PTR New Product Spotlight Week of August 5, 2019

PTR New Product Spotlight is a weekly article highlighting some of the best new tools and gear on our radar. Here are the tools and gear you should know about for the week of August 5, 2019!

Spyderco Parata (C231GP)

Spyderco Parata

Spyderco’s latest project with Paul Alexander comes to fruition in the form of the Spyderco Parata— a Latin term meaning “prepared” or “ready”. It’s hard curving G-10 blade straightens out to a tall VG-10 blade that’s nearly all belly.

One of the standout features is that this is the first production knife using Spyderco’s Stop Lock locking system. They developed it a few years ago as a relatively simple, yet strong lock. To release the blade, just lift up on the toggle stud and the blade can swing back into its folded position.

Price: $275 MSRP, ~$180 online

Available: Now

Learn more at Spyderco’s website.


Metabo Cordless Metal Cutting Saw (MKS 18 LTX 58)

Metabo Cordless Metal Cutting Saw 01The Metabo cordless metal cutting saw takes advantage of Metabo’s 18V battery (including LiHD batteries) to power its brushless motor and 6-1/2″ on cuts up to 2-1/2″ deep. Using a 40T carbide blade instead of an abrasive disk like a grinder, it keeps sparks and burrs to almost nil.

Like we expect from modern metal cutting saws, Metabo includes a chip collector. One of the things you can see in the video is that there’s an attachment that makes the saw rail compatible for when your cut has to be absolutely straight.

Price: TBA

Available: Summer 2019

Keep your eyes on Metabo’s website for updates.


Klein Pinless Moisture Meter (ET140)

The new Klein Pinless Moisture Meter lets you use an electromagnetic field to detect moisture up to 3/4″ deep instead of sticking a pin through drywall or other materials. The process is pretty simple – just choose the correct material mode, measure any area you know is dry, then compare the area of concern to determine the moisture content.

Nine LED bars on the reverse contrast display give you a visual cue to the level of moisture it’s reading and there’s an audio alarm to go with it. The meter uses a 9V battery for power and is drop tested to 2 meters (6.6′).

Price: $40

Shop Amazon

Available: Now

Learn more at Klein’s website.


Kreg 300 Series Pocket-Hole Jigs (Kreg KPHJ320)

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 310The latest Kreg jigs are focusing on making the process of using them even easier. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Match the thickness of your material with the thickness gauge.
  2. Set the jig stop with the same number from the gauge.
  3. Set up the drill bit by setting the stop collar (you can see it through the window) to that same gauge number.

Then drill! An anti-slip base keeps the jig from sliding around on your while you make your pocket hole and there’s a universal clamp adapter that accepts a wide range of brands, including Kreg clamps.

Price: $39.99 (model 310 is $19.99)

Available: September 3, 2019

Learn more at Kreg’s website.

Balco USA MetaFlex Pro Series Expansion Joints Fire Barrier

Balco USA MetaFlex ProOn the building materials side of the industry, Balco USA just announced a new MetaFlex Pro Series, a fire barrier for large expansion joints. The family of 4 includes MetaFlex Pro 2 Hr, 3 Hr, Shear, and Undermount products.

With commercial building in mind, they cover up to 18″ open conditions, are tested to UL 2079 standards, and meet all of the IBC standards for fire resistance and protection.

The 2 Hr and 3 Hr products feature a drop-in design with pre-installed flanges that mean you don’t need to caulk the sides of the joints. They also make splicing easier. MetaFlex Pro Shear matches the 2 Hr and 3 Hr versions and adds shear movement up to 100% to its resume`. MetaFlex Pro Undermount gives you a 2-hour rating from the base of the slab.

The material comes with a 1-year warranty that extends to 5 years if you use a Balco-certified installer.

Price: Varies

Available: Now

Learn more at Balco USA’s website.

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