PTR New Product Spotlight Week of August 19, 2019

PTR New Product Spotlight is a weekly article highlighting some of the best new tools and gear on our radar. Here are the tools and gear you should know about for the week of August 19, 2019!

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Extended Reach Ratchets (2559-21 and 2560-21)

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Extended Reach Ratchets (2559-21 and 2560-21)Take everything you love about Milwaukee’s M12 Fuel Ratchets and what’s missing? Nothing, now that they’re releasing extended reach versions to get into deeper spaces! They offer 40 ft-lbs and 55 ft-lbs of maximum torque with 1/4″ or 3/8″ square drives, powered by an M12 battery and brushless motor.

The 1/4″ model (2559) now has a full length of 14.4″ and the 3/8″ model (2560) reaches out to 15.1″. That extends your reach roughly 4″ longer than before. Both tools will be available as bare tools or in a 2-battery kit with 2.0Ah packs.

Available: September 2019


  • 1/4″ Bare Tool: $239
  • 1/4″ Kit: $339
  • 3/8″ Bare Tool: $229
  • 3/8″ Kit: $329
  • Rubber Boot: $29

Learn more at Milwaukee’s website.


Makita 5″ SJS II Compact Concrete Planer (PC5010CX1)

Makita 5" SJS II Compact Concrete Planer (PC5010CX1)The most common planers available shave wood down so you’re working with a straight board. Makita’s new concrete planer is nothing like that aside from the fact that it’s designed to help you smooth out smaller areas of concrete. The big deal for this design is the SJS II designation. That’s Makita’s name for the vibration reduction in their grinders. It uses a leaf spring and cam gear to work its magic and leave you with feeling in your hands.

On the business end, you’re looking at a 4-1/2″ diamond cup wheel spinning up to 9,000 RPM powered by a 12-amp motor. The included dust shroud ensures that you’re still compliant with Table 1, assuming you’re covering the 25 CFM per inch of wheel that OSHA requires.

Available: Shipping to retailers now

Price: $280

Learn more at Makita’s website.

Police Security B300 MORF Headlight

Pro Tool Reviews New Product Spotlight Police Security B300 HeadlightPolice Security out of Alpharetta, GA is taking a bold new approach to headlight design. It starts with 4 AA’s powering a 300-lumen standard headlight. Give the light a tug and that’s where the magic happens—it pops right off to give you a mini-flashlight running at 150 lumens. Its magnetic base holds it in place on the headband and lets you stick it anywhere you have ferrous metal around you.

Even better, removing the magnetic light reveals a 50-lumen light underneath it. You can stick the main light where you need it most and still have a filler light where you’re looking. Use the combo under cabinets, working on a vehicle, around electrical installs and so much more.

The AA power source runs and recharges the lights, so you don’t have to remember where you left that charging cord.

Available: September 2019

Price: $49.99

Learn more at Police Security’s website.

Gearwrench Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets

Gearwrench Bolt Biter Extraction SocketsTired of being slowed down by old, worn nuts and bolts? They don’t stand a chance when you have Gearwrench Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets on your team!

Available in single, 8, 15, or 28-piece sets, these socket extractors are designed as a “minus size” so they can slip over a fastener that’s so worn, it no longer matches a standard size. You don’t have to hammer them in place, it comes off the fastener without a fight when you’re done, and it leaves the fastener in good enough shape to use again. If you don’t have a replacement immediately available, that’s a huge help.

Cutter-style extractors dull in a reasonably quick amount of time, especially for the sizes you use all the time. Gearwrench tells us their Bolt Biter extractors last up to 10x longer.

Available: Now

Price: $14.99–$20.99 (individual), $49.99–$249.99 (sets)

Shop Amazon

Learn more at Gearwrench’s website.

Klein Tools Portable Rechargeable Batteries (KTB1 and KTB2)

Klein Tools Portable Rechargeable Batteries (KTB1 and KTB2)The company responsible for some of the tools that keep you working on the jobsite is now bringing you two ways to keep your tech working just as long. Klein Tools has a pair of new Portable Rechargeable Batteries with impressive energy capacities.

The smaller holds 10050 mAh while the larger stores 13400 mAh. Depending on what phone you have, it should be enough power to recharge you twice during the day. That’s helpful when you spend your lunch break watching the latest YouTube videos from Pro Tool Reviews.

They use USB C for charging and have both USB A (standard USB) and USB C outputs with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 to get you juice faster. The larger model has a couple of bonus features, including an integrated kickstand, LED work light, and IP65 rating.

Available: Now

Price: $42.99 – $58.99

Learn more on Klein Tools’ website.


Metabo 12V Tools

We got our hands on our first Metabo 12V drill and we’re thoroughly impressed with the design and performance we’re seeing from our German friends. The system is powered by a slide-style battery, giving designers more room to work with the handle ergonomics that a pod style. Two compact batteries are currently available: a 2.0Ah standard pack and a 4.0Ah LiHD battery. You can charge them with the same 18V/36V Metabo chargers currently available. Here are the tools you can currently find in the Metabo 12V line:

  • Brushed drill driver (BS 12)
  • Brushless drill driver with Quick head (BS 12 BL Quick)
  • Brushed hammer drill (SB 12)
  • Brushless hammer drill (SB 12 BL)
  • Brushed impact driver (SSD 12)
  • Brushless impact driver (SSD 12 BL)
  • Caulking guns (KPA 12 400/KPA 12 600)
  • LED light (ULA 12 LED)
  • USB charger (PA 12 LED-ESB)

Available: Now

Price: Varies

Learn more at Metabo’s website.


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