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Power Smart DB5023 Review

Power Smart DB5023 Review
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The temperatures have begun to drop and if you are dreading the piles of snow that will soon be covering your driveway, you may want to consider buying a snowblower that will efficiently help you get through the winter months. Power Smart DB5023 is the best choice for people who need a quick and efficient way to clear light, average-sized snowfalls from their driveways. In this Power Smart DB5023 review, we will discuss all the many reasons why this snowblower is worth investing in.

Powerful and efficient

It has a powerful 13 amp motor that allows you to cut snow that is 18 inches wide and up to 8 inches deep. It has a throwing distance of up to 30 feet and a 180-degree adjustable chute that makes sure that you don’t end up throwing the snow against a house. However, this snowblower may not be an excellent choice for consumers who experience heavy, wet snowfall and may require hours to clear the snow.

Power Smart DB5023 has a rubber-tipped steel auger which makes it strong and durable and ensures an effective life span. The cord length of this snowblower is limited so it might not be efficient if you have large spaces to clear however, you can use it with an extension cord of your length choice.

Easy to maneuver

Power Smart DB5023 has a simple switch that makes it easy to start. You don’t have to pull a cord to start the electric motor but simply just plugin, turn it on and you are good to go. It also has a double safety switch that ensures that you don’t accidentally bump against the startup button, or the children don’t turn it on while playing.

Moreover, it has a foam coated handle grip that prevents your hands from digging into it as it would do with metal handles. This cushioning also provides an extra degree of grip so that your hands don’t slip in cold, winter climates.


  • Lightweight and weighs only 37 pounds.
  • Easy to start.
  • Handles snow well.
  • It is powerful.


  • The handle may be too low for tall people.
  • Cord may get in the way.
  • It has plastic parts that may break with heavy usage.
  • Not very efficient for wet snow.


Before buying any product you may want to consider a decent list of features and benefits that the equipment offers. In this Power Smart DB5023 review we have discussed a few features that this snowblower offers and if it works best for your climate, lifestyle, and your personal preferences, you can invest in it this winter as it is affordable and easy to operate.

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