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What are Snow Blowers used for?

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A snow blower is a machine which is used for removing snow from an area where it is not wanted and it is cleaned, it can be sort of a driveway, sidewalk, roadway, railroad, ice rink, or runway. A snow blower is a complete kit that uses a spinning auger to push snow into a discharge chute to be thrown to the side and out of the way. Snow blowers are commonly used to clear snow from paths, sidewalks, and driveways, and many other areas. Another name used for the snowblower is a misnomer as in this process the snow is moved by using an impeller or auger.

It uses two types of ways to throw the snow either electric power or gasoline to throw snow to a special location or into a truck to be hauled away. These are present in a cross to the puller which is involved in the cleaning of the snow from the sidewalks.

Working Range of Snow Blower:

If we talk about the working range of this snow blower, it removes 8- 20 inches thick snow from the surface. The ultra-efficient machine clears the area of 20 feet in terms of width, which is quite wide for a snowblower. However, the snowblower has the aptitude to reach the depth of 6 feet below the surface to expel the snow.

The invention of snowblower:

Cole In late 1800,s invented the first snow blower which was consisting of the cutter and devotee which help to move snow out of the area. Various other innovations in the structure of that snow blower also occurred with time. However, it was Arthur Sicard (1876–1946) who is typically considered as the inventor of snow blower because he invented the first properly manageable an efficient snow blower at that time. In 1925 Sicard completed his first prototype, supported a new thought that he described later on in 1894. He is considered as the founder of Sicard Industries and by 1927 his prepared vehicles were in use removing snow from the all over the area including different areas as roadways of the town.

Snow Blower Working

The engine of the snow blower is started by two ways. Depending upon the structure it can be a push on the button or pull on gas. The operator engages the drive handle or pushes the snow blower forward at their own pace according to their settings and structure during work. A control lever engages the auger of the snow blower which is controlling the working which pulls snow into the housing, pushing it back towards the puller in the two-stage snow blower. The moving puller then pulls the snow out of the discharge chute and clears the area. The auger throws snow directly and steadily into the chute for discharging snow in the area without any distraction.

Safety concerns related to the use of snow blower:

  • Only start snow blower outdoors, this includes a closed garage to avoid carbon monoxide gas hazards and damage.
  • Also, take breaks or stop when needed during the working, if a person is at higher risk for heart problems.
  • Before start using snow blower, it is important to clear the planet of any objects or debris that might get caught in the machine or thrown.
  • The worker must dress up appropriately to stay warm and guarded from winds and blowing snow.
  • It is important to confirm the blade’s snow from the discharge chute.
  • Do not use hands or feet. 


Regular maintenance and a seasonal tune-up of the snow blower will help it to perform at its peak.  

  1. Change the spark plug according to the rate of work.
  2. Regularly check the pressure of the tire.
  3. Lubricate the parts for example bearings.
  4. Properly check the scraper blades and skid shoes.
  5. Change the oil of gas-powered blower on time.


Properly storing snow blower when it is not being used ensures that it will be ready for next season’s snow removal. When snow blower is stored it is important to stabilize so that the oil may not stale. If snow blower is given fuel shut down, it is necessary to cut down the fuel flow during transportation. This process will protect the carburetor and also save fuel. After working properly wash the hands and snowblower in the highest winters. Road salts are damaging for the snow blower as they damage the exterior of the vehicle. 

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