Brilliant Wood Screw Pro Lifehack

If you’re ready for another Pro Lifehack from our ongoing Alternative Tool Use series, it’s your lucky day! We’ve shared some helpful, creative, and downright slick ways to use tools in alternative ways for the job and home. We’ve found other uses for a drill, a utility knife, and a couple different shovels. Some of these things certainly trend more toward the DIY area but today we have an idea that’s decidedly Pro. It’s what we call the Brilliant Wood Screw Pro Lifehack, although as anyone who’s ever had to get creative on the job will tell you, it’s really called necessity. Just like the mother of invention – or just inventing new ways to use a tool.

Brilliant Wood Screw Pro Lifehack

wood screwEveryone knows what a screw does. The screw has been a fastener since at least the 1400s, holding two pieces of material together more securely than a nail. But you can do much more work with the lowly screw – and here are two quick ideas that we think you’ll find true.

You can use a screw or group of screws as a shim when you don’t have a shim. Moreover, a screw can give you as much or more control than a shim for fine-tuning material position.

For example, let’s say you find a rough opening of a window to be out of square – well outside an acceptable tolerance. Maybe it’s an old house that’s settled quite a bit, and you can simply fasten the window frame to the rough opening because of the lack of square. Well, you could use a shim, but it’s more likely you have a couple screws laying around. Simply sink the screws into the rough opening so that the window frame will rest squarely. And you won’t have to saw or snap off the shim, either. One manufacturer even offers shim screws – now those really are brilliant.


Screw It, Here’s One More

Verifying that your level is true is a time-honored use for a screw. Just sink one on a sacrificial board and set one end of your level on it, the other further down the board. Adjust the height of your screw until the bubble shows it’s perfectly level. Turn the level so the opposite end is on the screw. If the bubble is still dead center, you have a true level.

Best Bubble Level Buying Guide for Pros

We hope you’ve found our Wood Screw Lifehacks helpful! What are some of the ways you use a screw aside from fastening material?

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