Best 2 Stage Snow Blower under 600

Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Under $600

Finding an ideal two stage snow blower to clear your driveway or pavement is a difficult task when you have numerous options around you, as each snow blower has different features. Well! You don’t have to fret about that as we have got you covered! Clearing the snow will be much easier and quicker this time, as the following reviews will help you choose the best 2 stage snow blower under $600.

Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Under $600

1. YARDMAX YB5765 2 Stage Snow Blower

Want a crossbow that guarantees to do the job perfectly and at a fast rate without overpaying? YARDMAX YB5765 is the ultimate solution for this which offers a great combination of practicality and performance. It is compact dual-stage snow and is a great product for those who want to maintain their residential properties. It can be started easily with a single pull.

YB5765 offers five forward speed, and two reverse speed, so the job can be done at much speed. Its intake depth is 10 inches and can clean up to 22 inches in a single take. With the help of a control crank, you can easily change the snow throwing direction. Therefore, it is the best 2 stage snow blower under $600 as it is super solid, smooth to operate, and offers great speed.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to  start
  • Smooth to operate
  • Compact


  • Doesn’t deal with massive snow regularly

2. Champion 224cc Compact 24-Inch 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower

If you are searching for a power that will make your life easier and has a standard of performance excellence then Champion 224cc Compact is an excellent choice for you. This 2 stage snow blower gets the grip up to 12 inches deep. It has an impressive clearing width of 24 inches and a clearing height of 25 inches. With its 120-volt push-button, electric start clearing snow in a cold morning is not a difficult task.

Champion 224cc offers six forward speed and two reverse speed options which helps you to work at great efficiency. Its flexible drive system ensures the safety of the user first and allows them to work at the speed of their choice. If you have a limited budged Champion 224cc Compact is the best two stage snow blower for you as it proffers efficiency, power, and compact design makes it easy to store and powerful to use.


  • 2- years warranty
  • Compact
  • Ensures user safety
  • Easy to adjust chute control


  • Instructions are not very  clear

3. Snow Joe iON8024-CT 80-Volt iONMAX Cordless 2 Stage Snow Blower

iON8024 is the latest force of nature in the well-known iON series, a 24-inch self-propelled two-stage snow blower from Snow Joe. It plows through 1000 pounds of snow per minute with the help of a powerful impeller and heavy dual-stage steel auger and can clear a 24 inch wide by a 13-inch deep path in a single pass without damaging your pavement or driveway.

Snow Joe features LED headlights to make the cleaning during night safe and has wide, thick rubber tires to provide maximum adhesion in cold weather. Its user-friendly trigger grips provide excellent comfort. If you are looking for the best 2 stage snow blower under $600 then iON8024 is the quintessential snow blower for you as it offers all the features one could ask for to make the shoveling of snow an easy task.


  • Cordless
  • Features LED headlights
  • Self-propelled
  • Powerful


  • Its run time is only 30-40 minutes

4. PowerSmart DB7622H Gas Snow Thrower

In a search of an excellent homeowner grade snow blower for money? PowerSmart DB7622H might be the one for you. Its manual start engine offers enough power to clear a path of width 22 inches and depth of 16 inches which makes a perfect choice for those who receive heavy snowfall. It allows you to throw the snow at a distance of up to 40 ft. PowerSmart DB7622H offers four forward, and 2 reverse speeds, which help you to shovel the snow at a great speed. The heavy obligation metallic body and auger machine will offer years of reliable service. Thus, PowerSmart DB7622H is a secure option for you if you want to buy a snow thrower having versatile features at an affordable price.


  • 2-years warranty
  • Well built
  • Easy to put together


  • Instructions are basic

5. PowerSmart PSS2240-X 24 in. 212cc 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower

PowerSmart PSS2240-X is among the highly rated and best 2 stage snow blower under $600. 212cc PowerSmart engine offers powerful snow shoveling action and has a magnificent clearing width 24 inches and a depth of 20 inches. The versatile driving system lets in 6-ahead and 2-backward pace versions for more desirable operating convenience. It offers 180° chute rotation for much better control on snow blowing. Its adjustable metal skid shoes allow the user to alter the height according to themselves which makes it easier to operate on different surfaces. In short, 212cc is a fantastic two-stage snow blower for those who receive heavy snowfall and want to work with great productivity.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Powerful


  • Not suitable for tall people
  • Controlling is a bit difficult

6. PowerSmart DB72024PA 24″ 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower

If you’re looking for a machine that is designed to remove snow blockage like a pro, the power smart blower comes with a power assist feature that makes it very quick and easy to steer through the snow. Its versatile instrument panel, remote chute control, and 180-degree chute rotation make the work even more simple. The 212cc electric start engine of this 24″ snow thrower will give users up to 40′ of throwing distance. It’s bound to begin to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a heavy-duty steel frame that will provide years of consistent and dependable service. Its 212cc engine provides powerful snow-clearing action.

PowerSmart is extremely suitable for the regions that receive heavy snowfall because it has a width of 24 inches and a clearing depth of 21 inches. It permits 4-forward and 2-backward speed variations. If you’re living in a region that receives heavy snowfall and you’re looking for a best 2 stage snow blower under $600, PowerSmart DB72024PA 24″ 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower will be a suitable option for you.


  • Can start at a temperature as low as -20 deg F
  • Powerful performance
  • Easy to assemble


  • Bolts are of low quality

7. Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc Two-Stage Snow Blower

This snow blower is designed for those who are in a need of high performing snow blowers to clean their driveways and paths. It is a suitable snow blower for those who live in areas where snow storms occur year after year. It is self-propelled which makes it easier to operate. Its impeller is capable of throwing snow up to 35 feet, from the place where you are cleaning, which surely is a good distance. 208cc offers adjustable handle height according to your comfort level.

Cleaning the snow at 3 am won’t be a  problem anymore as this snow blowers feature LED headlights to ensure users’ safety and working at mid-night possible. Its tire offers enough friction to stick to the slippery ground and prevent the snow blower from sliding around. 208cc has six forward and one reverse speed. Is a great snow blower, as it is user friendly and can clear a large amount of snow in less time with great efficiency.


  • Easy to assemble
  • LED headlights
  • Height adjustable handle
  • User-friendly


  • Heavy
  • Bit noisy

What is a 2 stage snow blower?

A powerful machine manufactured to clear the snow from the driveway or sidewalk at a rate much faster than hands. They are inaugurated for residential or commercial purposes. There is a wide range of 2 stage snow blowers having different sizes, power, and speed. They are designed for the areas that receive regular snowfall.

Features & Benefits

Dual-stage snow throwers feature power-assisted wheels which help to operate the snow blower and assist the user to clear snow of any type on any surface as it does not comes in contact with the cleaning surface with great efficiency. They are facilitated with various features which makes shoveling of snow easier, fast, and more comfortable.


In a nutshell, it can be deduced that utilizing a snow blower for shoveling the snow will make the cleaning of the driveway and garage easy and more comfortable. If you live in an area where snowfall is common, then you may want to acquire a snowblower of high-performance, lightweight, fast, and easy to operate at an affordable price. Well, you don’t have to worry as we have solved your problem by reviewing the best 2 stage snow blower under $600. This article aims to help you buy the snow blower which suits you best. Here’s our related article on the best 2 stage snow blowers.

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