Milwaukee 360 Degree VIS Hard Hat Headlamp – USB Rechargeable

The USB Rechargeable Milwaukee 360 Degree VIS Hard Hat Headlamp struck us as a unique tool. The concept of a hard hat LED lamp isn’t new. The “defensive” nature of the light system stood out. Typically, personal lighting is about helping you see. This tool also worries about making sure you get seen. 


Milwaukee 360 Degree VIS Headlamp Features

We’ve already reviewed the Milwaukee USB hard hat headlamp. The new USB rechargeable 360 degree VIS hard hat brings some new features. It has what Milwaukee Tool calls “active personal safety” lighting. It sports a red LED light band that goes around the back-side of the headlamp. The front light provides 600 lumens in either spot beam, flood beam, or both. This output surpasses anything we’ve seen from Milwaukee USB rechargeable headlamps before.

Milwaukee USB 360 VIS LED headlamp

When working on a job site, LED headlamps let you see the area in front of you. Others, however, can find it difficult to see you, particularly from behind. The red LEDs on the back of the Milwaukee 360 Degree VIS Hard Hat Headlamp give up to 1/4 mile visibility in all directions. With the red LEDs you also get a solid or flashing mode that makes sure people know where you are on the job site at all times.

Milwaukee USB 360 VIS headlamp Red LEDs

The headlamp has both an elastic strap and hard hat clips to allow it to fit all size hard hats without adjustment. The new Milwaukee USB Rechargeable 360 Degree VIS Hard Hat Headlamp is powered by a RedLithium USB Battery.


USB Rechargeable and Multiple Applications

Expect to get up to 2,000 charges and fast charging speeds via USB. Milwaukee also gives you a limited lifetime warranty on the light and LEDs.

Milwaukee USB Rechargeable 360 Degree VIS Hard Hat Headlamp

We could see this used with a hard hat on a construction site, or even with early morning or dusk landscaping crews. This type of headlamp does a great job offering some handy safety features where you need visibility.

The new Milwaukee USB Rechargeable 360º VIS Hard Hat Headlamp should costs around $99 with availability in October 2019.

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