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Can I use lawn mower engine oil in my snowblower?

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Certainly, you can use lawn mower engine oil in the maintenance of your snowblower. Lawnmowers include two-stroke engines while some conventional snow blowers are also powered by dual-stroke engines. Therefore, the same engine oil can be employed for the maintenance of both machines. Yet, the category of the engine must be same as 4-stroke engines are also incorporated in the advanced lawn mowers and snow blowers and the condition of adding same engine oil can be only applied if both machines contain the same category of engine, equal power strokes and identical maintenance approach by the manufacturer would further verify that same engine oil could be added in lawn mowers as well as snow clearing machines.

Proper maintenance and the right amount of oil-gas ratio are essential for the efficient functioning of the engine, so it’s better to use the oil recommended by the manufacturer of the particular equipment. Each manufacturer endorses different oil according to the climate of your region. Some engineers from the manufacturing companies suggest using SAE 30 motor oil but again it depends on the category of the engine plus climatic conditions so it’s best to follow the advice as specified by makers.

Plenty of people struggle in balancing the accurate ratio of gasoline and oil as whole operation and efficiency of your machine depends upon the suitable oil and adding the mixture with correct oil-gas ratio. Otherwise, your snowblower or lawnmower would start releasing dark clouds of smelly smoke that choke the respiratory tract of people around it. So, it’s important to keep the correct oil-gas ratio in mind while preparing the 2-cycle oil concentrate and you can easily formulate oil mixture by following certain steps. Firstly, pour the oil in empty gasoline can then add a fuel stabilizer to the gasoline before mixing it with the oil and finally add a gallon of gasoline into the can of oil plus there is no need for further agitation. Moreover, due to the incorporation of fuel stabilizer shelf life of the 2-cycle oil will be enhanced and the mixture can be stored for more than 30 days.

The frequency of the oil change is determined by the manufacturer of the engine, proper instructions on the frequency of oil change is documented in the manual by engine manufacturers. Some engine makers have manufactured “no oil change” engines, that doesn’t call for regular maintenance and you can change its oil when you think it requires lubrication. While some manufacturers recommend following proper maintenance regime by adding oil during the first five hours of operation and during the functional season such as spring or summer for lawn mowers and winters and autumn for snow blowers, you will find this instruction in the manual of such machines, “check engine oil regularly to ensure proper functionality of your machine”.

Moreover, for the sake of reminder, keep in mind that same engine oil could only be utilized if the type of engine is similar such as 2-stroke engines demand similar maintenance procedures, frequency of oil change plus the gas-oil ratio of the formulated concentrate is also exactly same for all types of 2-stroke engines. You can also visit our related articles on best deals on snow blowers, best snow blowers for large driveways, and best gas snow blower.