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Husqvarna 961930097 254cc Review

Husqvarna 961930097 254cc Review
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To combat gigantic snowstorms, you will require an equally fierce snowblower to clear your driveways and walkways. If you experience at least a foot of snow at your doorstep, then you need a tough two-stage snow blower like the Husqvarna 961930097. In this Husqvarna 961930097 254cc review, we will discuss what this snow blower features and what it is designed to do.

27 inches clearing width

This gas snow blower has a clearing width of up to 27 inches which will help you quickly clear the snow from your huge driveway. This makes a huge difference when you are clearing large areas of snow and especially when you use this snowblower in challenging weather conditions.

30% snow blowing horsepower

Husqvarna 961930097 254cc might not throw the snow farthest away but the amazing 8.5 horsepower engine it has will move the snow with ease regardless of the type of snow. This larger engine provides an extra 30% snow blowing horsepower as compared to the other models and this is very useful especially when it comes to dealing with heavy and icy snow.

Excellent quality

Husqvarna snowblowers are known for their quality and this model of Husqvarna shows it too. Snow blowing may be tough on the equipment itself so fragile or delicate materials will fail rapidly. However, Husqvarna 961930097 uses strong and durable materials that are appropriate for the intended use. It is a well-built quality product and is put together skillfully with the only exception being the plastics that are used in the control panel.

Other features

Husqvarna 961930097 has a 12 inches steel auger that is designed to collect both loose and hard-packed snow, which then sends it into the impeller and pushes it out through the steel chute. The plow-shaped piece that covers the auger, the snowblower intake, has a height of about 23 inches, and hence, it can take in the snow that is piled up to 2 feet high. The tires are 15 inches which helps you maneuver through snow smoothly without scraping your driveway or patio. It also has an LED light which will help you see in the dark and the snowblower comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • 8.5 HP engine
  • Clearing width of 27 inches


  • You may need to get a more powerful snowblower if you frequently receive snowfalls above 18 inches.


This Husqvarna 961930097 254cc review has highlighted most of the features of this two-stage snowblower. The Husqvarna 9611930097 has more horsepower, wider clearing width, is equipped with a power steering, delivers excellent performance, and above all it has top-notch quality. All these features make it a good choice for homeowners who have areas to be cleared because of the amount of snow they receive.

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