Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 2-Tool Kit Review

What is going on over at the Ridgid labs? I’m pretty sure someone switched out the decaf with espresso considering what their team is producing. We’re used to seeing Ridgid come out with new tools in the general contractor’s kit roughly once a year or so. Nailers? Those are anyone’s guess.

So when we got our hands on the Ridgid Gen5X 5-Tool Kit a while back, we didn’t expect to see much more for a while. Before you know it, we’ve got the Gen5X Random Orbit Sander, Brushless Nailers, and Stealth Force Oil Pulse Driver. Now we have another first from the guys and gals in orange – the Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Compact Hammer Drill and Impact Driver. Clearly, Ridgid Gen5X team members have some serious motivation.

What’s more, I’ve heard whispers that a full-size heavy-duty drill is in the works. Admittedly, those are only rumors, but I like hearing them!

Shootout Results

We recently tested the R86116 Ridgid Compact Hammer Drill, along with 50 other drills of various shapes and sizes, for our Drill Shootout. True to Ridgid’s typical form, this compact hammer drill presents a terrific value, sometimes in stark contrast to its peers. For its size, it manages speed and power pretty well. It also has a solid feature set, and as we said, it’s relatively inexpensive.

Overall 18V Compact Drill Driver Ranking: 8th place

Overall 18V Compact Hammer Drill Ranking: 3rd place

Check out the full results here!

The Gen5X Impact Driver also had its chance to go head-to-head against a boatload of other cordless models. It’s on the slower side under load but moves up with higher torque ratings. Like the hammer drill, it’s a solid value on its own or in this 2-tool combo kit.

Overall 18V Impact Driver Ranking: 10th place

Check out the full results here!


Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 2-Tool Kit on Paper

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Compact Hammer Drill Specifications

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Compact Hammer Drill Controls

  • Model: R86116K
  • Power Source: 18V HyperLithium Battery
  • No Load Speed: 0 – 550/0 – 2100 RPM
  • Hammering Speed: 0 – 7,150/0 – 27,300 BPM
  • Maximum Torque: 700 inch-pounds
  • Weight (bare): 3.14 pounds
  • Weight (w/4.0 amp hour battery): 4.70 pounds
  • Price: $94.85 (bare tool), $139.95 (kit)

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Key Features

  • 2-speed Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Motor
  • Hex-Grip rubber overmold
  • Micro clutch with over 100 settings
  • Die-cast gear box
  • 3 mode selection – drilling, screw driving, hammer drilling

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver Specifications

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Impact Driver Controls

  • Model: R86037
  • Power Source: 18V HyperLithium Battery
  • Shank Compatibility: 1/4″ Hex
  • No Load Speed: 0 – 1100/0 – 2100/0 – 2750 RPM
  • Maximum Torque: 500/1200/2250 Inch-Pounds
  • Weight (bare): 2.44 pounds
  • Weight (w/4.0 amp hour battery): 4.00 pounds

Key Features

  • Kit Model: R9205
  • 3-speed Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Motor
  • Hex-Grip rubber overmold
  • Tri-Beam LED
  • One-Handed Quick Bit Loader
  • Class leading 2,250 inch pounds of torque
  • Price:

Kit Features

  • Price:
  • Warranty: Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement

Performance Testing

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Compact Hammer Drill

Editor’s note: The test results described below are based on an older shootout. They’re still valid, but check out this page to see how it does against the most recent models.

We put Ridgid’s brushless hammer drill through tests that include drilling 1/4″ holes, driving 3/8″ x 3-1/2″ lag bolts, boring with a 1″ spade bit, and hole cutting with a 3″ hole saw. For complete details of the setup, be sure to check out our 18V Heavy Duty Drill Shootout.

Ridgid blew away the field when it came to drilling 1/4″ holes despite the fact it didn’t carry the highest torque. In fact, it had the lowest of the drills we tested (but really high for a compact model). 2100 RPM in high speed left the other participants in the dust.

Heavy Duty 18V Cordless Drill Shootout Pilot Hole - Ridgid 18V Brushless

When it came to driving the lag bolts, the compact hammer drill was on the cusp of competing with 3 other drills that each had more than 1000 inch pounds of torque. It was just 1/100 of a second behind Milwaukee’s M-18 Fuel 1200 inch-pound beast!

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Compact Hammer Drill

Times got a little tougher in the spade bit and hole saw tests with the Gen5X falling behind to 7th out of 8 in both tests. For high speed, low stress applications, the Ridgid Gen5X Compact Hammer Drill is going to outperform models that have a much higher price tag and bigger numbers on their spec sheets.

While it’s not surprising the higher stress tasks began to limit the 700 inch-pounds of torque, keep in mind that this is a lot of torque for a compact model. Most other drills in this class run anywhere from 350 – 600 inch-pounds, though a couple of models do exceed the 700 mark.

Thanks to the new brushless motor, the drill going to run for a very long time as well. As a compact hammer drill, it’s going to be a high performer that should keep up with anyone else’s model in the same class.

  • Speed Under Load: 3.6
  • Torque: 3.1
  • Feature Set: 4.3
  • Weight: 3.7
  • Footprint: 4.4
  • Overall: 3.8 out of 5.0


Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless IMpact Driver 2

In getting ready to put a large group of 18V impact drivers to the test, warming up with Ridgid’s new brushless impact driver gave me the chance to run through the applications early. Sticking with the major uses of impact drivers on the jobsite, going with screw driving and driving lag bolts was a no-brainer.

I had to temper back my expectations having played with Ridgid’s Stealth Force Oil Pulse Driver recently both in driving speed and noise. Fortunately, I’d also been working with a couple of other impacts helping out Kenny, so I got my feet back on the ground. Driving 3-1/2″ drywall screws into stacked plywood was no problem as I expected. It took an average of just 2.6 seconds.

The raw power of this impact driver made it very easy to sink the screws beyond the surface. If you’re looking to drive flush with your work surface, you may want to drop the speed down to 2 and take a little more time to get it done.

Before driving the 3/8″ x 3-1/2″ lag bolts, I used Milwaukee’s Titanium Red Helix Shockwave Bits to drill 1/4″ pilot holes. I drilled 20 holes and the impact mechanism didn’t even engage on most of them. There’s a lot of power in this impact driver.

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Impact Driver Working

Driving the lag bolts was also not much of an issue, averaging 8.3 seconds. Just for kicks, I wanted to see if I could drive a 1/2″ x 5″ lag bolt into the same stacked plywood without a pilot hole. While it was a stressful test (and slow), the Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Impact Driver just kept plugging along without threatening to give up. Did I mention there’s a lot of power in this tool?

  • Speed Under Load: 2.9
  • Torque: 3.8
  • Feature Set: 4.5
  • Weight: 3.5
  • Footprint: 3.7
  • Overall: 3.9 out of 5.0


Ridgid Gen5X Brushless

The Ridgid Gen5X Brushless 2-Tool Kit comes in with an excellent price point of $279. There are others in the ballpark with compact hammer drills, but you won’t find anything near the power packed in the impact driver. Coming in with 2,250 inch-pounds of torque is impressive considering I haven’t seen anything else exceed 2,000 yet.

I’m a fan of Ridgid’s Hex-Grip overmold in the grip department. Ergonomics in both tools are solid when it comes to grip and balance. They’re not the lightest models on the market, but they’re not cumbersome either.

Pros needing a drill for high-speed work will find this kit will handle most everything you need. Professionals that do a lot of boring with hole saws or auger bits may want to wait and see if Ridgid announces a heavy duty Gen5X brushless option to supplement the compact model. You can only grab the impact driver as part of the kit at the moment. If you’re looking for a 2-tool kit with a compact drill, grab the Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Kit for a little less than the other guys but with a much more powerful impact driver.

This review was originally published on January 14, 2016. We’ve updated it to reflect each tool’s performance in our drill and impact driver shootouts.

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