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Gas Powered Snow Blower vs Electric Snow Blower

gas snow blower vs electric snow blower
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The gas snow blowers provide more power than the electric snow blowers and are a better choice for longer driveways and bigger jobs. They are limited only by the size of their gas tank and how much time required spending clearing the snow. If someone is clearing a long driveway, clearing sidewalks, clearing aggregate surfaces, or working anywhere that is more than 60 feet from an available electric outlet, then a gas snow blower is the best choice. This clearly shows that a gas powered snow blower is a good choice for long ways to clean.

Another type of snow blower is electric snow blower. They have the cordless single stage models that can be used on any type of hard surface because the spinning paddle does not touch the surface. They all use a fine plastic scraper under and behind the paddles to scrape the surface cleaning process. Unless someone gets a rock embedded in that scraper they will not mark the composite blower deck or paver patio for further function. These blowers are not self-propelled and the scraper is not sharp so they will not clean snow that has been walked or driven on which is another issue. A stiff garage broom or plastic edged snow shovel will be used to clean the packed down areas including the paved one.

Gas powered snow blowers are available in different widths and capacities according to choice. Residential Snowblowers which costs under $1100 work well for most suburban driveways. Other important but more expensive models can offer “over-the-top” power for moving some serious snow on the area to clean. The plow pillar type area is a difficult task for electric snow blower but is easy work for the gas powered snow blower.

Gas Powered Snow Blower Types:

Single stage snow blowers have a rotating paddle upfront that grabs the snow and throws it out of the machine through a chute very firmly. 

2 stage snow blowers have a front auger chews up the snow and clear it and ejects it into an impeller present on it that throws the snow farther than a single stage for clearance.

The recent style of 3 stage snow blowers is consisting of another auger that grabs the snow from the front auger and throws it more forcibly into the impeller for removal.

1. Gas powered single stage snow blowers:

Single stage gas powered snow blowers have the paddle which actually touches the surface during snow clearance. This also allows the snow thrower to pull itself along and as well allows it to clean packed down snow that has been driven on or walked on. The other two types of snow blowers use a metal scraper along the back of the front auger housing. This type of scraper can be adjusted using the shoes on each side of the auger housing to touch the surface or leave a little gap.

Most people adjust the shoes so there is a little gap between the scraper and the surface between cleaning areas. Many of these snow blowers come standard with metal skid shoes which are effective. But those metal shoes will scratch most surfaces and leave brown rust stains on the area.

2. Two and three stage gas snow blowers:

The other types as two stages and three stage gas now blower use the metal scraper along with the back of the front auger housing. These scrapers have to be adjusted by using the shoe skid on both sides in order to touch the surface or leave a little gap. Most of the people adjust the shoes so that there is a little gap between the scrap and the surface for better result of cleaning. Most of these snow blowers come with the metal skis shoes which are of good quality but they cause the rusting as well of the surface and brown rust leave stains the area.

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Comparative Analysis of Gas Snow Blower & Electric Snow Blower

Free Range of Motion

Gas Powered:

Gas snow blowers are best and ideal for longer driveways and bigger jobs due to their battery. They have been limited only by the size of their gas tank. If someone is clearing a long driveway, clearing sidewalks, or working anywhere that does not have access to an available electric outlet, then a gas snow blower is the best way to go.
Electric Blower:

If a person is driving a 50 miles long area it will be difficult through the electric model. In this case, using an electric snow blower in excess of 50 feet from the power source will require a 12-gauge extension cord to avoid electrical hazards which are quite difficult. But if snowblower is properly sized and extension cord is properly gauged, then overheating should not be a real issue. With time the battery usage is increasing and the technologies are using battery-powered applications for better work. But with limitations in every upcoming new season, gas snow blowers are giving unique benefits that cannot be matched by any electric or cordless snow blowers or other.

East of Maneuverability

Gas Powered:

Two stage and three stage snow blower which are types of gas powered snow blower move like a tank in the area they are working but they required less manual working in the area for other features due to the presence of the impeller and the auger which make the movement easier than other blowers.  
Electric Power:

Although single-stage and electric snow blowers are small and light-weight, they are not always easier to maneuver because some models are too light to grip the pavement the way they should move on.
The heavier weights of other types as two-stage and three-stage snow blowers actually work in their favor by always having solid contact with the ground and grip on the wheels which hold them. These snow blowers are basically self-propelled, and many can even be found with power steering. They help the working person so that they can start work by simply opening some levers.

Moving Heavy Load

Gas Powered:

Two stage snow blowers have impeller which helps to eject the snow fast but three stage snow blowers have the most speed to eject snow out through the help of the auger present on it which increases the working speed.  
Electric Blower:

Moving a snow blower is a difficult thing that is often faced in the gas snow blower.
These cause trouble during movement from one area to another in serious snow. Plows pillar are difficult for normal electric snow blowers but easy walk for gas snow blower.

Clearing Width and Intake Height

Gas Powered:

A gas powered snow blower can clear area up to a width of 45 inches with a maximum intake of 23.5 inches, so they can clean area double than he electric snow blower and can clean more efficiently the area, sidewalks, roadways.
Electric Blower:

The electric snow blower has the ability to clean up to 24 inches in width and has an area of 13 intake height.  If someone is trying to clean a higher area than it will be difficult.

Push Button Start

Gas Powered:

For some people it is easy to start snow blower though a push rather than a pull and start button. Push button and pull are sometimes present on both models no matter whether it is gas powered electric but choice is depending upon working
Electric Blower:

It is commonly thought that electric snow blower does not need any special start-up which is a wrong concept and it should be kept in mind that they also have some complex feature like gas-powered snowblowers for working. Some times when there is no start for electric snow blowers the gas-powered snow blowers start working with one or two push of the cord. Push cord are the easiest way to start gas snow blowers.

Ease of up Keep

Gas Powered:

Gas powered snow blowers required proper oil change with the time, gasoline usage, spark ignition, and other maintenance as well along with its polishing to increase its working time.
Electric Blower:

In an electric snow blower, there is no need for an oil change or gasoline usage, or the spark is required there. The only requirement by them is only to change their DC motors batteries with time and to keep them safe from salt damage.  

Cost Comparison

Gas Powered:

Gas powered snow blowers range in between $306-$3600 which is quite expensive than electric snow blowers. This large amount is due to different provided styles, sizes, features, and other structures provided by gas blowers. Some gas-powered snow blower can be as small like electric and also as large like heavy machinery
Electric Blower:

Electric snow blowers are less expensive making them best option for electric grounds. In an area with a low snowfall rate and the less electric prices, one should be more comfortable with electric snow lower.

In conclusion, the four most important points that should be kept in mind while choosing the best snow blowers, gas powered snow blower, or an electric snow blower:

  • The amount of snow in the area average a year.
  • The type of snowfall that area usually gets.
  • The area where blower has to be used
  • Kind of storm in that area in few years