Home Depot Limits Access to 100 People at a Time + Social Distancing

At our local The Home Depot store this morning, one of our Pro reviewers got in line to pick up some needed items. The store has limited access to 100 people at a time.


Home Depot Limiting Access for Social Distancing

They also placed tape and markings outside to create social distancing markers for those standing in line. People were very cordial. Of course, this is the South and we tend to have a good perspective on things involving God and country.

home depot 100 people social distancing

Inside the Store

The Home Depot structured the store so that everyone used one central entrance. Inside the store, employees directed customers to products and checkout. Two registers were available at the Pro desk where, after gathering items, customers paid and then exited the store.

Employees were stationed at the entrance and exit to monitor everyone. Overall, it took about 30 minutes to get into the store at 11am EST. When our Pro exited, the line was even longer, and it looked like about double the wait time—or around an hour.

home depot social distancing sign

Promoting Safety is Good for Everyone

As Home Depot limits store access to just 100 people, we’re appreciative of the steps taken to promote safety. We see similar policies from the likes of SAMs Club, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others. It functions as a good way to provide additional space for consumers already attempting to practice social distancing.

This move, in addition to the reduced hours, tells us The Home Depot seems to be taking the Coronavirus situation seriously. That’s not only good for business—it’s good for their customers and associates as well.

We like seeing companies take these steps and can appreciate the sacrifice corporations are making—both by staying open and by limiting access and hours.

Kudos to The Home Depot for their efforts.


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