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What are Snow Blower Stages?

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Snow blower are of different types and these are on the basis of their different structures and functions called by a single stage, two stage or three stage snow blowers. Depending upon the information about these snow blowers it is estimated that what type is used for which purpose efficiently during which condition and situation. Maintenance ability is also important and the types of snow blowers are explained below.

1. Single-Stage snow blower:

This is a simple type of snow blower used for light-duty as it has a single but high-speed impeller which collects the snow throws it into the center of the machine and ejects it into the gaggle direction. They are moved very easily around in the area as they are the simplest ones. Due to the absence of self-propelled property the user provides all the force for work. Different snowblowers of single stage have a shoot which cannot be adjusted when it is in motion so to throw snow out of it machine has to stop.  Single stage snow blower has the simplest and fewer parts with its simple working methodology but it has two different types according to their structural differences. Electric snow blowers need only a single push button to start and the same like gas-powered needs a pull of gasoline engine.

2. Two stage snow blower:

This type of snow blower is used to deal with taller heights of snowfall. They are mostly in single-hand operation or working which is adjusted by the during the movement of the blower and the throwing of the snow is done without any stop. They are self-propelled which have chains or tracks and due to this quality, they can work on the highest range than the single stage snow blower and also can tackle up to a depth of 2 feet.

3. Three-Stage snow blower:

 Triple or three stage snow blower has a different structure as the auger moves at the higher velocity to spin and then move the snow out and the auger grabs them before moving out to convert them into small pieces. Their speed is ten times greater than the single-stage and double stage snow blowers. They are self-propelled and they are also complex in their structure due to which they are used mostly but they also required professional maintenance. They are used by professional users and they face the awkward chunks and piles of snow as well.

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