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Single Stage vs Two Stage Snow Blower

single stage vs two stage snow blower
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Whenever a person is going to search for a snowblower there are different factors about its working and functioning which must be considered. If someone wants to buy the best snow blower no matters it is a single stage or two stage snow blower, he has to already aware that one will be faced with many choices. For different areas, both types of snowblowers have their specific capabilities.

Knowing the differences surrounding these can help to determine which product will best clear the size of the area, as well as how it will handle the amount of snowfall that area typically receives. Two stage snow blower and single stage snow blower are both very different tools and it’s important to understand the differences so one can make the best investment choice

Complexity among working

A single stage snow blower does not have as much strength as two stage blowers, but still, a single-stage snow blower is very effective in clearing the driveways and walks. It may sometimes not be able to handle as much snow as its larger counterpart, but it also does have many options available in design, is lightweight, and it can get into more hard to reach places and is also often more affordable.  

Two stage snow blower is a much stronger piece of equipment in comparison to a single-stage system. It can handle more snow, but is also larger, bulkier, and has fewer variations available, and can cost a bit more than it’s simpler counterpart. Two stage snow blower is called as because they use two augers to help assist in cutting, chopping, and taking in the snow; and another auger, often called in impeller, to launch the snow out and away from the path. The auger that mainly helps take in snow and ice can often come in a variety of choices depending on the needs of the area.  
Working process

Like a two stage snow blower, the single stage is also named because it has one auger at work to both take in the snow and it help toss it out of the path. This can also helps self-propel the machine as it works through the snowfall in its path during the season of working.  

With this snow blower, there are two steps involved in the process of snow removal that is why it is named as a 2 stage snow blower. In the first step, the auger collects the snow and transmits it to the center of the machine and then back to the impeller which finally throws it out of the chute. The auger and the impeller are the two main and important parts of the snowblower which are combining by the engine and then work to chew the ice or snow and throw it out of the chute quickly and easily.      

A single stage snow blower has limited snow removing ability but still, it is offering different varieties. The single stage snowblower auger system does not require quite as much power, so they are available in a variety of different types as gas and electric choices to better meet a wide span of needs.  

This type of snow blower is used to deal with taller heights of snowfall. They are used mostly in single-hand operation or working and the throwing of the snow is done without any stop.
Limitations and power

The size and power of these versions of the snow blowers do limit their working. Depending upon the type of snow such as heavy, wet snow, or larger amounts of snowfall exceeding 8 inches then this type would not be a good choice. The gas version of the blower does require maintenance, and an electric version is also limited by the length of the cord, as well as outlet placement. When the auger sits the flush with the ground and moves against the uneven surface in order to work efficiently to remove the snow. It will not clear uneven ground or gravel as the auger will dig into, or it can be even worse and then could result in damage.  

There are many variations of two stage blowers available, these are all gas-powered. The electric versions are simply not strong enough to handle the function of what they are made to do. It means that it will have to deal with the maintenance of a gas-powered engine, including spark plugs, oil changes, air filters. The same tilted auger that allows a person to clear uneven surface also means that a slight skim of snow will be left behind and not completely cleared. If a person is looking for a clean surface after completing a snow blowing job, one should be prepared to run a wide snow shovel or snow brush over what is left over.  

Many of the single blowers toss the snow between 20 and 30 feet of depth. It is quite as high as two stage-system. Areas that receive heavy snowfall may have banks of accumulated snow that need to clear, making the job more difficult if the machine does not have the capabilities to do so.  

These types of machines can handle quite a bit of snowfall, even up to 12 feet (or more) in-depth, and also more than 20 inches wide. Because of the two action augers, one also can get through heavy, wet snow and ice easily, and in some cases, it tosses it up to 50 feet away from the path. There are tools specific for clearing large areas of snow efficiently, quickly, and efficiently. As because the first auger does not touch the ground and it is slightly angled, it can clear uneven ground surfaces, such as gravel and other. This type is very handy because it ensures not to compromise the blade if one does have an uneven surface along with its property.
Pros and cons

PROS: They give excellent smooth surface clearance. Single auger both cuts and drives at the same time.
CONS: Single stage snow blower capacity is limited to 8 inches or less. The wet snow does not move as easily through them.  

PROS: This snow blower can handle large amounts of snow easily. It throws wet snow more easily and efficiently. Also, it can use over gravel.
CONS: It is not available in electric versions. It is expensive as compared to single-stage snowblower. Sometimes it leaves behind a thin layer of snow.  
Difference in features

Different snowblowers of single-stage have a shoot which cannot be adjusted when it is in motion, so to throw snow out of it machine has to stop. The single stage snow blower has the simplest and fewer parts with its simple working methodology but it has two different types according to their structural differences. Electric snow blowers need only a single push button to start and the same like gas-powered needs a pull of gasoline engine.  

Two stage snow blowers have the most powerful wheels which help to manage the snow thrower and assist the user when clearing snow on slopes and massive areas. These snow blowers work efficiently and they are equipped with different selected features to make the removing process easier and quicker.  


As the best choice of machine, whether single or two stages, is entirely dependent upon the specific climate of the person living in. As we know that a 2 stage snow blower is definitely the more powerful, but it also costs more. They are more limited in choices and are built specifically for areas of heavy snowfall.

But in contrast, the single snow blower has many more choice options and is very capable of clearing quite a bit of snow in an area. So out of the two the single stage snow blower is a more practical choice as compared to the two stages, on the basis of cost and efficiency. It is important to take into notice that they are not built to handle long winters and the season of heavy, wet snowfalls like in western countries.

Finally, when choosing the best option one should keep in mind the climate, snowfall rate per area, and the cost-effectiveness along with the working efficiency of the snowblower. Here’re some related articles for you on the best gas snow blowerbest deals on snow blowers, and best snow blowers for large driveways.