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Will snow blowers work on gravel?

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Predominantly, it depends on what category of snow blower are you intending to use on a gravel driveway, since single-stage snow blowers scoop up all the material that makes contact with the auger paddle. Besides, these machines are not equipped with an upgraded auger system that allows you to adjust the elevation of the auger housing. Thus, it’s not wise to use conventional snow throwers on gravel surfaces as the machine tends to throw gravel all around and might pose damage to property or cause injury to people.

However, technological advancement of snow clearing machines has enabled snow removal on gravel surfaces due to the development of dual-stage or three-stage snow throwing machines that have integrated systems to adjust auger’s height according to snow depth without digging into gravels. Since the upgraded multi-stage snow blowers are specifically designed to scoop snow or ice off the ground as they have all the relevant equipment and upgraded auger mechanism to function on all types of surfaces. Usually, in dual-stage snow blowers, auger height is adjusted by skids installed on either side of the metal housing around the auger and these plastic plates known as skids are bolted to allow auger emplacement according to snow height and provides a buffer against the gravel ground.

There are some snow blowers available in the market that are specifically designed to operate on multifarious surfaces such as PowerSmart PSS2240-X 2-Stage snowblower, this machine is configured to clear 24-inch wide area plus it demonstrates a clearing depth of 20-inch. The snow removing machine is equipped with a 212cc engine that is powered by an electric start. Besides, PowerSmart 2X snow thrower features total eight speeds, six forward and two reverse that provides an edge to the user to achieve incredible drive control so that you can regulate the speed according to your pace. Primary feature of this snow blower that makes it extremely eligible to work on gravel surfaces is the inclusion of adjustable skid shoes that allows you to accommodate the clearing height and ensures that only snow/ice is scooped up by maintaining safe distance between auger and the lowest layer of ground. Moreover, its functional discharge chute aims the snow to the targeted place by rotating through 180 degrees. Hence, you can use this dual-stage snow blower on your moderate to long gravel driveways without worrying about people getting injured and property damage.

Additionally, if you want to step-up your snow throwing game on gravel surfaces then this Cub Cadet 357cc 3-Stage Snow Blower is an ideal option that would definitely improve your snow removing experience. As a three-stage snow thrower, it has been categorized as the most efficient and fastest snow throwing machine that includes an impeller, auger, and integrated accelerator that grinds tough snow and ice. The machine comes with the beast of an engine to power three-stage snow clearing technology that incorporates fingertip-controlled power steering, steel, crank-operated discharge chute, durable and bolted skid shoes makes it a perfect instrument for multi-terrain due to its height alteration feature. Plus, a heavy-duty gearbox fosters the machine to secure the title of a ‘snow devourer” that proves to be a perfect option to run on gravel driveways with packed, wet, and heavy snowdrifts.

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