Metabo HPT 4-Port Battery Charger UC18YTSL

Charging batteries on the job site always presents a challenge. The Metabo HPT 4-Port Battery Charger (UC18YTSL) lets you simultaneously recharge 4 packs off a single outlet. This should make it easier to get your Metabo HPT MultiVolt table saw or MultiVolt 10-inch miter saw back up and running in no time.


Metabo HPT 4-Port Battery Charger Features

The UC18YTSL charges any Hitachi or Metabo HPT slide-type battery. That includes Hitachi and Metabo HPT 18V battery packs as well as the new MultiVolt 36V packs.

Metabo HPT UC18YTSL battery charger

The new 4-port Metabo HPT charger also comes with 2 USB ports and a pair of AC outlets for up to 10-amps of pass-through power. It includes a convenient folding carry handle for transport. Unfortunately, we found no keyhole mount for wall-mounting the charger.

Hitachi 4-Port Battery Charger USB

Two Charging Modes

Two charging modes allow for different uses of this multi-port charger. You can charge any combination of batteries either one at a time or up to four simultaneously. If you charge in sequential mode, the Metabo HPT UC18YTSL operates as a rapid charger. Single-pack charge times decrease dramatically in this mode:

  • Hitachi or Metabo HPT 18V 3 Ah pack – 30 minutes
  • Metabo HPT MultiVolt 2.5 Ah pack – 32 minutes
  • Metabo HPT MultiVolt 4 Ah pack –  52 minutes

If, however, you opt to charge all four batteries at the same time, the charger operates in the following mode:

  • 4 x Hitachi or Metabo HPT 18V 3 Ah packs – 120 minutes
  • Four x Metabo HPT MultiVolt 2.5 Ah packs – 128 minutes
  • 4 x Metabo HPT MultiVolt 4 Ah packs –  208 minutes



  • Model: UC18YTSL
  • Compatibility: 14.4V, 18V, MultiVolt (36V) Li-ion
  • Charging ports: 4
  • 2 x USB 1A ports
  • 2 x AC outlets (10A total)
  • Length: 10 in.
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs.

The new Metabo HPT 4-port battery charger will retail for $149.

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