Northstar Compressor: 80-Gallon, 7.5 HP, 230V

When you need big air, you make the switch to gas on the job site or 230V in a shop. Available from Northern Tool, the Northstar Compressor line offers the power you’ll need to cover your stationery shop needs.

10-Second Summary

  • 230V motor
  • 80-gallon capacity
  • 175 max PSI
  • $1899.99


Is it Right for Your Shop?

Whether or not this Northstar compressor is right for your shop mainly boils down to your air delivery needs. The 230V, 7.5 horsepower motor fills an 80-gallon tank to a maximum 175 PSI.

If that sounds like a win for you, durability is the next key. Northstar goes with a full cast iron pump that is the standard for heavy-use compressors that’s rated for 20,000 hours of use. There’s V-twin cylinder design that helps it cool more efficiently.

That’s great, but what does it translate to?

The Northstar 80-gallon compressor has a 100% duty rating – meaning it’s designed to be able to run all day.

Northstar Compressor Key Features

  • Baldor 7.5 HP single-phase 230V electric motor
  • Requires 40 Amp circuit
  • Full cast iron pump for long service life
  • V-style cylinder design for superior cooling
  • Pump head made of FC35 Grade cast iron
  • Features a durable steel belt guard, pressure gauge and remote tank drain
  • Aftercooler provides dry, high-quality air at the pressure you need, ensuring less wear on your tools


Hands-On Experience

Our team at Shop Tool Reviews installed this compressor in their shop and piped in multiple workspaces to use along with it. Head over there to check out their experience so far.

NorthStar Electric 80-Gallon Air Compressor Review

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