Southwire Wobblelight V2 LED Work Light Review

The Wobblelight V2 LED Work Light from ProBuilt looks nearly identical to the V3 LED but there are some key differences to consider when you’re shopping for area lighting. Like all Wobblelight models, it takes a lickin’ and keeps standing up to take another.

And just in case it comes up Final Jeopardy, ProBuilt is now a Southwire company.



  • 5000K color temperature
  • Wobblelight self-righting design
  • Well-built light, suitable for commercial use



The quality of the build and the light output is excellent. Buy it as an area light for spaces up to 60 feet in diameter or larger areas with up to 6 lights in a daisy chain. 

Getting to Know the V2 LED

The footprint and even the weight are identical to the V3 LED. You’ll find the same carry handle, security point, power switch, and dome diffuser design. The big difference is the addition of an outlet to daisy chain up to 6 V2’s together. Drawing just 1.25 amps on a 120V line, those 6 lights still only draw 7.5 amps. You won’t be in any danger of tripping a breaker, even with a small generator or inverter like the Goal Zero Yeti 3000.

The only other real change in features is in the IP rating. This one is slightly less water resistant with an IP54 rating compared to the V3’s IP55.

Southwire Wobblelight V2 LED Work Light Key Features

  • 360° Throw
  • LED Lights
  • Carry Handle
  • Hoisting and Security Point
  • On/Off Switch
  • Power Indicator
  • Covered Receptacle
  • IP54 Rating
  • Self-Righting Design


Southwire’s Wobblelight V2 LED Work Light offers a respectable 12,000 lumens of 5000K light. With its diffuser dome, it spreads the light 360° for spaces up to 60 feet or so (30-foot radius). That color temperature is perfect for giving you an accurate picture of what’s around you and the LED’s are rated for 50,000 hours of use.

ProBuilt Wobblelight V2 LED Review

Keep in mind that we’re talking about area lighting, so the light is more along the lines of a safety light than directional lighting to cover what you’re working on. For that kind of work light, check out ProBuilt’s ProLight XLE series.

Southwire ProBuilt ProLight XLE Series Dual Head with Tripod

The output rating is a bit lower than the V3’s 15,000 lumens. The V3 puts out enough to cover a 75′ diameter. With lower output also comes lower power draw. The V3 needs 225 watts compared to the V2’s 150.

We had fun with our thermal camera on the V3 LED review and we brought it back to see how hot the V2 gets. Less power draw should mean less heat and it does come in a little lower at 120°. It’s still far from what you’ll need to cook eggs and bacon on it, though.

Wobblelight V2 LED Work Light Review


Southwire’s ProBuilt brand makes commercial level lighting and it’s not cheaply built nor inexpensive. The Wobblelight V2 LED has a $479 MSRP and we’re not surprised by that number. If you’re looking at this level of lighting, consider that the V3 LED is just $20 more at $499. With the pricing so close, you might want the extra output of the V3 if the extra wattage doesn’t cause an issue on your power supply. Keep in mind that you’ll lose the daisy chaining ability, though.


The Bottom Line

It’s hard to go wrong with a well-built LED work light and the Wobblelight V2 LED is another fine example of the quality ProBuilt puts out in the field. It has the flagship self-righting feature that all Wobblelights do along with cool-running LED’s that cover slightly smaller spaces than the V3 LED on its own and much larger spaces with the ability to daisy chain.

Southwire Wobblelight V2 LED Work Light Specifications

  • Model: ProBuilt 111301LED
  • Power Supply: 120V AC
  • Wattage: 150 W
  • Output: 12,000 lumens
  • Color Temperature: 5000K
  • Operating Temperature: -40° – 125° F
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Price: $412.44

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