Craftsman White Work Gloves for Workers Who Like to Stay Clean

Just announced today, the Craftsman White Work Gloves present an option for workers who like to stay clean. In today’s job market, not everyone loves to get dirty. In particular, OSHA dust regulations and better air filtration have newer workers wondering why they should ever get dirty. Can’t all job sites simply stop making so much dirt? Craftsman answers the call with their new line of White Work Gloves for Workers Who Like to Stay Clean.

NOTE: This was an April Fool’s post from 2019


“We really wanted a solution for enticing entry-level contractors and tradesmen to the labor market. Often, ‘not wanting to get my hands yucky’ pops up as the #1 reason high schoolers don’t want to join the labor force. Craftsman aims to solve that with a full marketing campaign centered around staying clean. The new ‘Craftsman White Work Gloves for Workers Who Like to Stay Clean’ campaign should allow us to reach more potential tradesmen. We hope to get them to dip their feet into the labor pool and find it as thrilling and invigorating as we do.”

– Manny Sucias, product manager for the White Work Gloves series

Craftsman White Work Gloves

Craftsman White Work Gloves Just the Beginning

The gloves will initially be available in white only. However, the plan is to roll out a secondary line of black work gloves soon thereafter. The Craftsman Black Work Gloves series will help when these new workers find out construction jobs are rarely clean. The black gloves will let them hide and even ignore dirt since they won’t show on the already-black work gloves.

After the reality of the job site settles in, new workers switching to Craftsman Black gloves won’t see the dirt on their gloves. Instead, they can simply pretend it’s not there.

Problem solved.


We think this represents a shift in thinking for the trades. Appealing to those whose sense of cleanliness may be a deal-breaker for the trades might work wonders. Manufacturers and construction professionals benefit from getting fresh blood trained to be framers, carpenters, mechanics, plumbers, and electricians. Could offering them the “white glove treatment” represent the key to success?

We think so.

Craftsman Black Work Gloves

After the reality of the jobsite settles in, new workers can switch to Craftsman Black gloves so they don’t see the dirt on their gloves and can pretend it’s not there.

Construction supervisors and journeymen should definitely consider offering these gloves to new workers as they start their first shifts. Explain how a clean job site helps everyone maintain efficiency. Encourage them to be safe and healthy over their 12-hour work day. Will it work? We’ll have to wait and see.

For more information on these Craftsman White work gloves, please visit this page.

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