DeWalt Experience 2017 Video Recap

The DeWalt Experience 2017 media event was held in Nashville and our friends in yellow and black had plenty to show off. Running the tagline “Tough in the South”, there was everything from tools to bull riding.

FlexVolt sees a pretty large expansion in the DeWalt Experience 2017. It’s no surprise that those are some of the most popular tools from the event. But Tool Connect is moving forward with new tools that have the technology integrated rather than just having it in the battery. We have several those tools in-house right now, so keep your eyes open for the reviews soon!

Many of you have asked about DeWalt’s Breakway recip blades and we have some answers for you after seeing them in action. You’ll also want to see what DeWalt is up to in the storage department to keep up with Milwaukee’s and Husky’s recent success.


There’s a lot to see and if you have some time on your hands, click over to our written recap. At the bottom, you’ll find the Facebook Live videos we shot at each booth so you can hear it straight from the DeWalt team.

But there are a few more products we get into in the video below. If you’re watching the YouTube video recap, here’s a list of what you’ll see in order:

DeWalt Experience 2017 Video Recap

Did you get your hands on any of these tools yet? Or maybe you have some ideas of other tools you’d like to see DeWalt come out with for 2018? Tell us what you think in the comments below!



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