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YARDMAX YB5765 Snowblower

YARDMAX YB5765 Snowblower
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YARDMAX YB5765 Snowblower is a budget-friendly two-stage snow blower that has a 196 cc engine. It delivers 6.5 horsepower and has an intake height of 16 inches and a clearing width of 22 inches. What more do you expect for the budget price it retails?

Great performance

When it comes to clearing regular snow, YARDMAX YB5765 Snowblower will not disappoint you. It is powerful and can handle up to 20 inches of snow relatively easily. However, it may not be as efficient with wet snow as the snow may get stuck in the chute. But the overall performance of this two-stage snowblower is great. It starts well too. All you have to do is prime it a few times and it will mostly start on the first pull.

Poor quality

This two-stage snowblower undoubtedly performs very well but it certainly struggles with the build quality. It is not durable or sturdy at all. Most of its parts are brittle and you might always be thinking how long will they last. This doesn’t mean that you have 100% chances to run into any kind of problems of this nature but you shouldn’t be amazed if you do.

Clears the snow easily and efficiently

It has an axe-shaped serrated steel auger of 9.5 inches and an impeller diameter of 10 inches which allows it to chew through the ice and caked-on snow easily. The snow that is picked up is then sent up and out of a solid-steel discharge chute which is designed to provide you with the maximum throwing distance so there are no chances of the snow blowing back in your yard.

It also has a crank that is conveniently placed so you can turn the chute easily on the go. You can also use the full-time two-wheel drive option if you require extra traction, or if enhanced maneuverability is what you want then you may switch to one wheel drive.


YARDMAX YB5765 Snowblower is self-propelled and it has five forward speeds and two reverse speeds, so you can get your job done fast and efficiently, or slow and steadily, whatever you prefer. The tires of this two-stage snowblower are small and so they struggle to find traction in wet snow at times. 

The things that might put you off are that this model of YARDMAX snowblower doesn’t come with LED headlights or an electric starter. Nevertheless, it provides a perfect balance between price, power, and size as it is budget-friendly, compact, and easy to store.


  • Affordable
  • Compact and easy to store


  • No electric start
  • No LED lights
  • Quality can be improved


YARDMAX YB5765 Snowblower is a very good snow blower for the price. However, its low build quality puts a question mark on its reliability. Here’re some related articles for you on the best single stage snow blower, best 2 stage snow blower, best 2 stage snow blower under $1000, best snow plow for ATV, best snow plow for polaris rangerbest snow blower for wet snowbest snow blower for gravel driveway, and best snow blower for large driveway.