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What is a Two Stage Snow Blower?

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Two stage snow blowers are considered to be the best because they are handling all types of the area to remove snow. They are the best option for the gravel driveway because they are not making any contact with the surface like the single stage blower. Most important thing is that they can clean up to an area with a width of 24-3- inches.

How 2 Stage Snow Blower Works

The double stage snow blower has self-propelled transportation which moves forward and backward the speed rate and it helps the worker during removal. In this snow blower, there are two steps involved in the process of snow removal that is why it is named as a 2 stage snow blower. In the first process, the auger collects the snow and transmits it to the center of the machine and then back to the impeller which after it will throw it out of the chute. The auger and the impeller are the two main and important parts of the snowblower which are combined by the engine and then work to chew the ice or snow and throw it out of the chute quickly and easily.

Benefits and features

Two stage snow blowers have the most powerful wheels which help to manage the snow thrower and assist the user when clearing snow on slopes and massive areas. These snow blowers work efficiently and they are equipped with different selected features to make the removing process easier and quicker.

How to choose a snowblower

Before choosing a snowblower for working in an area following different factors should be kept in mind so that it can work efficiently and appropriately without any distraction.

  1. What is the rate of snowfall in that area and type of snow?
  2. Type of snow, it is light, it is heavy, or it is wet?
  3. The total area in which the blower is going to clean.
  4. Does snow blower need an authorized driveway or walkway?
  5. Do a section of the sidewalk present for that home?