PTR Live Episode 104: Portable Toilets Everywhere!

PTR Live Episode 104 features a plethora of product reviews as always along with an interesting take on the portable toilet market. Yep, portable toilets with a sprinkle of Boston, Massachusetts to flavor it. Yum! Anyway, if you didn’t catch the live broadcast, here’s what you missed along with timestamps so you skip around (but do you really want to miss all the laughs in between?) and links to more detailed content.


PTR Live Episode 104

Hot Tools

Southwire String Lights (1:30)

Southwire LED String Lights Review

Sonic S9 Tool Box (4:15)

Sonic Tools S9 Toolbox Review


Skilsaw Buzzkill Technology (8:00)

Skilsaw Buzzkill 13-Amp Reciprocating Saw Review

Milwaukee Tool Chest (11:03)

Empire Level e95 Series UltraView Level (13:32)

Empire Level em95.48 Ultraview LED Level Review


Industry Update – The Booming Porta-Potty Business (16:19)

Giveaways (19:30)

OPE Reviews: DeWalt 40V Max Chainsaw

OPE Tool Giveaways

Pro Tool Reviews: Southwire Made in America Tool Set

Tool Giveaways

Head to Head – Orbital Vs. Non-Orbital Reciprocating Saw Action (20:34)

So This Happened… Melting a Milk Jug Into a Mallet (22:17)

Fan Feedback – Are Tools Sold in Kits Inferior to Individual Tools? (24:16)

OPE Update – Makita Couple Shaft Power Head (25:32)

Makita Couple Shaft Power Head System

Things That Don’t Suck – Plumbing Emergency Tool Kit by Matt Risinger, Tools of the Trade (27:41)

Tool Tips – Keep Your PVC Glue Top From Getting Stuck (30:25)



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