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Who Invented the Snowblower?

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In arctic regions, critical snow conditions lead to hindered movement due to heavy snow on the roads and pavements. Thus, it was very difficult for people back then to reach their workplace and run daily errands with so much snow around them all the time. People used to hire a person who removed all the snow from the way to resume day to day business and enhance the rapid movement in the area. Accumulated heaps of snow on the roads and in people’s driveway, sidewalks, and backyards was a real and common issue so it was the need of the hour to invent a snow clearing equipment to rectify this trouble. Therefore, snow blower was invented to speed up the snow removal process and it also reduces the fatigue of hiring a worker to wipe out the snow off your way.

Although the first motorized snow clearing machine was invented in 1870 by Robert Carr-Harris of New Brunswick he couldn’t introduce his prototype in the market. In 1884, Elliott from Ontario patented an enhanced version of the rotatory snow plow, it came with two large rotating fan blades that created a stir in the snow and the snow was thrown away through a chute on the side. Elliott’s snow clearing machine was commercially available in the market in the 1890s. Later, in 1925 it was Arthur Sicard who designed the first model of snow blower and also managed to execute its functionality in a practical manner. In 1927, Sicard sold the first snowblower to Outremont and Montreal. He named his prototype ‘’Sicard Snow Remover Snowblower” and his hard work paid off as people regarded his model as an effective way to expunge snow.

The basic concept behind Sicard’s snow blower was a motorized snow clearing machine that can be prototyped by integrating a snow collecting chute plus snow scooper to a four-wheel vehicle and the enduring engine that powers the whole machine to accelerate snow expulsion. Accordingly, he created “Sicard Snow Blower” that featured three major components, the design involved an engine, two chutes plus snow scooper and a four-wheel drive truck chassis equipped with a truck motor. Even though the design of Sicard’s snow blower was extremely simple, but the legendary design had the aptitude to throw the captured snow 90 feet away, its throw distance is more than any other modern technology snow blower.

Sicard’s machine became more eminent due to people’s inclination towards automotive engine powered technology as they considered automobile driven snowblower quite an effective method to clear snow. Even after Sicard’s demise in 1946, he was remembered as a genius who could modify the petrifying perception of winters due to harsh snow conditions and eventually changed the world’s affinity with winters.