Stiletto TiBone 3 Titanium Hammers

Having already reviewed the Stiletto titanium remodeler hammer and the Stiletto fiberglass handle hammer, new models always pique our interest. This week, Milwaukee Tool announced new Stiletto TiBone 3 titanium hammers.


Stiletto TiBone 3 Hammer Details

Near as we can tell, the only difference is the new anti-rotational face and redesigned magnetic nailset. The new Stiletto TiBone 3 hammer face should prevent face-shifting or loosening of the removable milled or smooth face. The new nailset includes a more robust magnet to hold nails more securely than before. Stiletto wants you to be able to truly set a nail with the hammer without fear of the nail falling out of the indent.

TiBone 3 15 ounce hammer waffleTiBone 3 titanium hammer smooth

Like the TiBone 2, the new Stilleto TiBone 3 titanium hammer features a durable overmold that provides grip while reducing vibration. Milwaukee Tool is offering the new models in curved handle design only for now.

TiBone 3 hammer

The TiBone 3 hammers use titanium construction with low recoil and less weight over comparable steel hammers. In fact, these hammers weigh 45% less than a steel hammer and hit like a 28-ounce framer.


The new Stiletto curved handle TiBone 3 titanium hammers will be available as of June of 2019 as milled or smooth face from select distributors.

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What to Expect

We think these new Stiletto framers address some of the issues that plagued the TiBone 2. The design suggests nails should stay more secure in the magnetic holders, the grip should hold up for a good long time, and the face won’t prematurely release itself. All those are excellent improvements. If you think $242.99 is too rich for a framing hammer—you probably haven’t used a titanium hammer from Stiletto. These may not be right for the casual user, but once you’ve swung a titanium hammer day in and day out, it’s hard to go back to steel.

Stiletto TiBone 3 Hammer Quick Specs

  • Model: TB3MC (milled face) or TB3SC (smooth face)
  • Handle material: Titanium
  • Head material: Steel
  • Handle: Curved
  • Side nail puller
  • Rubber grip
  • Magnetic nail set
  • MSRP: $234.99

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