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Can snow blowers break the ice?

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If we analyze the working mechanism of snow blower machine then we would be able to discern that actual snow blowers are designed to remove snow out of the way so without breaking chunks of ice or snow the goal of snow expulsion can’t be achieved. In fact, the first snow blower designed by Arthur Sicard in 1925 incorporated an auger, large rotating fan blade that would grind the snow, and the crushed material is ejected through the discharge chute. The basic design of snow blower machine is based on snow crushing and snow expulsion, all the equipment installed in the machine revolves around these two processes and modern technology is only enhancing the efficiency of the machine by supplementing advanced technological systems in the basic structure.

To be more precise, all the snow blowers can break chunks of ice due to the inclusion of auger system that is installed in the machine to shatter the blocks of ice and throw the smashed snow out of the discharge chute. Yet, this breaking process depends on the size of the ice chunk encountered by the snow removing machine and how compact the snow blanket is. Therefore, if you are using a simple single-stage snow blower on a compact and hard snowdrift, you are providing a befitting situation to snow clearing machine that would ultimately lead to impracticality and decreased optimization of the snow removal process.

 However, if you possess a relatively heavy-duty, hulking, and upgraded models of snow clearing machines such as dual-stage snow blower and three-stage snow blower, then solid ice sheets and tough snow blankets cannot pose a challenge to the functional capability of the machine. As a matter of fact, effective performance can only be achieved if the snow clearing machine is designed according to climatic conditions of the region plus frequency of snowfall and physical properties of snow as these factors determine what category of the machine is suitable to counter the snow conditions of the particular area. Therefore, if you plan to purchase a snow blower machine that ensures effective functioning then you should assess the snow conditions and integrated features of this evolving technology to decide which machine would be appropriate for you.

Regardless of the size and power of snow blower, every snow blower since Sicard introduced the machine commercially is designed to break snow chunks into small fragments, the design of the machine revolves around this mechanism of snow/ice disintegration and shooting it out through exhaust chute.