this grass mowing machine operates on all types of terrain whether it’s even or bumpy, Mustang is highly maneuverable and multi-functional to ensure organized and leveled yards. The zero-turn mower is equipped with a 697cc V-twin OHV Troy-Bilt engine that works together with a Dual EZT 2200 transmission system to mow at an average speed of 7 MPH. Plus it comes with a 3.5-gallon fuel tank capacity that allows you to mow for longer periods of time without pulling over for fuel re-fills.

The structure of the Mustang has been engineered with a fully-welded 2-inch tubular frame to provide maximum stability as the heavy-duty design would help absorb impact and adds strength. Moreover, you can incorporate a double bagger system into the zero-turn mower which comes with easy-to-install features.

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  • Large 50-inch deck allows faster and efficient mowing.
  • You can experience comfortable ride due to reduced vibration, high back seats and foam grip steering controls.
  • Full length high-tensile structure adds stability
  • Certainly, one of the best zero turn mowers with bagger.
  • Mustang comes with 3-year warranty and lifetime frame warranty


  • Considered as expensive option of zero-turn mower

The addition of a bagging kit into the design of zero-turn mowers enhanced the overall performance of the machine. You can either opt for a dual bucket or three-bucket design of the bagging system as per your choice. Advanced technology plus top-quality baggers allow you to dump the grass clippings by pulling a lever attached to the operator’s seat and the collector will tilt to vacate the compartments of the bagger. For commercial purposes, zero turn mower’s compatibility with the bagging system is an essential feature so now you can upgrade your lawnmower by examining various options of best zero turn mower with bagger available in the market.

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