Needle Nose Pliers Lifehack

Our Alternative Tool Use series is well underway. We’ve shared some handy ideas that can save you some time and frustration. Some might seem more obvious to you than others depending on your skill level and work experience. But have you ever seen a clever idea in practice that sparked your creativity? These lifehacks may not change your whole life for the better, but little ingenuities can lead to big ingenuities. That’s why we like them. So today we’re talking about our Needle Nose Pliers Lifehack. We’ve got a quick idea that can save you some time – and pain – if you’re in a pinch while doing some trim out or just trying to hang a picture on the wall.


Needle Nose Pliers Lifehack

Being Nosey

Even the most novice DIYers will know what Needle Nose Pliers are and their typical uses. The long, thin jaws allow a great deal of dexterity for moving, twisting, and cutting small gauge wire as well as simply reaching into tight places.

Needle Nose Pliers Lifehack


If you’re a bit accident prone or don’t have the best aim, the Needle Nose Pliers can come in quite handy. When driving finishing or other small nails, simply use the pliers to hold the nail, keeping the holding hand from danger.


Now Pros will probably tell you that hitting your hand with a hammer is part of the job or a rite of passage, but they won’t tell you it’s a lot of fun. So the next time you have a small nail to drive but don’t have a finish or brad nailer, grab those needle nose pliers and hammer away.

Needle Nose Pliers Lifehack

This might not make you as resourceful as MacGuyver, but it will make you more inclined to get some work done around the house!

We hope you’ve found this lifehack helpful! What are some of the ways you use needle nose pliers on less-than-traditional applications? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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